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What CDs did you buy this week?


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the new Hanoi Rocks.."12 shots on the rocks"

SHK, that Hanoi Rocks album is really excellent IMO.

It's been out in the UK for over a year now and it's the best sleaze album to come out in that time. :D:D:D



Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. :drink:

Thanks for the info Cruise...getting ready to crack open a beer and start listening :drink::banger:

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Picked up some good stuff today. Went to my buddy's store and he had waiting for me


Tesla - Into the Now

Brides of Destruction - Here Comes the Brides

Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits

Aerosmith - Honkin' On Bobo


and I grabbed from his used stuff


Contraband - s/t

King of the Hill - s/t


But nothing in the mail today. Bummer.

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I have these CDs coming next week:


Casanova - Casanova


Casanova - One Night Stand (Japan)


Macalpine - Eyes Of The World


Statetrooper - Statetrooper


Frontline - State Of Rock


Giuffria - Giuffria


Giuffria - Silk & Steel


Rockhead - Rockhead


Robin Beck - Human Instinct


Gaeleri - Still Here


Angels From Angel City - Beyond Salvation


Push - Shaken, not Stirred


Jaded Heart - IV


Oh, and yesterday I bought all the 90s albums from TEN


Long live Hangloose-records.com !!!! :banger:

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Parcel in the post this morning. Woohoo!!! :D


Crystal Blue - Detour (liking this alot)

Quireboys - Lost In Space (live and rockin')

Zeno - Listen To The Light (not sure about this - doesn't sound like the first 2)

Pink Cream 69 - Change (oh dear, i don't like this)

Gotthard - De-Frosted (love it , love them, love everybody)

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Done a lot of O/L purchases recently:


Naked Beggars - s/t

the Thornbirds - All The Same

Billy Morris Band - s/t

ZO2 - Tuesdays & Thursdays


Can't wait to get some new blood into the collection!

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Today I got:


Femme Fatale - Femme Fatale


Journey - Raised On Radio


Merzy - Rock The Blues


Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien (Re-mastered)


Alien - Alien


Alien - Shiftin' Gear


Lee Aaron - Lee Aaron

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Recieved a few this week in the mail.


Tower - Fact Meets Fiction

Tower - Turn The Page

Work Force - Wrecked, Welded and Wet

Slade - Get Your Boots On

Rick Springfield - Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet

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I got The Cult's newest album today. It's a pretty good album of straight ahead hard rock in the same style as Sonic Temple that made them famous back in '89. Nice to hear Matt Sorum back on drums. I always thought he suited The Cult's sound. Think it might grow on me too. :D

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Wicked Sensation - Exceptional

TNT - New Religion

707 - 707 and The Second Album on one CD

Forcefield - Forcefield II The Talisman

Jet - Get Born

Sargant Fury - Little Fish

Axel Rudi Pell - Shadow Zone

Axel Rudi Pell - Masquerade Ball

Jaded Heart - Inside Out

707 - CDR of Megaforce


Up on bid right now:


Transit - Catch Fire

Transit - Heartcore

Sargent Fury - Turn The Page

Forcefield - Forcefield

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Can't wait to get some new blood into the collection!

I know the feeling. I'm going over to ebay to find AdrianGale's first CD.

Listen to the track Reap What You Sow and tell me that you couldn't swear that it was Tesla. I thought for sure it was when I first heard it

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Also just bought:


Hugo - Time On Earth

Thieves In The Temple - Thick As Thieves

Tribute To Randy Rhoads


Friggin eBay is gonna break me this week. ;) I also bought 2 more guitars. A BC Rich Warlock NJ with Speedloader and another Ibanez RG570. Like I really need any more <_<


Also bought 4 DVD's, A new Radeon 9600 256mb Video card for my computer and Unreal Tournament 2004 computer game. :crazy:


If anyone hasn't played that game yet, I truly reccommend it! It's awesome. Just make sure you have 5.5 gigs free for the install, at least 256DDR Ram and a good video card. It's a great way to relieve stress. Go into Deathmatch and just kill everyone in sight. You'll feel better soon enough

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Today in my lil mailbox......was:


Arcara - A Matter Of Time (Rocco.......Rocco.....Rocco!!!! :lol: )


Forever Mod - Tribute to Rod da Bod :devil::lol:


Mothers Finest - Iron Age


Yesterday was WASP - First Blood, Last Cuts



Happy girl here today!! :D

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Just bought the Metal Sludge compilation "Now That's What I Call Sludge Vol. 1". I want the new tracks and to hear some bands that I think I will need to look for after listening.

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I've gotten quite a few this week with more to come this weekend (going CD shopping by myself!) Last weekend my wife let me go looking that's it. She took my debit card and off I went with my head between my legs. I found a few I'm going back for this weekend, I still hope they're still there.


EBay items

Mortal Sin - Face of Despair

Body Count - The Radio E.P.

Roxy Blue - Want Some?


