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GREAT WHITE fires Terry Ilous; Mitch Malloy is in


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GREAT WHITE Parts Ways With Singer TERRY ILOUS, Replaces Him With MITCH MALLOY

July 9, 2018 25 Comments

GREAT WHITE Parts Ways With Singer TERRY ILOUS, Replaces Him With MITCH MALLOY

GREAT WHITE has parted ways with singer Terry Ilous and has replaced him with Mitch Malloy (pictured above with guitarist Mark Kendall). Malloy, a celebrated songwriter and artist now based in Nashville, takes the reins as only the third lead vocalist in GREAT WHITE's 36-year history.

"Mitch is an incredible singer, artist, songwriter and engineer," GREAT WHITE lead guitarist Mark Kendall said. "We're beyond excited to stretch our musical muscles with a fresh, new take on GREAT WHITE's catalog of hits."

He added: "Terry Ilous has been released to join his other projects. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for his run with GREAT WHITE."

Malloy, who originally hails from Dickinson, North Dakota, charted his first solo single, "Anything At All" in 1992. His subsequent hits "Nobody Wins In This War" and "Our Love Will Never Die" also made Billboard's Top 100. Most recently he's been cranking out penned hits and producing clients for his Malloy Master Tracks studio. These clients include Taylor Swift, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, Kenny Loggins, Craig Morgan, Johnny Gates and many more.



Malloy has been in this is this situation before. In 1996, VAN HALEN asked Malloy to take the reins as its singer. Although Malloy didn't take the gig, he further established his reputation as a universally respected frontman. He's thrilled to be a part of GREAT WHITE. He's not trying to be a "clone" of previous singers Jack Rusell and Ilous.

"I have to represent this music honorably," Malloy said. "I respect what has come before me, and have to remind fans of where they were when they first heard these songs. I also have to be myself at the same time. When I first heard my own voice with GREAT WHITE's music, I knew something special was going on."

GREAT WHITE guitarist and keyboardist Michael Lardie praised Malloy for his musical chops and reputation.

"We had an immediate rapport with Mitch," Lardie said. "I'm positive the fans will embrace Mitch and continue to support GREAT WHITE. This music is bigger than any one person."

"We're ready to rock with Mitch," drummer Audie Desbrow added. "2018 and beyond still has a lot in store for GREAT WHITE. Don't ever count us down and out. It feels like we're just getting started."

GREAT WHITE continues to tour worldwide and in the last four years logged nearly 400 dates in several states and countries. The band celebrated numerous milestones that included several sold-out performances, a return to the Zurich, Switzerland's Rock Im Tal festival, the 10th anniversary of M3 Rock Festival and a handful of intimate, acoustic performances.

In June 2017, GREAT WHITE reunited with its original producer, Michael Wagener on the thrilling "Full Circle". The nine-track album spawned the balls-to-the wall single "Big Time". And for the first time in its career, GREAT WHITE gave a peek behind the curtain to its fans with the accompanying DVD "The Making Of Full Circle".

Tour dates:

Jul. 14 - The Lucky Eagle Casino - Rochester, Wash.
Jul. 20 - Harrah's Cherokee - Cherokee, N.C.
Jul. 21 - Macon City Auditorium - Macon, Georgia
Jul. 27 - St. Clair Riverfest - St. Clair, Mich.

Jul. 28 - Beaver Dam Amphitheater - Beaver Dam, Ky.
Jul. 30 - Monroe County Fair - Monroe, Mich.
Aug. 03 - Psycho Silo - Sheffield, Ill.
Aug. 04 - Clearfield County Fair - Clearfield, Pa.
Aug. 15 - Iowa State Fair - Des Moines, Iowa
Aug. 17 - Turning Stone Resort & Casino - Verona, N.Y.
Aug. 18 - Kentucky State Fair - Louisville, Ky
Aug. 19 - The Foundation Performing Arts Center - Spindale, N.C.
Aug. 25 - Idaho Rock Fest Melaleca Field - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Sep. 01 - Shenandoah County Fair - Woodstock, Va.
Sep. 02 - Jergel's Rhythm Grille - Warrendale, Pa.
Sep. 08 - Grand Falls Casino - Larchwood, Iowa
Sep. 15 - Rockefella's Music Festival II - Banning, Calif.
Sep. 22 - Southwind Casino - Newkirk, Okla.
Sep. 28 - Private Event - Detroit, Mich.
Sep. 29 - BMI Speedway - Versailles, Ohio
Oct. 06 - Pearl River Casino & Resort - Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 02 - Sycuan Casino - El Cajon, Calif.
Nov. 16 - Golden Nugget Casino - Las Vegas, Nev.


This version of GREAT WHITE is not to be confused with JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE, which features original GREAT WHITE singer Jack Russell alongside Robby Lochner (FIGHT) on guitar, Dan McNay on bass, Tony Montana on guitar and Dicki Fliszar on drums.



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according to a post by Terrys wife on Facebook, that has since been deleted, Terry was not even aware he was fired until he saw the press release 

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7 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

according to a post by Terrys wife on Facebook, that has since been deleted, Terry was not even aware he was fired until he saw the press release 

If that is true it doesn't surprise me.  I recall an interview in which Jack Russell stated the other members never directly told him they were moving on without him.  He did go on to accept blame for the split but it doesn't dismiss how the other guys handled things.  I am a fan of both Terry and Mitch, but if I am going to pay to see Great White live I'd want to hear Jack singing the tunes.

