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What CDs did you buy this week?


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Just picked up.....

Great White-Burning House Of Love

BOO BOO!!!!! :tsk::doh::devil::bigboom:








Hollywood, CA (March 18th 2004) – The label Horizon–Italy has recently released an unapproved album titled “'Burning House of Love.” This album is not approved by GREAT WHITE. Rather the band condemns this release and asks all fans and friends to not purchase this album. They feel that the label is insensitive to the victims of the fire and are trying to capitalize on a tragic situation. This type of practice is called repackaging; Record Companies take previously released songs, put on a new cover with a new title.


The band and their Attorneys are working on stopping this release, as it is being sold under the GREAT WHITE name without GREAT WHITE'S permission. GREAT WHITE wants to apologize for any discomfort this may have caused, as they found out about this release much the same way as the fans – via the internet. It was of great shock to the GW camp.

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Just bought Y&T-"Unearthed Vol 1"on ebay...Really looking forward to getting that one :banger:

I think you'll like it. It's a good CD. Just heard they are starting on the second Unearthed CD.

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Just bought Y&T-"Unearthed Vol 1"on ebay...Really looking forward to getting that one :banger:

I think you'll like it. It's a good CD. Just heard they are starting on the second Unearthed CD.

Thanks for the info...I think Y&T are one band that never got its due...A TRUE rock n roll band :drink:

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Just bought Y&T-"Unearthed Vol 1"on ebay...Really looking forward to getting that one :banger:

I think you'll like it. It's a good CD. Just heard they are starting on the second Unearthed CD.

Thanks for the info...I think Y&T are one band that never got its due...A TRUE rock n roll band :drink:

You're right on that. They should have been way bigger than they were. Saw them in concert back on the Contagious tour and they were awesome!

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Rockhead - Rockhead




Michael Bolton - Everybody's Crazy (With a hell lot of scratches... :( )

is the cd worth it. the one video clip i saw from looked like it could be a nice little rock/aor album

If it's ROCHHEAD then it's blues based HardRock with splendid production + good vocals & musicianship...A little too predictable however..gets a bit boring in the long run I guess...Guest appearance by Richie Sambora by the way


MICHAEL BOLTON...Well, it's Michael Bolton, but from his "rockier" era...Bruce Kulick on guitar & Mark Mangold on keys...Good stuff. Very melodic & very "80s" - A good album without a doubt!

sorry, a little late on responding

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Today got:


Hanoi Rocks - Twelve Shots On The Rocks


New American Shame - S/T


and Leppardmania - Tribute to Def Leppard :banger:

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Hey Scandinavia, where did you get the Col. Parker cd. I have been after that cd for awhile , since I read an interveiw with them in old issue of Metal Edge.

Got it from GREAT DANE, who you'll find commenting on a lot of bands here on HeavyHarmonies...He had an extra copy...You can also find him on the message board over at: Rock Nation

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Yesterday I bought:


Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare


Foreigner - Unusual Heat


Aldo Nova - Blood On The Bricks


Saga - Behaviour


Boston - Walk On


Def Leppard - On Through The Night


Def Leppard - Historia (VHS)


UFO - You Are Here


Scorpions - Face The Heat

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Yesterday I picked up these most of them I have no idea what they even sound like but for the price :)


First stop Music Exchange I got all of these for $9.06


The Cages - Hometown

One Nation....Strong Enough

Mick Jones - S/T

Moist - Silver

The Prisoners - Getaway

The Broken Homes - Wing And A Prayer

Murder Inc. - S/T

Tonto Tonto - Mirror For The Blame

Skyfish - S/T

Mammoth - S/T

The Bloodhounds - S/T

Crisis Party - Rude Awakening

RTZ - Return To Zero

Shooting Gallery - S/T

Scorpions - Face The Heat

Ya Ya - II


Warpipes - Hole In The Heavens

The Poor - Who Cares

Bridge 2 Far - S/T

The Sighs - What Goes On


Second stop Recycled Sound both for $4.29


Xentrix - Dilute To Taste

Vicious Circle - Cryptic Void


Third stop CD Warehouse all three for $22.58


Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare

Warren Demartini - Crazy Enough To Sing To You

Wrathchild America - 3-D


Last stop Vintage Stock all three for $17.18


Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath

Survivor - Vital Signs

Accept - Balls To The Wall

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Got some nice ones this weekend:


(these were all new)

Nitro--II H.W.D.W.S.

U.D.O.--Animal House

U.D.O.--Faceless World

TNT--My Religion

Tesla--Into The Now


(these were all between $2 and $5 each)

Hericane Alice--Tear The House Down

Galactic Cowboys--Space In Your Face

Nelson--Because They Can

Aldo Nova--Aldo Nova

Ugly Kid Joe--Menace To Sobriety

The Joe Perry Project--Let The Music Do The Talking

The Joe Perry Project--I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again

Brother Cane--Brother Cane

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Warren Demartini - Crazy Enough To Sing To You


I believe this CD is already out of print released in 1996 and may have been released in Japan only. The last couple on eBay went for $21 & $23.

