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>> Yeah, that Boys Like Girls album is pretty cool. It's a few years old now...I wonder if the band has slpit. <<


Been busy touring nonstop. The album just went gold (585,000+ sold currently) and sits at #174 on Billboard.

Yeah, they seem moderately popular. Can't wait for a new album (whenever that happens)... debut is super strong.

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:lol: Jeez mate. I do have to wonder what you guys think I'm actually listening too sometimes. Interesting, but I can't see myself sitting on the lounge with a packet of Doritos listening to that one. Thanks anyway mate. :)


A band I have been rocking shit out to lately is one called Hidden In Plain View, who have ironically been hiding in plain view for a long, long time. Seriously, the amount of times I've seen them recommended or listed as a similar band to a million bands I listen to... but for some reason I never took any notice because a long, long time ago I think I downloaded a few demos (not album songs) and wasn't into them.


Well, I've just been spinning 'Life in dreaming' (2005) and 'Resolution' (2007) and I love both. The last few songs on 'Life in dreaming' were just great. No individual thread for threse guys yet but if you like stuff like The Starting Line, Anberlin give these guys a go:



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Sick City - 'Nightlife'


Just listening to this one now. Not good enough for their own thread I don't think, but a cool modern rock band anyway. Some delicious rhythm guitar too. One for the Canadian enthusiasts. They remind me of a mix of City Sleeps and Mest, perhaps. I do like this... just wish maybe the choruses were a little stronger. I have a feeling the new album they're working on might be a bit of a gem - a lot of potential here.

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For fans of Quietdrive (they have that same guitar sound I heard all over 'Deliverance'):


Ten Second Epic - 'Hometown'


Pretty typical modern melodic pop rock, but these guys are one of the ones I find worthwhile due to some great choruses here. Just spinning it now for the first time and I'm not blown away but I'm pretty impressed. The opener, 'Welcome to wherever you are' is great.

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For fans of Quietdrive (they have that same guitar sound I heard all over 'Deliverance'):


Ten Second Epic - 'Hometown'


Pretty typical modern melodic pop rock, but these guys are one of the ones I find worthwhile due to some great choruses here. Just spinning it now for the first time and I'm not blown away but I'm pretty impressed. The opener, 'Welcome to wherever you are' is great.


I like...a lot, will try and get this one when I find it cheap

'Old Habits Die Hard' almost reminded me of a Motor Ace song in the intro.

Nice find

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Asteria - 'Slip into something more comfortable'


Good solid modern rock disc. They're not reinventing the wheel or anything, but if you like good solid modern hard rock, check these guys out. They have an EP too which I'm going to check out soon. From last year.

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So They Say - 'Life in surveillance'

I've just picked up the third CD from these guys and I can say it's easily their best. Both previous CDs are good. Actually, on the verge of being really good. I love their sound and style, but the one thing they really miss just happens to really matter. Even though the new disc, 'Life in surveillance' sounds awesome, with a really cool, heavier sound... they're still just missing out on the real killer hooks and choruses. Still, I can see this album really, really growing in me. Another band worth checking out.


Here is the current myspace page:



As you can see, the band has changed their name. According to Wikipedia, they lost a few members and in 2008 and they were called The Audio. If I understand correctly they are now called Me Verse You. The new songs on myspace - 'Talking in circles' and 'A beautiful plan' are a perfect representation of these guys. Two really killer songs, 100% up my alley but just a little "simple" in the chorus. I really love both of them, to be honest, I just wish the chorus was a tiny bit bigger. This band is more a grower rather than instant gratification, but worth sticking around for.


Okay, so a bit more research and here is the actual full myspace page for Me Verse You:




Wow, as you can hear from the songs, they are far more hook-orientated. With the 2 vocalists from So They Say, but 3 new guys. This could actually be really good. It looks like 'Another enemy' is due for release soon. I will investigate. Spinning the album sampler, these guys are far more "commercial" and radio-aimed than So They Say. Sounds really promising.

