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  1. Midnight Grind is one of my favourite songs ever! Love that guitar solo.
  2. True, but I am curious what Aronofsky's interpretation would be like (if it ever goes ahead). Probably dark and depressing, that's for sure.
  3. Wow, this is depressing. RIP Ronnie, thank you for leaving a great body of work behind.
  4. It guessed Jem from "Jem and the Holograms" cartoon fame, but it didn't guess her singing voice actress Britta Phillips.
  5. Britny Fox - Boys In Heat Cinderella - Long Cold Winter Dangerous Toys - S/T Dirty Looks - Cool From The Wire
  6. Don't worry, the end of the world isn't until 21 December 2012!
  7. Alexisonfire - Live at Brixton '07: They produced a 1,000 cds on the night and sold them at the end of the show. Foo Fighters - Live at Wembley Stadium '08 (DVD)
  8. Showdown in Little Tokyo - utter cheesefest staring Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee. It's a stupid but fun film. Also has a couple of songs by KK Wilde in the background!
  9. Nice! I saw Saosin open for Alexisonfire back in 2007 and they had loads of energy. Especially their "fill happy" drummer!
  10. I enjoy watching these! Got a bunch of them too. I sometimes get a sense of renewed appreciation after hearing the artists talk about the songs or seeing the writing/recording process. Will have to pick the new Sevendust up.
  11. Ahh well. What were the 2 or 3 tracks you liked on there?
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