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  1. I was thinking of going to itunes but can't figure some things out on it. I like how it makes playlists and random albums. Like if I wand to play an album I can't figure it out. On windows media you just right click on the album and hit play.
  2. Was just curious what music players everyone uses to play thier music on thier computers. Looking for a project and was curious which one you think is best.
  3. Ok I finially have to admit I'm getting old. After building a deck all day I am so beat. Time for bed I think.
  4. Thanks. I wasn't sure. Couldn't find it on some places and I really don't want to pay the price they want on ebay.
  5. Walking on discographies again and just wondering if War and Peace's album TIme Capsule was still in print?
  6. Discovered this band last year and they do rock. Been finding alot of really good new christian music.
  7. Um I follow new releases once a week on Amazon on thier last date and beyond and saw them on there.
  8. I really really could use a case of beer tonight and some friends to share it with.
  9. Actually I'm cleaning out alot of stuff amd have about 100 Monopoly games I plan on moving. So if anyone is looking for a certain one let me know. They have all been opened but all the pieces are there and some not even played. I do have the KISS one. I also have a KISS trivia game that came in a metal container.
  10. Playing now: Union

  11. Which Martina song are you missing..? I'm missing her cover of Harper Valley PTA. Can't buy the download of it unless you buy the whole Deperate Housewives CD and I don't want/need anything else off of it.
  12. I'm with you guys. I don't think its thier best but I like it alot!
  13. Working on my music libraries and have been looking for sone things. I need 7 Jewel songs from soundtracks. I refuse to pay $10 a CDD for one song. Anyone can help that would be awesome. And if you are a Martina McBride fan I'm missing one song by her. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  14. WElcome aboar and I hope you hope you enjoy. We have lost of wild and crazy prople around here.
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