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Just got 2 albums from these guys in the SS sales and I quite enjoy them. Not sure why I've avoided them up until now. I think their emo appearance on the 'Nightmare Anatomy' kept me at bay. But I bought them both for cheap and I'm pleased. 'Nightmare Anatomy' is a solid slab of fast paced modern rock, almost glam/punk sounding at times, but with dark lyrics. Reminds me of a poor-man's Cauterize every now and then too.


As for the next album 'Conviction', they went down a much lighter route. I actually thought they'd go the opposite way; heavier. If you like Mest's 'Photographs' or Kill Hannah, this one will appeal to you. There are some really great hooks and choruses on this. Only halfway through, but it seems like a very strong disc.


They have a new disc - 'Knives' - due 12th of May too.

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Okay, just killing some time listening to new CDs so I thought I may as well, for anyone interested. If you've ever wondered about any of these bands, here's the first batch of my recent bargain haul from Secondspin. I've heard these so far:


Cartel - 'Chroma' ; I actually downloaded this ages ago, liked it but did not love it. For $2.22 I picked it up and man I'm glad I did. This is a really, really good commercial modern rock disc. Comparable to Yellowcard (though not as brilliant as 'Paper walls') I'd recommend this to fans of that ballsy pop rock kind of band.


Blinded Black - 'Under the Sunrise' ; pleasant surprise. If you love Silverstein or Scary Kids Scaring Kids, check these guys out. Not re-inventing the wheel, but good at their craft. Even some synth here for AOR fans. :lol:


A Heartwell Ending - 'Trust us we lie' ; this one is okay. I'd call them a second rate Cauterize and as no one liked Cauterize I can't see anyone here digging this. Solid, slightly raw, good enough songs - especially 'If looks could kill' - but not great.


Anadivine - 'Zoo' ; this starts off okay, but it starts to get frustrating when you can't really recognize a decent hook anywhere. The end of the disc is poor too. Below average and not recommended.


Better Luck Next Time - 'Third time's the charm' ; awesome sound for a self-produced album, but this is way too close to straight up punk for my liking. Loved the sound, not most the songs. There were a couple of good ones, though, that make it worth another spin.


The Black Maria - 'Lead us to reason' ; straight away, was not a huge fan of the vocals. But there was a nice big chorus in the first song so I let it slide. This wasn't amazing, but actually pretty good. For every good song there is at least one filler, often two. Decent, but again, not great.


The Black Maria - 'A shared history of tragedy' ; Wow, they hooked me right away with the opening track on this one. The first two songs are great. The rest is okay, but doesn't quite match the start. Still, I prefer this to the debut and it's a decent disc.


Bleed the Dream - 'Born by blood' ; Not bad at all. Pretty solid modern rock with a scream or two, slightly raw production. I can see this growing on me... but it won't be one of my faves.


Bleed The Dream - 'Killer Inside' ; new singer, completely new sound. I don't like the slightly raw production and poor drum sound, and there are a few pretty useless songs, but a few killers too. The end of this disc is very strong and 'Vampires... don't kill for the $' is one off, if not the best song I've heard on these discs so far. Killer big chorus and hook. And there are about 6 or 7 of these types of songs, with this really commercial hook, on the CD. Still, I wouldn't recommend it, even though I kinda like it okay.

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Okay, stupidly bored already (even with omegle.com :( ) so I'll continue here for anyone interested. Here's the next batch of discs I got in my recent haul:


Denver Harbor ~ Scenic ; solid modern pop rock. Not ground-breaking, but decent.


Driver Side Impact ~ Lion ; this started of great. Vocals possibly a little low in the mix, but a cool sound and overall this was a cool CD. Worth checking out if you can get it for a decent price and like a slightly lighter side of Silverstein (no screams or anything here).


