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  1. ICON - An Even More Perfect Union TNT - Realized Fantasies SHE'S CHINA - Night of the Illusion SURGIN - When Midnight Comes
  2. Just found these CDs in a near-by-town called Vejle (home of the bands L.A. and Parber & Kerstein) SKAGARACK - Hungry for a Game (original) - My fourth original copy of this gem! MARILLION - Fugazi MARILLION - Clutching at Straws MAMA'S BOYS - Relativity HOLY SOLDIER - Promise Man CHICAGO - 16 BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Imaginos CRIMSON GLORY - S/T All originals of course!
  3. Has that URGENT album been re-issued? I don't think so... I've ordered mine from Schmankerl-Records for 18 euro so I really hope it's an original for that price Well that is a very good price, it's a pretty rare disc. Not to mention a great album.... Damn, I paid 75 Euro for the URGENT cd on Schmankerl some time ago... Don't wanna bring anyone down, but Schmankerl has been selling some pro but unofficial re-issues lately... They all cost the same (18 Euro) and some of the titles include CHINA - S/T, HURRICANE - Slave to the Thrill, GLASGOW - Zero Four One and hopefully
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