Used CD store

Y&T - Contagious



Tyketto - Strength In Numbers

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break The Oath

Tommy Shaw - Ambition $8.98 :banger:

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    • Brilliant album...oh how I pine for a follow up 
    • Releases July 26. $47.08 at ImportCDs: https://www.importcds.com/dynamite-china-years-complete-recordings-1988-1993/5013929929920 8CD complete collection of recordings released by China Records. Featuring what most consider to be the classic line-up of The Dogs D'Amour; Jo 'Dog' Almeida on guitar, Steve James on bass, the onomatopoeic Bam on drums, and of course fronted by songwriter and singer, the inimitable Tyla. Propelled by the albums' three singles 'The Kid from Kensington', 'I Don't Want You to Go' and 'How Come It Never Rains' edging their way up the charts, when The Dogs D'Amour's genre-defining 1988 "debut" 'In The Dynamite Jet Saloon' (CD2) was released in 1988, it must have looked like the band was an overnight sensation. But this couldn't have been further from the truth. The Dogs D'Amour originally formed in 1983, and had already recorded two previous "debut" albums. First was 1984's now highly collectable 'The State We're In', for Finnish label Kumibeat. Further recordings were made in 1985 and 1986 for Watanabe Records in Japan, and it's the latter where this collection kicks off. 'The (Un)Authorised Bootleg Album' (CD1) was the record originally intended for Japan. The second set in this collection is the aforementioned In 'The Dynamite Jet Saloon' (CD2), bursting with classics. A highly prolific band in their earliest days, 'Errol Flynn' (re-titled 'King Of The Thieves' in the States) (CD3) was released in 1989 as was the extended mini-album, 'A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles Vol. 1' (CD4), a collection of acoustic songs that reached the UK Top 20. 1990 saw the release of '... Straight?!!' (CD5) featuring the singles 'Victims of Success', 'Empty World' and 'Back On The Juice'. Unfortunately, and in true rock 'n' roll tradition, the band split up on stage in Los Angeles in 1991. Thankfully the band regrouped for the self-explanatory '... More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace' (CD6) in 1993. This eight CD collection is completed with no less than two discs of rarities, live tracks and B-sides with 'Singles, B-Sides & Rarities' (CD7) and 'Even More Singles, B-Sides & Rarities' (CD8), making this the most complete and comprehensive collection of the band's recordings for China.   - Disc 1 - 1 Firework Girl 2 Chains 3 Gold 4 Pourin' Out My Heart 5 Wait Until I'm Dead 6 How Do You Fall in Love Again? 7 Kiss This Joint 8 Heroine 9 Tales of Destruction 10 Dynamite Jet Saloon 11 Swingin' the Bottle - Disc 2 - 1 Debauchery 2 I Don't Want You to Go 3 How Come It Never Rains 4 Last Bandit 5 Medicine Man 6 Gonna Get It Right 7 Everything I Want 8 Heartbreak 9 Billy Two Rivers 10 Wait Until I'm Dead 11 Sometimes 12 The Kid from Kensington 13 The State I'm in - Disc 3 - 1 Drunk Like Me 2 Goddess from the Gutter 3 Hurricane 4 Satellite Kid 5 Errol Flynn 6 Planetary Pied Piper 7 Princess Valium 8 Dogs Hair 9 Trail of Tears 10 Ballad of Jack 11 The Prettiest Girl in the World 12 The Girl Behind the Glass 13 Things Seem to Go Wrong 14 Oooh! Baby Glass - Disc 4 - 1 I Think It's (Love Again) 2 So Once Was I 3 Comfort of the Devil 4 Saviour 5 Errol Flynn 6 The Bullet Proof Poet 7 When the Dream Has Gone 8 Angel 9 Cardboard Town 10 Kiss My Heart Goodbye 11 Lie in This Land 12 You Can't Burn the Devil 13 Gypsy Blood 14 Empty World 15 Back on the Juice 16 Evil 17 Victims of Success 18 Flyin' Solo 19 Heroine 20 Chiva 21 Lady Nicotine - Disc 5 - 1 What's Happening Here? 2 What You Do 3 Pretty, Pretty Once 4 World's Different Now (Ode to Drug Hill) 5 Mr Addiction 6 Johnny Silvers 7 Cath 8 More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace 9 Scared of Dying 10 Mr Barfly 11 Put It in Her Arms 12 All or Nothing 13 English Outlaw 14 No Gypsy Blood '93 15 Hard to Leave This World 16 When Nobody Loves You - Disc 6 - 1 King of the Thieves 2 Ugly 3 Billy Two Rivers (Live) 4 Victims of Success (Live) 5 I Don't Want You to Go (Live) 6 Ballad of Jack (Live) 7 Last Bandit (Live) 8 How Come It Never Rains (Live) 9 Baby Glass (Live) 10 Kirsten Jet (Live) 11 Everything I Want (Live) 12 Heartbreak (Live) 13 Trail of Tears (Live) 14 Medicine Man (Live) 15 Drunk Like Me (Live) 16 I Don't Want You to Go (Live) - Disc 7 - 1 I Don't Want You to Go (12" Version) 2 Trail of Tears (7" Version) 3 How Come It Never Rains (7" Radio Edit) 4 Satellite Kid (Single Edit) 5 She Thinks Too Much of Me (Acoustic Version) 6 Drunk Like Me (Acoustic Version) 7 As the Poppies Fall (Acoustic Version) 8 Things He'd Do (Acoustic Version) 9 Never Had a Girl Who Would Die for Me (Acoustic Version) 10 What's Happening Here? (Acoustic) 11 Heading for the Target of Insanity
    • Way of My People - Lance Keltner
    • One day to the show. Acoustic in a venue that looks like somebodies oversized front room.  Really should be a great night. 
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