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Favourite bonus track, b-side, JPN bonus etc.


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I was wondering if people have some favourite tracks not found on a 'normal' release of a CD. In the old days we had b-sides or EPs with some tasty extras. These days with have different region editions, first press editions, iTunes exclusives and so on.


Probably one of my favourite CDs made even better by picking up the JPN release was Savatage's Edge of Thorns. I know the band polarises people (the old v new sound) but I thought this was the best of the new style that later went about too syrupy for my tastes with Dead Winter Dead, Handful of Rain etc. Note that there are some great tracks on those CDs.


Anyway, these are the 2 additional tracks on the JPN version (and can now be found on some Sava compilations):


Forever After



Shotgun Innocence



I also lived with Whitesnake's 1987 on tape for a couple of years before buying the CD. It was great getting Looking For Love & You're Gonna Break My Heart Again unexpectedly.


What are some of your favourites?

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Both bonus tracks on Bad City's "Welcome to the Wasteland" are, I would argue, absolutely essential. I can't imagine having the disc without them.


Cool thread idea. I'll be back with more.

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Oh, hold on. I thought of another one already. "Ain't Enough" from Gotthard's final album with the late Steve Lee is a great track.

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Wait, I just thought of another one. Maybe I should just take a moment and compile these first. Anyway, "Judas at the Opera" is one of my all time favourite Edguy tracks, and I believe it's found on the "Superheroes EP."

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Maiden's 'Total Eclipse' (which was the B-Side of 'Run To The Hills', now FINALLY available on the remastered version of 'The Number Of The Beast') is a particular favourite. Along with the live versions of 'The Prisoner' and 'Heaven Can Wait' that were on the B-Side of 'The Clairvoyant', 'cause they were recorded at Donington Park in 1988, and I was there :)


Guns n' Roses version of 'Whole Lotta Rosie', on the B-Side of - if I remember rightly - 'Welcome To The Jungle' ('I ain't no Bon Scott, but that's a whole lotta Rosie to me!')


Metallica's take on 'Am I Evil' (originally on the flipside of 'Creeping Death', before they stuck it on 'Garage Inc.')

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Both bonus tracks on Address The Nation are essential.


All Steel Panther bonus tracks are excellent.


In fact as a rule of thumb bonus tracks are quite often better than most main album tracks lol

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There are so many I could be on this topic for days. Off the top of my head, Good Waste Of Time from PC69 is amazing and should have made the regular version. Before it made it on to a single or greatest hits cd, Thin Disguise from Warrant was so ridiculous it didn't make the original cut. Was a top 3 song on the album.

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I love Treat's Turn The Dial (Japanese bonus).


Yep. Great track! I forked over $35 for the import copy just to have "Turn the Dial."

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Lordi - 'Hulking Dynamo'...... from the Jap version of 'To Beast Or Not To Beast'. They've written some mega hooky songs, but this one is up there with their best.


Urban Tale - 'Hold On'........ from the Jap version of the S/T.../Great Toto style track and one of the best tracks on the album


Agnes - 'Tallulah'...... from the Jap version of 'When The Night Falls.fantastic track which outdoes the original Sonata Artica version


Balance - 'Ride The Wave'....bonus track on the Rock Candy re-issue of 'In For The Count'. Released as a single in Japan for a car advert, but not on the original album. With it included 'In For The Count' just got even better, if that is humanly possible

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I love Treat's Turn The Dial (Japanese bonus).

Yes, good one!

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Bon Jovi - Love Is War and Edge Of A Broken Heart

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All of the Reckless Love JPN bonus tracks as well as EURO bonuses are good value.


I love the Candy Harlots CD Five Wicked Ways. They had an EP out before that album called 'Foreplay' that was smokin'. The version of Wildest Way (great song) on the EP is much better than that on the album IMO.


Also, they must have recorded a heap of songs just prior to that album and for that album - here are some that are all worth tracking down if you like the Five Wicked Ways CD that appeared as b-sides on the singles:

- Hot Love Child from Danger CDS not on album
- My Hell from What Are We Fighting For CDS not on album.
- Get A Life from What Are We Fighting For CDS not on album
- The Harlot Shuffle from What Are We Fighting For CDS not on album
- Can I Sit Next To You Girl from Sisters Crazy CDS not on album

Foreplay had these tracks all slightly different to what appeared on the album:

- Wildest Way

- The Lady Shakes
- Backstreet Boys
- I'm Not Like Everybody Else
- Danger

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On the subject of Aussies bands, looks like the USA version of the Screaming Jets - All For One CD is missing the track F.R.C (Fat Rich C^nt)

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I picked up the awesome Halestorm - Stange Case JPN version purely because it has all of the Reanimate (vol. 1) as bonus tracks with the exception of the Guns n Roses song. Worth it if you are a fan and given the price that the EP now sells for.

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