Driving East ~ Future of the Free World Is Riding ; by far one of my faves of the lot so far. Imagine a not-quite-as-catchy version of A Change of Pace. Killer production/sound too. I'm looking forward to more spins and becoming familiar with the hooks... and who knows - might be right up there. http://www.myspace.com/drivingeast


Endwell ~ Homeland Insecurity ; I actually found myself wanting this one to end. Not sure why because they aren't bad. Riff-wise, possibly the best of the lot but there is A LOT of screaming on this one. More than I thought. Some songs are all screams and no clean vocals. But the clean-vocaled songs and clean-vocaled choruses are actually pretty good. I wouldn't recommend these guys to anyone (Maybe Tim (2)) but they're not bad. Great riffs.


Four Letter Lie ~ Let Your Body Take Over ; Why oh why does this CD have some screaming vocals on it??? Granted, there is not much screaming but when there is it's just stupid. These guys are not heavy enough and the style is that pop-rock kind of modern outing. This is actually a good CD and I do really quite like it. I wish there were no screams because I associate screams with anger and this is upbeat pop-rock... but it's not a bad one and the screams are not over-bearing.


Framing Hanley ~ Moment ; recommended to me by Jim. I liked this one. One complaint would be maybe a few too many slower paced songs, but I can see myself getting into this one. The first few songs were excellent. Another one I'm looking forward to hearing more of.


From First to Last ~ Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has ; good solid modern rock disc. Not amazing, but solid.


From First To Last ~ Heroine ; a bit more experimental and modernized, but not bad. Decent. Their weakest for sure.


From First to Last ~ From First to Last ; this is a good modern rock album. Essences of Saosin and a great new, more melodic/commercial sound. Still not perfect, but a good disc.


Glasseater ~ Glasseater ; pretty lame pop-punk to be honest. They remind me of Not By Choice. Decent, but unexciting.


Glasseater ~ Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down ; much better album, and their final one. Ballsier, slightly better songs. Not a great band by any means, but I can dig this enough. Good sound.


Hidden in Plain View ~ Life in Dreaming ; one of the best CDs in this whole haul, easily. Very good modern rock disc all the way through - especially the opening track. http://www.myspace.com/hiddeninplainview


Hidden in Plain View ~ Resolution ; I thought this was better than the debut as the sound is overall more "commercial" and radio friendly, but the songs just aren't as good, imo, and more one dimensional. I do like this disc, but the debut is better.


Hit the Lights ~ Skip School, Start Fights ; Really a pretty average disc after a nice debut. It's not bad at all if you like that pop-rock sound, but it just needs a few more killer songs - like 'Drop the girl', their best yet.


June ~ Make It Blur ; A couple of decent songs towards the end really couldn't save this. It's not bad, just way too average. Like their debut.


Last Winter ~ Under the Silver of Machines ; Another one of the easy top faves of the lot. I loved this disc!!! Again, not re-inventing the wheel but any self-respecting modern rock fan should give this one a go.



Letter Kills ~ The Bridge ; a really nice surprise, actually. I was devestated to hear these guys had broken up after this CD (recorded in 2004) because I have no doubt in my mind that by 2006 and 2008 they might potentially have delivered discs on par with the best of Story of the Year. Their sound and style is total SOTY but the one big thing they were missing here was killer choruses. There's a few nice ones, but hooks were clearly missing on this disc. Killer sound, production, strong songs... the platform was well and truly set for an awesome future. A real shame, but this disc is pretty cool.


Long Since Forgotten ~ Theft ; Well, these guys are interesting. The first song made me want to break the CD, but the next few are completely different. Good, solid modern pop rock tunes which I actually really quite enjoyed. There are some fillers here, and they're bad, but overall a worthy listen.


Mariana Trench ~ Subsuasion ; not Mariana's Trench... but some horrid grunge band. :(


Matchbook Romance ~ Stories and Alibis ; back in the day when Cauterize were alive and I was an active member on that forum, this band was probably the most commonly named band as sounding like Cauterize. I got my ears on an EP which was great and then a recent full-length disc which saw a huge change in their style, sounding ambient, sort of gothy. So I thought nothing more of it. Never heard this disc. Now that I finally have it I can hear the comparison, but these guys are far rawer and a lot more unpolished with their hooks and melodies. Given a great producer this could have sounded great... or even if they had maintained this style (this was 2003) for future albums... could have been a real gem of a band. But it was not to be. This is a good disc, but not amazing.

