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Creye - Straight To The Top EP


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From FB:


Creye is a Malmö based studio project created by songwriter and guitarist Andreas Gullstrand in early 2015. His vision was to put together the ultimate band, featuring only Swedens finest young musicians to kind of showoff their talents through the songs. But he might have taken this thing one step further and gathered some of the best musicians in the world to help make Creye a reality.

The band is set to begin recording this fall and will release their four song ep in 2016.
Stay tuned for more information along the way!


Alexander Strandell (vocals)
Andreas Gullstrand (Guitar)
Linus Abrahmson (Bass)
Erik Wiss (Keyboards)
Carl Tudén (Drums)

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I hope there is still an "Art Nation" for a 2nd album!

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Will definitely hold us over till a new Art Nation album!!!

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I'm sure there will be! I still play that album regularly - excellent debut

Yes, play it often.

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Was this released?

One single


Supposed to be a full album 2017

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