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  1. RockinSockinRobots

    Cover songs

    Iced Earth covering Loverboy (there are amazing similarities between the two songs... not a "true" cover but..)
  2. RockinSockinRobots

    Osukaru - House Of Mirrors

    Arrows Eugenia will be missed. Something about Fred doesn't quite click with me - it seems as if he has one or two really painful moments in each song - for example in Arrows (link above) , listen around 2:02 (or 3:10)
  3. RockinSockinRobots

    Tempt - s/t

    Awesome to see them both. The mix was off for Station and it was hard to hear the singer at times There were two other bands, but we didn't stick around..
  4. RockinSockinRobots

    Tempt - s/t

    Saw Tempt live last night and have to say - if you ever get the opportunity to see them, GO! Very very good live band - one of those rare bands that is on an entirely different level live Nice guys also..
  5. RockinSockinRobots

    Release Dates?

    We talk a lot about all of this great music here that is going to be released? But I usually end up forgetting when the release dates roll around is there a good calendar of release dates online for AOR/Hard Rock/Sleaze? Have looked, but can’t find anything that is very complete
  6. RockinSockinRobots

    Treat - Tunguska

    I'm not feeling what I am hearing at all.. none of the energy of the Treat that I love. Safe and , dare I say, boring.
  7. RockinSockinRobots

    Great White - Hooked

    Always was a fan of Great White - saw them play live countless times. Probably put on the best live shows of any band that I have ever seen (and I used to go to the Stone Pony in the late 80s/early 90s pretty regularly). If they could have captured that magic on a CD (and they released some great music - Hooked being one of them), they would have been one of the biggest bands in the world
  8. RockinSockinRobots

    Saints of Sin - Welcome to the Circus

    I took one look at them and immediately assumed it would be shit, but those tracks are pretty surpringly decent!
  9. RockinSockinRobots

    Electric Boys - Starflight United

    If you don’t mind mp3, they eMusic has the deluxe version for $6.49 https://www.emusic.com/album/5289217/Electric-Boys/Starflight-United-Deluxe-Edition
  10. RockinSockinRobots

    Most controversial topic used in songs

    Not really sure how a list like this can be complete without Lizzy Borden (and Im not even sure the song below is the best example....) I see that you're all alone I've got the need to follow you home I'd like to be the shadow who stalks I'll lash out send your nerves into shock You turn and stare you feel someone there A psychopath could be anywhere You start to run but you won't go very far I'll always know where you are I couldn't even see your face Excitement builds as I start the chase You turn me on when your heart is pounding It's ecstasy when I hear you scream I flash a knife to your paralyzed eyes And only I will watch you die Psychopath - on the loose I know where you are at, got something for you Psychopath - I got a blade Cut you just like that, I wanna play Psychopath - out on the street Quiet as a cat, I'd love to meet you Psychopath - I'll have my way Give ya forty whacks, I wanna play
  11. RockinSockinRobots

    Burn - Ice Age

    Anyone have any idea where to get their first two releases? Been looking all over..
  12. RockinSockinRobots

    All I Know - Vanity Kills

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0046B8E0C/ref=sr_1_2_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1505382008&sr=8-2&keywords=vanity+kills Its also over $2500 on Amazon. This should be impossible in this age. I bought this album digitally on eMusic a few years back for $5 (it's not there anymore.. just checked ), so there was a proper MP3 release. Why is there ever a reason for a mp3 release to go away? It's not like Amazon or iTunes would charge to keep the album in their store (would they?) so any sales would be gravy What am I missing?
  13. RockinSockinRobots

    Hirsh Gardner (New England) - My Brain Needs A Holiday

    I almost got this based on the strength of the Dangerdog review http://www.dangerdog.com/2017-music-reviews/hirsh-gardner-my-brain-needs-a-holiday.php#.WbpNqIH3aEc Then I listened to the samples - I couldn't even make my way through them.. don't get the appeal- at all
  14. RockinSockinRobots

    Lionheart - Second Nature

    I'd be more interested in hearing something original. not a cover of a mid tier 80s song..
  15. RockinSockinRobots

    Wednesday 13 - Condolences

    Never heard of Wednesday 13 before this thread.. where is a good starting point?

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