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I know these posts have been really popular and I'm still going through my Secondspin haul, so here's the latest batch:


Mayday Parade ~ Lesson in Romantics ; Man, this CD is just so essential to every fan of modern rock, imo. Some of the biggest, catchiest hooks I've heard in modern rock. Awesome disc.



Nevertheless ~ Live Like We're Alive ; Wow, I downloaded their latest one based on a thread and didn't expect too much from this, but this is much better than the latest disc. A lot more rockier, a few big 'Whoahs' on the disc - very nice. Looking forward to more spins.


Nural ~ Weight of the World ; Pretty nice actually. The one Glen is raving about (the new one) is far more pop-rockish, but this is actually pretty ballsy. The guitar in the opener is great and there's just a cool modern rock vibe about this disc. Not amazing, but good stuff. I like it.


Remedy Drive ~ Daylight is Coming ; mellow, but nice. Only complaint, I guess, is it's a little unspectacular and average. I doubt you'd have to look hard to find many soundalike bands on radio. Decent, though.


Senses Fail ~ Still Searching ; I've heard and moderately enjoyed all discs from these guys, but man I need to buy them. This is actually a really cool disc. Great lyrics and really cool songs. I dig.

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Senses Fail ~ Still Searching ; I've heard and moderately enjoyed all discs from these guys, but man I need to buy them. This is actually a really cool disc. Great lyrics and really cool songs. I dig.

I heard this the other day...not bad..I'll Probably Pick it up for my wife.

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Getting to the end of my pile from Second Spin:


Scenes from a Movie ~ Pulse ; I dug this one. Imagine Fall Out Boy or a much, much better version of Panic At the Disco, but a rockier version of either band. "crafty" lyrics and nice good catchy choruses. Yeah, not a bad band at all. Shame they demised after this disc.


Sick City ~ Nightlife ; Really cool disc. I think I spoke of this in either the 'First spins' thread or this one. Good catchy modern rock disc.


Sound the Alarm ~ Stay Inside ; Good stuff. I admit I expected more from these guys as they're signed to Geffen and I thought they'd have to be pretty special to gain big label attention. But to be honest I could name a hundred better similar bands. Not that they were bad - some good songs early on, but if I owned a big label I could think of a heap of other bands I'd sign before these chaps.


Strange Celebrity ~ Remedy ; Started out well, finished average as sin. The early part of the disc was more "rocking" than the dreary end. At the time these guys released this they'd have been a good modern rock band, but these days they're outclassed in every way by the current batch of modern rockers.


Sullivan ~ Hey, I'm a Ghost ; not a fan, plain and simple. Bar one or two songs I found this to be average hook-free modern rock.


Sullivan ~ Cover Your Eyes ; much better follow-up. First song had a huge chorus and blew the debut out the water by itself. Overall it's not amazing, but a good slab of modern rock. I think this album will really stick after a few spins. Much catchier and chorus-orientated.


The Movielife ~ Forty Hour Train Back to Penn ; Simple but appealing. Again, needs some more spins but I liked what I heard. Songs weren't amazing, but pretty solid.


There for Tomorrow ~ There for Tomorrow ; Love this one! Really disappointed it's only 7 songs, but aside from that they're all great songs. A band to really watch out for. This mini-album sounds awesome too, production wise. Reminds me a little of Saosin, but not as "huge". One of the best of the entire batch.

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>> Is that the Syndikut one? I can never find them anywhere. I know, I know... I should check out their myspace page but I always forget. I will make a point to do it asap <<


Here ya go

Thanks mate... now I just have to remember when I'm at home. It better be good after all this hype. ;)

Okay mate, I felt I had to find a thread to finally reply to this after you pushed the name for so long. :lol: Finally picked this CD up from Wishing Well this week.


