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  • My Little Pony
You two are freaking fast! It took me ages to reach 1000 :(


Congrats! :drink:

I've got no life... like most of you, I thought.

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  • My Little Pony
Congrats Funknose. Party hard and keep up the player hating.

Player hating's what I do, bitch. :pelvicthrust:

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  • My Little Pony
Nice job Mother Funker! :tumbsup: ...now get out of your parent's basement and go kiss a girl or something...

Working on that. I should be out on Tuesday.

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  • My Little Pony
Keep up the good work - sort of! ;):drink:



1k. very good :)



Nice job. :drink: Very, ummmm....entertaining...yeah that's it!!



For Funk's sake, a job well done on your first thousand :drink:



Top work! Well done :beerbang:



Congrats........ :beerbang:


You've all been drinking too much. I felt like I should apologize for 1000 useless threads, but I think I'll grab a beer and be merry with the rest of you.

Here's to hoping I don't make it to 2000! :drink:

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