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  1. ffuschini

    Pink Cream 69 - Headstrong

    I've liked "We Bow to None". Very good opening track for an album and a great release as a single. "Path of Destiny" sounded too melodic metal for my taste, but its not a bad song. Sounded just like when Michael Bormann left Jaded Heart and they started switching their sound from Hard Rock to Melodic Metal.
  2. ffuschini

    H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

    So I've heard it about 4 or 5 times already and definitely will put this album (with the songs in the order they were released and supposed to be heard) as H.E.A.T's 3rd best with Erik. But its still a very good and above average hard rock/melodic rock album. I've really enjoyed that the keyboards have more room now and the overall modern approach to the song production. Its by far one of the best releases of the genre this year. To better suit my music taste, I've rearranged the songs and deleted some as follows: Bastards of Society Shit City Redefined Best of the Broken Blind Leads the Blind Eye of the Storm Do You Want it? Into the Great Unknown IMO if the album was released with these songs in this order, it would be an instant classic.
  3. ffuschini

    House Of Lords - Saint Of The Lost Souls

    Weak. I love House of Lords, but their last good solid album was Come to my Kingdom. All other albums had a tremendous amount of fillers not worthy of House of Lords style. Just hope this one isnt the case and they've just missed the target on this particular song.
  4. ffuschini

    Delta Force

    Perfect. That sums it up...
  5. ffuschini

    Adellaide - Flying High

    Well, Im from Brazil and I usually dont like brazilian hard rock/aor/melodic rock bands because of strong accents that some vocalists have. That being said, I havent noticed one single bit of that "brazilian accent". Yes, you surely can say that they're not from US or UK, but I would never say that they're from my country. Aside from that, I think this a little too soft for a single. I like my singles with strong riffs and catchy choruses. Usually soft songs have too many keyboard emphasis. As usual, wanna hear the rest of the album...
  6. ffuschini


    Awesome! Definetly wanna hear more!
  7. ffuschini

    New Halestorm

    For me, as a fan, all ReAniMate albums are cool. It's not only a cover ep... They do add the "Halestorm" style to it and everything that Lizzy sings sounds awesome!
  8. ffuschini

    Sister Rose

    haha I laughed hard at "what a strange band story" hahaha Anyways, I liked the song. Would like to hear more from them though...
  9. ffuschini

    Stolen Rhodes

    Same here, bro... XD
  10. ffuschini

    Bangkok CD Hunting

    Hey guys! Ill be heading to Bangkok for my holiday vacation and was wondering if any of you know about any good and reliable place to buy Hard Rock / Heavy Metal CDs? I found out about one place that seems legit but I would appreciate if you have any suggestions! This is the place I heard about: https://www.facebook.com/Heaven.Hell.Record.Shop/ Best regards!
  11. ffuschini

    Fire Rose - Devil On High Heels (2016)

    Videos aren't available
  12. These songs are only coming out next year. But they are already playing it live in their recent shows.
  13. ffuschini

    Hardline - Human Nature

    One of the best Melodic Rock cds this year. For sure it isn't as "Hard Rock" as Double Eclipse, but we need to embrace the fact that the debut is epic. It is hard as hell to beat that. But this one is far better than Danger Zone, which I believe has 3 or 4 very weak slow-paced songs. If you give this one a go, be sure to listen to "Running on Empty", "Nobody's Fool", "Where the North Wind Blows" and "In the Dead of the Night". These are BY FAR one of the best hard/melodic rock music this year.
  14. ffuschini

    STATION - Wired EP

    What a freaking good band! Wow! Always good to see bands like them and TEMPT coming out from US!
  15. ffuschini

    Creye - Straight To The Top EP

    It's awesome to see how you only need a few seconds to realize that a song is really good. As usual, Sweden delivering the best of AOR and Melodic Hard Rock these days!!

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