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What CDs did you buy this week?

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Nice stuff, I've got that on vinyl, but I didn't find the time to spin it yet!

Nice ! I bought this a few years ago and it is worth owning !

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At 1980 - A Thousand Lives 

At The Movies - The Soundtrack To Your Lives Vol. 1

Raider - Tokyo EP.

LeRoux  -One Of Those Days

Stryper - Even The Devil Believes

Overland - Scandalous

Neal morse - Sola Gratia (Special Edition) CD/DVD

Flying Colors - Third Stage: Live From London 2 CD/DVD

Finntroll - Vredesvavd

The Outlaws - Los Hombres Malo/ Calm Before The Storm

Metallica - S&M2

Michael Schenker Fest - Live Tokyo International Forum   2 CD/DVD

Prince  - Sign O' The Times (Deluxe)

Keith Urban - The Speed Of Now Part 1. 

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At The Movies - The Soundtrack Of Your Life Vol. 1

Diamond In The Rough - s/t (Reissue)

Def Leppard - Pyromania (2 CD Deluxe Edition)

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David Bowie-Reality


The Cars-Candy-O

Jet Black Motorcade-The Ghost and the Bones

No Love Lost-S/T

Alan Parsons Project-Pyramid 


Survivor-Best Of

Neil Young-Decade 


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Black Stone Cherry - Family Tree

Every Mothers Nightmare - Back Traxx

preordered a few too...

Wildness - Ultimate Demise

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love - American Amadeus

Stardust - Highway To Heartbreak

Black Stone Cherry - The Human Condition

Cats In Space - Atlantis

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StoneLake - Marching On Timeless Tales

TwentyDarkSeven - Roar

Mitch Malloy - Making Noise

RebelHot - s/t

Crosson - Invincible

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Buckcherry - Buckcherry + 1 (JAP)

Tesla - Psychotic Supper + 3 (JAP)

The All-American Rejects - When The World Comes Down + 8 (JAP)

Mest - Destination Unknown + 1 (JAP)

The Almighty - Soul Destruction + 2 (JAP)

Red - Innocence & Instinct + 2 (JAP)

Wig Wam - Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller + 3 

Hoobastank - The Reason + 2 (JAP)

Scritti Politti - Provision

Bros - Gold (3 CD)

Boney M - Gold (3 CD)

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Brother Firetribe - Feel The Burn

Stardust  - Highway To Heartbreak

Tomi Malm - Coming Home

Blue Oyster Cult - The Symbol Remains

House Of Lords - Demons Down (Remaster)

Pride Of Lions - Lion Heart

Bon Jovi - 2020

Catalano - Nighfighter

Queen + Adam Lambert - Once Around The World

Adam Lambert - Velvet

Tears For Fears - The Seeds Of Love (Deluxe Box)

Nik Kershaw - Oxymoron (Signed)

Dan Fogelberg - Windows And Walls/ Wild Places (Remaster) 2 CD

Dan Fogelberg - The Innocent Age (Remaster( 2 CD 

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On 10/8/2020 at 8:03 PM, Jez said:

Catalano - Nighfighter

Hey Jez, Did you receive your physical cd?

They sent my tshirt (which I have received) but no disc yet :blink:

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Stardust - Highway To Heartbreak

Alexa - s/t

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Gotthard - Bang! + 2

Fireflight - For Those Who Wait

Hang Loose - Perfect World 

Angelheart - Wild Heart Of Allison 

Angelheart - Caution It Rocks! 

Opus - Magical Touch 

Doro - True At Heart 

Mick Devine - Hear Now

Stranded - New Dawn

Liar - Sunset Plaza Drive

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21 hours ago, lettard said:

Hey Jez, Did you receive your physical cd?

They sent my tshirt (which I have received) but no disc yet :blink:

Not received it as of yet...coming from Oz I think, so may take a while 

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House Of Lords - Demons Down (Bad Rep Remaster)...sounds fantastic

Fierce Heart - War For The World...great album

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3 hours ago, Jez said:

Not received it as of yet...coming from Oz I think, so may take a while 

Most of our Airports are closed for planes coming in and out of Australia.

A member on here  just got his order from your country, it was sent 17th of August to get yesterday.

Our mail service of up the creek without paddle. An example is my local cricket club sent me remind letter of the A.G. M . i only got a month after the meeting been and gone. The Cricket Club is in next suburb  to mine. Our secretary prefer send letters, as few of members do not have the internet.