Mate, got to be honest - wasn't too into it. Seriously, the songs are actually pretty good. Not bad at all, but man, this type of music and a non-existent production job just really doesn't work for me. There are just certain styles of music which really shine under polish, and this is one style. The songs were pretty good but I couldn't really hear their full potential under the "garage-style" production job. :(


I'll give it a few more spins, though, and see how we go. They reminded me of more indie stuff like Supermint (another decent band without the production to back up the songs).

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Okay, was going to start a new 'Modern Rock New Releases' thread but thought I'll keep this one going instead. At the moment I'm hearing quite a lot of good modern rock releases, but none that are quite worthy of an entire thread dedication. So here's a few bands and my thoughts on them:


Exit The Ride - s/t & 'Demos'

Don't think these guys have anything out there, but thought I'd mention them anyway. The main drawcard for this band will be the immense guitarist... as in, he pretty much smokes the majority of the current players we know and love. This guy can seriously shred, and does in guitar solos on every track. One of those borderline hard rock/modern bands. I really enjoyed this set of songs I heard, with only one or two fillers. Hopefully they get a full release out there. 'Not so strange' was awesome.




01. Cigarettes And Alcohol

02. Everytime I

03. Fallen To Fly

04. Letters

05. Live Forever

06. Not So Strange

07. Reach

08. Save Our Love

09. Solidarity

10. Some Kind Of Angel

11. There For Me

12. This Is For You








Cry to the Blind - 'From Conflict To Clarity'

This one was a bit of a shame. Some great tracks early on, but really, really falls apart midway through and at the end. Not a full album band, but if you're just looking to download a few songs there's a few on here worth a go. The first 4 are all very good.




2.Carry Me

3.Last Goodbye

4.Just Believe



7.The Blue

8.Next To Nothing

9.Shadow Of A Man


11.We Don't Wanna Be Here








Crash Anthem - Inside A Red Room (2007)

Sadly, I'm assuming this is a digital only release as I couldn't find a physical copy available yesterday. But this was a great surprise. Another modern band bordering on hard rock we know and love, with some really cool songs. Opener was a bit of a dud, but after that this thing lit up. 'Typical People' was particularly awesome. Great guitar sound throughout, good voice (on one track he was trying his best Sebastian Bach) and a good, solid album. Recommended:



1. Catch Me If You Can

2. Favorite Things

3. Me, Myself, And You

4. Red Room

5. Typical People

6. A Time For The Kill

7. Biggest Letdown

8. Follow The Leader

9. Life Story

10. Wrecking Ball







NoTimeFor - 'Dress up to get down'

This one will be an aquired taste, for the Forever The Sickest Kids type of music fans out there. Very, very sticky sweet sort of pop rock. Some good hooks, though, and consistently good if you like this style. I'm digging it. :)



01. Dress Up To Get Down

02. Parade

03. Behind The Scenes

04. Cut Off The Movie

05. We're Not Alone

06. Time Is Gone

07. Cheat Is Cheap

08. You Say Yes

09. Into The Groove

10. Any Chance







Kenai - 'Hail the Escapist'

One of my faves of this batch - actually liked this one. Like a mix of Story of the Year's debut and the Coldrain CD. Not as good as either of them, but good stuff. They have a cool sound and some good songs to go with it. 'Let go' was a real treat. Yeah, I liked this one a lot, and the first track has a great title too. :lol:



01. They Survived, To Consume Each Other

02. Hostages

03. Rest Unassured

04. Let Go

05. Manhattan

06. Bleed The Year

07. The Fall Before The Finish

08. Say What You Want

09. Brothers, To Arms

10. Everything We Had, We Gave





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Thanks for bringing my attention to this thread! Already have stuff by a lot of the bands here, but there's a fair amount to go through.

If anyone likes power pop, then check out CrashBox. I have their S/T album (picked it up for dirt cheap). Released in 2006 but it sounds more early 00s to me. It's a bit sugary and there's a fair bit of filler but the songs are generally fun. Samples are on Amazon.com.

