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  1. In the post from NEH Records: Frontline - "Right Attitude" Frontline - "Almost Unreleased" Frontline - "Seventh Sign"
  2. Edguy - Mandrake +3 Stratovarius - Visions +2 (Japan) Stratovarius - Episode Frontline - Against The World +2 (Japan) Keiko Matsui - Walls Of Akendora
  3. In the post today from Amazon: Frontline - "Against The World" +2 (Japan)
  4. I just got my Edguy "Theatre Of Salvation" +3 off ebay with these bonus tracks: 'Theatre Of Salvation (hidden track)' 'For The Trace Of Life (previously unreleased)' 'Walk On Fighting (live in Milan)'
  5. Don't Let Your HEART Be HARDENED - Petra
  6. Gonna give a listen to Victory "Temples Of Gold" very shortly.
  7. My Victory "Temples Of Gold"+3 bonus tracks just came in the mail from Oleg (dbnf):
  8. Now playing and shaking a fist in the air: Firewind - "Burning Earth" Iron Maiden - "Somewhere In Time" Gamma Ray - "Somewhere Out In Space" Gotthard - "Dial Hard" Warlock - "Hellbound" Axel Rudi Pell - "Kings And Queens"
  9. Just bought from a specialty Metal CD store: Firewind - "Burning Earth"
  10. Today, I got in the mail from Amazon: Saxon - "Wheels Of Steel" Danger Danger - Danger Danger Missing Persons - "Late Nights Early Days"
  11. My local music store has 10% off on all their white stickered CDs. So, I went out to Surrey and bought the following: Rhapsody - "Dawn Of Victory" Iron Maiden - "Somewhere In Time" Iron Maiden - "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son I have the rest of Rhapsody's CDs and I may get their first two sometime in the future.
  12. Today's acquisitions: Sonata Arctica - "Takatalvi" (Amazon.ca) Falconer - S/T (ebay)
  13. Today, I got: Edguy - "The Hellfire Clube" +2 'Children Of Steel', and 'Mysteria' (Ebay)
  14. (So You) Wanna Be a Star - Chilliwack
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