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Let me introduce myself...


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Hello everyone,


Been an avid user of the heavy harmonies database for years now and occasionally discovering new gems on the forum here so thought I'd sign up and share my views on old & new music. I'm 26, live in Switzerland and been listening to ''rock'' music since I've been 11 or 12 (back then it was bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn, Linking Park but they were my introduction to guitar music). Then discovered Led Zeppelin at 14 and after hearing Guns n' Roses at age 15 that was it..... Became obsessed with ''hair'' bands of the 80s and been living in the hard n heavy sections of local second hand record shops since then :-)


Got acquainted with Ratt, Dokken, Winger, Tesla, W.A.S.P. all the good stuff and classics also some more ''obscure'' or lesser known bands . After trying Def Leppard a couple times and not liking it (not heavy enough and didn't like the voice back then) it ''clicked'' at one point and I started listening to Def Leppard which sort of paved the way for more AOR and melodic rock styled artists


That's what I've been listening to mostly for the past 4 or 5 years along with the occasional new band which attracts my attention. Also stuff most people would categorize as ''pop'' for example 80s and early 90s outputs from Michael Bolton or Cher, as long as it's got a guitar solo I can dig it ;-)


Looking forward to taking part in discussions and discovering more cool music here

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  • My Little Pony

How are you from Switzerland, but you don't list Gotthard as one of your favourites? I would have figured that would be a requirement to be a citizen.


Anyway, it's good to have you here. Hopefully you stick around. New blood is good, but young blood is better. I'm not the youngest anymore! We need to keep the torch lit.

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Welcome \m/ ! Great site we have here, and great to have new people using it.

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Haha yeah never really been a fan, don't like Krokus either to tell you the truth


Seriously, I'm the youngest one? I know there are a few ''older'' members here (sorry guys) but I figured there were some younger ones on here as well...


Anyways, what are you currently listening to? I've been on a Harem Scarem trip lately (only their first 2 records so far not sure if I should try the newer ones) and still listen to the new White Widdow record just a great album!

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  • My Little Pony

I've been on a Harem Scarem trip lately (only their first 2 records so far not sure if I should try the newer ones)


Weight of the World, Human Nature, and the new one, Thirteen, you'd probably like.




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Welcome aboard. Get nude and try Harem Scarem's 'Believe' and also 'Early Years,' which would be my two "must-have" Harem Scarem releases after the first two.

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I have no idea what you all mean by old.


Welcome. You'll never find a better place to find great music. You'll also quickly realise none of us ever agree on any single album. That White Widdow really isn't as good as some on here say though. :whistle:

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