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Thanks for bringing my attention to this thread! Already have stuff by a lot of the bands here, but there's a fair amount to go through.

If anyone likes power pop, then check out CrashBox. I have their S/T album (picked it up for dirt cheap). Released in 2006 but it sounds more early 00s to me. It's a bit sugary and there's a fair bit of filler but the songs are generally fun. Samples are on Amazon.com.

Awesome. Thanks mate, I can pick that one up for $1.07. :) Thanks for the tip.

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Thanks for bringing my attention to this thread! Already have stuff by a lot of the bands here, but there's a fair amount to go through.

If anyone likes power pop, then check out CrashBox. I have their S/T album (picked it up for dirt cheap). Released in 2006 but it sounds more early 00s to me. It's a bit sugary and there's a fair bit of filler but the songs are generally fun. Samples are on Amazon.com.

Awesome. Thanks mate, I can pick that one up for $1.07. :) Thanks for the tip.

Let me know what you think. :)

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Just dropped this in the first spins thread, may as well put it here too:


Surviving Sunrise - s/t ; good, solid modern rock CD with old school guitar riffage here and there. No real fillers here at all, just a bunch of good solid tunes. Worth checking out at least.


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Well, there hasn't really been a modern rock band/album worth starting a thread about this year, and it doesn't look like changing anytime soon. So rather than space out my thoughts on the year in progress, I'll just keep it here with my thoughts on a bunch of new releases:


Beneath Me - 'Wish I wouldn't care' ; this is the most promising band I have to offer from the last few months. Good heavy modern rock with a unique sound. Closest comparison at times would be Disciple, with the big crunchy verses and nice melodic choruses. I would recommend checking these guys out. Could be a nice surprise. 'Million miles away' was very nice.







Heroes For Hire - 'Life of the party' ; well in a pitiful year for modern rock, slightly happy to see that one of the better offerings is from an Aussie band. Very much in the Kid Courageous / Simple Plan style of pop-punk, so if that's not your thing steer clear. I saw these guys at Soundwave by mistake and they were okay. This CD is okay too, with a couple of great bit catchy tunes. I kinda like this album. :)






Some cool song titles too:


01. The Boys You Love To Hate

02. Bright Lights In Paradise

03. You Cant Spell Stud Without S.T.D

05. Without A Sound

06. Come Away With Me

07. I Can't Change The Past, I Locked My Keys In The DeLorean

08. Save Me

09. Soon This Will Be Ours

10. We're Just The Footnote in someone Else's Love Story

11. If At First You Don't Succeed... Use Cheat Codes

12. Lights Out

13. The Calling


Sing it Loud - 'Everything collide' ; this is nice too. Again, another lighter one for the pop rock/punk fans. Not spectacular but worth a spin if you like Simple Plan. Some really cool tunes on here like 'Thunderstorms' and 'Believe in me'.






Moneta - 'Villains' ; this one's only an EP, but it's not bad at all. Unoriginal band, but they show promise. Closest comparison I could make is to Monty Are I, perhaps? Would like to see a full album from them.






Hot Chelle Rae - 'Lovesick electric' ; 'The Distance' off this is one of the best tunes I've heard this year. Only checked these guys out because I see they're supporting Boys Like Girls on Aussie tour. If you like them or the nw Faber Drive you may like this. Some of the songs have a super strong dance backing track like the last Faber Drive album had on a few songs, but aside from those you have a pretty decent modern pop rock disc here. A few songs on this make me dig it.






Future Idiots - 'Love and murder' ; awful album, imo, with way too many tracks (something like 17), the majority being filler. But who knows, they might appeal to someone here. A couple of nice ballads I kept on the Ipod...






Nonpoint - 'Miracle' ; man these guys are awful. I really don't understand how/why there is support for these guys on several melodic rock forums (including this one) as I find them disgraceful. If plodding, deathly boring nu-metal is your thing, apparently this is meant to be their best disc yet? Well f*ck me if it is they have some amazingly dreadful albums prior to this.




On a good note, when I type Nonpoint - miracle into google images this comes up:


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