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I seem to remember that he had health issues and took some time off but agreed that Terry could step in while they tour, but then they just decided to not let Jack return and never actually told him face to face

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1 hour ago, Captain Howdy said:

I seem to remember that he had health issues and took some time off but agreed that Terry could step in while they tour, but then they just decided to not let Jack return and never actually told him face to face

Yeah, I think you are right about the health issues part.  That might have even been Jani Lane that both sides agreed to have fill in for him on vocals for the rest of that tour

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On 7/10/2018 at 2:17 AM, Captain Howdy said:

according to a post by Terrys wife on Facebook, that has since been deleted, Terry was not even aware he was fired until he saw the press release 

Terry's Facebook post, which has not been deleted, said the exact same thing.

I'm a fan of Terry's work outside of GW and he seems like a nice enough guy.  I am hopeful that this means we get a new XYZ album :)

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Great White's remaining members are tools. Mark Kendall actually complained to YouTube when I posted one of their songs from Full Circle on YouTube.

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Easy to sit back and judge, but in effect it's a workplace and Terry was an employee.

That said, you'd think that the band would at least discuss with him first, even if it was to avoid the bad press.
Always looks better when it is 'mutual' even if it wasn't.

I look forward to more GW.

One of the few bands who have been able to progress without their distinctive original voice.
In a press release they said that they clicked instantly with Mitch, so maybe they will sound amazing with him.

When I saw the Angels with Dave Gleeson I was pretty skeptical, but fuck me if he wasn't able to smash out the Doc Neeson vocals.
Hopefully GW will be able to do the same, not that I'll likely ever see them live.
Which pisses me off as many much lesser bands are able to tour here.
Would love to see GW live in any incarnation.

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Jack posted this on Facebook today. I think it is actually a really classy post on his behalf.

Hello my friends, I just wanted to express my condolences to Terry Ilous for the deceitful way my X band members dealt with the situation of his termination kind of reminds me of something else. Huh? In the last few months Terry and I have gotten to know each other through Linkedin have become what I would say friends. As far as I'm concerned he's a great guy and he had an opportunity and he took it. The fact is it was my fault that it all happened to begin with. I was unreliable, unhealthy and my addiction ruled my world. I wouldn't have wanted to play with me either if I were them. The only thing I was very upset about was the way they went about it. But at least Terry got an email where I received nothing not even a phone call or a return message. But this is not about me this is about Terry. I'm sure he will find his way to a better place as he is a great singer and has a lot of talent and I have a lot of respect for him. I wish him well and I hope you will all support him in his future efforts. God bless you all, and as always keep the rock alive! It's up to you. All my love, Jack Russell

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  • My Little Pony
4 minutes ago, PeterS said:

And Mitch Molly now out. 

I'm interested in this Mitch Molly person. Who they?


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2 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

I'm interested in this Mitch Molly person. Who they?


Post total goes up 1 

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    • Atlantis is amazing 👏  Was my album of that year 
    • A lot to like on this release but also some stuff just too light for me. 
    • What a honey Gudrun Laos was and what a Killer track this is!    
    • I didn't say I didn't like it. It's a good album, but I guess after years of reading folks praise for it I built it up to be something more than it actually was. 
    • We already know you're a leftist idiot! Known all around these parts!
    • How are you guys letting horrible songs get into your head???
    • I'm surprised you didn't like it. That's a shame. 
    • It's a mystery alright, although how the band could okay this for release is an even bigger mystery. Also find it intresting that all of the reviews I've read have failed to mention the bizarre mixing and mastering of this record, which kinda makes you question their credibility as rock reviewers.   This I don't agree with at all. The thing that makes H.E.A.T the awesome band that they are is that they've never compromised with their sound or felt the urge to follow trends. We all know that they've could have gone the Dynazty route, making hard 'n' heavy records, that would probably have made them an even bigger and more popular band with the masses. Of course that's not what the fans want, and they know that. We want H.E.A.T to sound like H.E.A.T - and I think they've done a damn fine job of that on this record. I don't mind a bit of experimentation, like on Demon Eyes, as long as it's the exception and a temporarily deviation from the trademark sound. As for bangers, I do think there are some here, but they're all ruined to some degree by the poor mixing job. No, they don't reach the awesomeness of let's say "Dangerous Ground" or "Rock Your Body" from the last album, but stuff like "Nationwide", "Not For Sale", "Hold Your Fire" and "Wings Of An Aeroplane" come pretty damn close. Being the AOR fanatic I am, my main criticism with this band is always that I want them to be more AOR, like on the first 2-3 records. If you're looking for a direction, then this record is clearly a distinctive step away from that. They want to be pure melodic hard rock and not AOR, I think it's pretty clear. Truthfully it's been evident from "Tearing Down The Walls" and onward, but Force Majeure makes it even more evident that no change in that direction is very probable.   If there's anything that this album doesn't lack, it's guitars. The guitars are so loud in the mix that Kenny´s vocals are drowning in them. The album is unlistenable with good headphones, you have to play it through speakers or earphones to make it somewhat listenable. Other weird little things about this record: CD is released in Europe as a f*cking digipak for some reason. Who's beind this strange and unnecessary decision, the band or the label? Also, no writing credits. You have to go to Discogs or Spotify to find out who wrote these tunes.
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