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Bailey (Three Lions) - Long Way Down


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From Frontiers Records FB:


We are pleased to announce the release of the debut album from Bailey entitled LONG WAY DOWN on December 5th in Europe and December 9th in North America.

BAILEY is the new solo project masterminded by Three Lions frontman Nigel Bailey. Although a relatively new name on the scene, Nigel has a vast experience as both a songwriter and performer. His deal with Frontiers served to bring to light his shining talent both as a powerful vocalist and also as a songwriter. Brand new compositions along with some material written over the years have been combined to complete an exciting solo debut. “I wrote the bulk of the album songs between 2011 and mid 2012” says Nigel. “The plan was to write songs with no particular influences in mind. I have always loved rock music and wrote songs as they came to me. I didn’t have a particular style in mind which is reflected in the various styles on the record.”

With some similarities to THREE LIONS in terms of influences, BAILEY is slightly heavier and more varied in its approach whilst still maintaining the edge and the trademark melodies of Classic British Hard Rock tradition. “If pushed, I would say that In The Name Of The King, Long Way Down and Stay are my personal favourites and show the variety in my writing and vocal style” tells Nigel. This record will be a surprise for many and an absolute must for all British Melodic Hard Rock fans!

BAILEY will also have a debut live show on December 4th at The Coniston live music venue in Bradford, UK. Admission is FREE. Nigel will be performing songs from the album as well as some surprise tunes with his bandmates and special guests!












Feed The Flames

In The Name Of The King

Dirty Little Secret

Bad Reputation


Somewhere In Oslo

Long Way Down

Spend The Night

Love Falls Down

Ticket To Yesterday

Dirty Angel



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Yeah, one definitely worth keeping an eye and ear on. Love his vocals on the Three Lions album, which overall was a really strong release, so hopefully this will be in the same ball park

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I really like the Three Lions CD so I guess this will be a good one too. I'm also hoping for a follow up Three Lions album.

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Sounds better than 3 Loins.


I agree - it sounds much better. I only like a few of the tunes on the 3 Lions disc and I really think this already sounds pretty damn good.

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Heard this today. Very, very ordinary in places, with some really banal song writing, but there are a few very simple decent melodic rockers. More spins to come, but it's no world beater; that's for sure.

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Damn.... I thought it had a lot of promise but it's just good. Nothing great or memorable.


Haven't put a number on it yet but I'm thinking another in the 75% to 80% range again.


Haha. Wow, I was pretty kind calling it a "cool" disc in the other thread, but there's no way this will crack the 70% mark for me, imo. But we'll wait and see before you quote me on that. ;)

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