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Nord - Nord 

Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf 

Jim Foster - Power Lines 

Davy Vain - In From Out Of Nowhere

Voodoo Hill - Waterfall

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Pat Benatar-Tropico

Counting Crows-Films About Ghosts

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chronicle 

Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg-No Resemblance Whatsoever 

Mr Big-S/T

Night Ranger-Greatest Hits 

Otep-Smash the Control Machine 

The Quireboys-Twisted Love 

Staind-The Illusion of Progress 

The Yardbirds-Smokestack Lightning 

ZZ Top-Greatest Hits 

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Sweeney Todd featuring Bryan Adams - The Best Of & The Rest Of 

Oh Well - 1st Album 

Pegasus - A Place To Be 

Krokus - The Dirty Dozen +++++


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Cats In Space  - I Fell Out Of Love With Rock 'n' Roll (Promo)

The Struts - Strange Days

Ultravox - Vienna (40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set)

Eagles - Live From The Forum MMXVIII  2 CD/Bluray

Boys From Heaven - The Great Discovery

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Letter To You

Leave's Eyes - The Last Viking

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    • Oh, it's coming. And soon too. I believe somewhere around 7.5 billions years to go. I wonder if whatever life form is on the planet then will still be going on about Covid-19? 
    • I liked every album, with 6 keepers from each, except Wig Wamania which had 7.
    • TBH I'm kinda undecided. I come from a science background and I guess I look at these types of thinks in a less emotional way, based on facts. The fact is that pretty much every single country on Earth decided to handle the coronavirus the same way. Lockdowns, masks, isolations, etc, etc. Don't know of any that just said"this is just the flu" and moved on as normal. Doesn't make sense that every country was equally as gullible and poor at making rational decisions. Do to some degree, I tend to acknowledge the seriousness of the virus, and certainly dismiss those who say, "t's not that bad, don't be a pussy, and carry on"  
    • What the fuck? What is this? when is this going to happen? What a downer
    • Nothing to confirm an album is on the way but they have reunion dates next year and Frontiers used the tag ‘What’s next for Wig Wam? Stay tuned!’.. could mean anything of course but in my opinion this is the first single from a 2021 comeback album.. only time will tell.    I liked 2/3 tracks from Wall Street but I thought the rest was below average. This is up there with the best they’ve done in my eyes. 
    • Always loved the rock anthems they had. This song follows that direction and is a great opener for a reunion.  Did anybody actually say that there will be an album? I could imagine that this is only a single because they had some time during corona. Wall street was their worst album but it still had some good moments. This new song sounds as dark and serious as wall street but with the quality of early Wig Wam. 
    • Guess it shows the hiatus was needed.. Wall Street was a bad album, and I’m a fan of these guys.    I thought the same - I think they’ll still have a couple of ‘fun’ tracks just like Age’s solo stuff, Ammunition and previous Wig Wam albums but it looks like a more serious and less tongue-in-cheek direction.    Definitely looking forward to further info / music. 
    • For people without comorbidities, COVID-19 is not the apocalyptical virus the media makes it out to be. As recently as 3 weeks ago (I think?) the WHO reversed itself, now saying that societal lockdowns are NOT the answer. Great, we crippled the economy and destroyed peoples' jobs for what exactly? Protect/quarantine those in high risk groups, but open up society as a whole IMO. There's a certain segment that wants a 100.00% reliable solution or cure. It doesn't exist. It may NEVER exist. Tens of thousands of people die every year from just the flu and its side effects; we don't shut down the planet for it, and there isn't a 100% cure for it. The cure is proving worse than the disease... literally. P.S. At least here in the U.S., there is a large political component to how COVID-19 is being handled, with the motive of tilting the election. Democrat governors wanting to keep things locked down until after election day and then things will "magically" improve. Pelosi refusing to consider any aid package to the American people until after the election, regardless of how much the GOP is willing to negotiate. She's evil.
    • What are you a fucking idiot? what kind of a fucking bollocks statement is that mate, you must have your head so far up your ass, you can smell your own breath, never talk with that much sense G-Off, you cant let little things like reality and common sense get in the way of Covid, you should know that, now denounce your whiteness, apologize for your white privilege and say 10 hail marys, then we will forgive you.
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