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  1. There's a biography out (only in danish) that tells the whole story. It also has a complete discography in the back. There's quite a list of MABEL releases (they were huge here in Denmark during the 70s). Right now there's a best of CD out - still selling a lot of albums. Mike Tramp recently appeared on the "All Stars" show on TV, ending up in the finals with his Rock choir. But the band you'd wanna look into is STUDS which had quite a Hard Rock thing going on. They relocated to the US after their spanish hiatus period. They broke up in N.Y.C. and Mike went on to form LION (not the Doug Aldrich band) which later changed to WHITE LION and the rest is history...
  2. ICON - An Even More Perfect Union TNT - Realized Fantasies SHE'S CHINA - Night of the Illusion SURGIN - When Midnight Comes
  3. Just found these CDs in a near-by-town called Vejle (home of the bands L.A. and Parber & Kerstein) SKAGARACK - Hungry for a Game (original) - My fourth original copy of this gem! MARILLION - Fugazi MARILLION - Clutching at Straws MAMA'S BOYS - Relativity HOLY SOLDIER - Promise Man CHICAGO - 16 BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Imaginos CRIMSON GLORY - S/T All originals of course!
  4. Has that URGENT album been re-issued? I don't think so... I've ordered mine from Schmankerl-Records for 18 euro so I really hope it's an original for that price Well that is a very good price, it's a pretty rare disc. Not to mention a great album.... Damn, I paid 75 Euro for the URGENT cd on Schmankerl some time ago... Don't wanna bring anyone down, but Schmankerl has been selling some pro but unofficial re-issues lately... They all cost the same (18 Euro) and some of the titles include CHINA - S/T, HURRICANE - Slave to the Thrill, GLASGOW - Zero Four One and hopefully not URGENT - Thinking out Loud too.... The copies look original with only a few hints to "copyism" but if you check out the writing on the CD itself (the side without print) you should realize that these copies are in fact CD-R's....
  5. PETRA - On Fire! DIRTY LOOKS - Cool from the Wire MASTEDON - Lofcaudio VOODOO X - Vol. 1 - The Awekening And I just won these titles on Ebay: NOVELLA - One Big Sky NOVELLA - A Liquid Earth THE BRAVE - Battle Cries
  6. This show is coming to my hometown!!! Man, I'm lookin' forward to seeing them.... Tickets released on Monday with a roof of 25.000....
  7. And what a strange little album this is Starts off ok,then spirals downwards into a strange acoustic, melancholic,some would say dirge,attempt at country-rock.I think I may struggle to repeat-play this and the only redeeming feature being,I got it cheap... Haha! - It's EXACTLY how I remember that album... I sold my copy! The debut's a little better though... N/P - CRAZY LIXX - Loud Minority Get ready for this one people - It's bound to create a shockwave of melodic orgasms - Far superios to CRASHDIET in terms of sleazy melodies!
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