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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: CHILD'S PLAY - "Rat Race"


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Hailing from my hometown Baltimore, MD, I was eagerly anticipating a major label release from these guys. This band was a must see in the mid to late 80's with original vocalist Larry Hinshaw. Primed to sign a record deal, the band was told to ditch Hinshaw to secure the deal. Instead of replacing the singer, Brian Giacubeno nee Brian Jack moved from guitars to the band's frontman.

A great decision at the time. By the time RAT RACE was released in 1990, the winds of change had begun to shift. Lack of any real promotion, their debut never really got it's just do. An incredible filler free release.

My favorites:





And of course, the three most known:




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Was always hesitant because of the hippy looking cover, but it's actually a pretty cool album. Never really stood out much for me if I'm being totally honest... but a good, solid disc. Definitely worth a spin. 

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I uploaded this after discovering it yesterday. This is a demo from the second release "Long Way". While recording this album, Brian Jack was fired from the band and replaced by Tommy McRae. Here's is the original version of "I Can't Believe" with the late great Brain Jack on vocals. 

I will post the released version from "Long Way" with Tommy McRae and below it the original version with Brain Jack (R.I.P.):



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1 hour ago, AlphaMale said:

I took down the video at the request of John Allen who will releasing a Child's Play CD soon with that track included. 

I will never understand that mentality from Artists/Labels. 

It's free advertising, surely. 

The majority of their demographic are "CD people", who will purchase the CD regardless of whether a track or indeed a full album is leaked/available digitally. 


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