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  1. I have read some of the posts from SHK and he seemed like a great guy.I think there are a few people here that like to wine and cry alot and they needed to take it out on someone.It makes me afraid to post here because I would guess someone would take it the wrong way and kick me off.I hope SHK is allowed back soon.

  2. I did a trade with SHK..Great Guy..always had great posts..Maybe we'll see him again someday..

  3. I miss SHK. I've seen people do a lot worse and still not be banned or still get a gazillion chances. I'm glad my bro lives just a few minutes away. I feel bad for those of you that actually liked music. His music knowledge/taste will be missed.

  4. I seen this on Beer Advocate....don't know who he is,but hell..he liked beer,and thats all that matters.
  5. Going with some Fat Weasel Ale tonight.....YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Check these guys out.......Good Suff!!!!! http://www.myspace.com/hardspirit
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