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Favorite song: Bang Tango - "Dancin' On Coals" (1991)

"Dancin' On Coals" (1991)  

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Bang Tango - "Dancin' On Coals"...my personal favorite BT album actually. And I have to say that I think Kyle Kyle has to be the most underrated bass player in the sleaze rock genre! His playing just always stood out to me...


What's your favorite song off of it?


"Last Kiss" gets my vote! Tough call though...

Other favorites include; "Midnight Struck" (this ballad should've made them HUGE), "Untied and True", "Dancin' On Coals" and "Dressed Up Vamp". There's definately some "filler" on here, but the songs that I mentioned make up for it and are worth the price alone. IMO

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Toss up between "Untied & True" and "Dancin' On Coals" for me... though I have to say I greatly prefer the PSYCHO CAFE album over this one...

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'Untied and true' and 'Emotions in gear' are the only songs I like on this album, and I voted for 'Emotions in gear', but I realise it should have been 'Untied and true'!! HAHA. Oh well, not a fan of the disc anyway.

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Have to say that this is my fave BT album as well, and was actually my first exposure to the band.

I'd have to say my face tune on here is a toss up between the title track and Midnight struck.

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Has to be the title track, but I only like that and 'Dressed Up Vamp'. Thought this was a poor album compared to Psycho Cafe, which was great.

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