Found one! $22.50 w/shipping! One more of the million things I'm waiting on to get here now.

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Let's see, what goodies did I pick up in the last week:


Billionaires Boys Club - Something Wicked Comes

Damned Nation - Road of Desire

Shout - S/T

Barracuda - Keep Me in Your Heart

Wilder - Violent Passions

Arabia - 1001 Nights



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Just came back from the final hockey game of the year (but just had to stop somewhere since I was in Pittsburgh!) Picked up:


Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years: Live At The Marquee

Gary Hoey - Animal Instinct

Dee Snider - Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down

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Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years:  Live At The Marquee

That's a great LIVE CD! I think it would be great for a party, don't you think? Bye the way, thanks for the message.


This morning, I bought on Amazon.com:


Y & T - Unearthed Volume 1



Placed bids on Ebay on:


Jaded Heart - Mystery Eyes

Snakeryder - D.O.A.

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:headbanger: Wooohooooo!!!! GREAT day here!!


HELIX - Deep Cuts


Living Colour - Vivid


The Black Crowes - Lions


*ugh* and Warrant - Cherry Pie - All The Hitz 'N' More


Nothing like some "new" music to put me in a better mood!!! :P:banger:

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    • Yeah its pretty good,was expecting a few melodic rock numbers though(maybe just based on the Whitesnake link)...and I  ain't a fan of the hardcore screaming he does in a few tracks  
    • Yeah its ok but nothing really to shout about as such.
    • Album out November 24th. From Escape Music: Atack’s founder member and lead guitarist Keith Atack has a long pedigree in the rock music scene. He grew up during the sixties and was influenced from an early age by bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and then on to Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore. He has also toured with many pop acts like Bonnie Tyler, Rick Astley and many others. He has a rock / funk / soul style as well as a jazz and blues influence.  He is joined by band members that also have strong roots in the rock scene such as Bob Richards on drums who has rubbed shoulders with members of bands like Iron Maiden, Survivor, Asia and Shy. Bassist Chris Childs is well respected and is the bass player with UK stalwarts “Thunder/Lonerider/Tyketto”, he is an ideal addition to the line-up along with seasoned vocalist Lee Small (Shy/Phenomena/Lionheart and many more). Finishing off the quintet is Nick Foley whose keyboard prowess is ever present throughout the album. The sound of the Hammond for which he is known gives the whole album a feel of Deep Purple and Rainbow with a true classic British Rock sound. “Nine Lives” is an exciting addition to the escape music roster and available in limited edition vinyl and CD formats, something very much to look forward to. CD tracklist: 01 Dead Man’s Boots (5:25)  02 Nine Lives (4:36)  03 The Seven Seas (5:27)  04 Remember or forget (5:11)  05 Like a twister blowing through (4:26)  06 New Addiction (4:22)  07Stone cold (3:26)  08 Poison Water (4:31)  09 This house (4:42)  10 The end of the world (4:30) 11 Lie to me Bonus track for the CD
    • Hell In A Bucket-The Grateful Dead
    • Karo - Heavy Birthday II & III  (2 CD) Gypsy Rose - Reloaded  Constancia - Brave New World Road - Running Away (EP) The Toms - Yawning For Pleasure + 4 Terry Carolan - Inbalance + 4 The Last Bandit - The Lost Tapes 1989 -1996 Sign X - Back To Eden Dogface - From The End To The Beginning Empire - Chasing Shadows +1 (reissue) Danger Zone - Don't Count On Heroes Van Stephenson - China Girl (2 CD Deluxe Edition) Tristan Harders' Twilight Theatre - Drifting Into Insanity Crying Steel - Stay Steel Floating Worlds - Battleship Oceania      
    • i've seen their name mentioned somewhere before but never heard them. This is a good mix of mellow clean vocal and heavy and i really like 'From The Inside' especially out of these 2. This is definitely more of the sort of stuff I am listening to nowadays compared to the soft and fluffy of yore, so will defo check out more. 
    • Good new EP which raised it's head a little above the pack, for me. Worth checking out. 1    .    Fallout 2    .    Enough 3    .    Another Way 4    .    Gone or Staying 5    .    Numb 6    .    It's Over This was my favourite tune off the EP;   And this appears to be the single;  
    • I actually heard these three new albums for interest's sake... and I don't get it. Why now, with this vocalist? Of all their eras.  Musically it all sounds cool and I don't hate the concept of re-recording some of the real older stuff. I actually would have* liked a re-recording of 'Don't touch the light.'  *would have liked to hear it with the last vocalist they had. I liked that guy. Alexx Stahl, it was. Why didn't they do all this when he was still in the band? I don't like this new guy at all, and the reworks of 'Fireworks' and 'Point Blank' are so pointless, and you'd even argue disrespectful, putting that voice on these amazing and perfectly originally recorded tunes.  Like I said, imo, 'Don't touch the light' sounds really dated and I wouldn't have hated the re-recording, with Alexx Stahl on vocals. But not this new guy... 
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