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Ranking the Decades 60s - 10s in Hard Rock

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If we take the 80s as the given for the best decade ever for our music, what would be the second best decade?

There is a case for the 70s of course, being the origin for hard rock and a lot of classic artists. 

The 60s really only kicked off right at the end of the decade.

The 90s were exceptionally strong in the early years up to about 1993  but dropped off a bit until the end of the decade.

The 00s were a bit hit and miss, almost like survival mode (in my opinion).

But, the 10s were really high quality, kicking off the decade with one of our best ever years (2010) and getting really strong towards the end of the decade, led by legacy acts and a huge Scandinavian revival. 

To me, the 10s are the second best decade. Not as "big" or known as the 70s,  but for quality, second best behind the 80s.

I'd rank them:

1. 80s

2. 10s

3. 70s

4. 90s

5. 00s

6. 60s

What do you guys think?

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I'll have to have a think about it, but I'd also include the 50s.

I heard alot of stuff from the 50s when I was young.

Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ritchie Valens and his other unfortunate travel companions, etc.

It's where it all began man.

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Sweeping Jesus. Not as hard as it seems, but also not entirely accurate, I'm sure, as there were awesome releases in every year from 1984 to now, so how to properly split them all. But this'd be my attempt-

1. 80s

2. 90s (purely on the class of albums from 1990 to 1993, which were a lot of awesome bands' best albums. as well as your Jaded Heart, Frontline, Stun Leer, Intuition etc. who all kept the flame alive, even if on small indie labels)

3. 00s

4. 10s

5. 70s

6. 60s

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very difficult for me .

80s is obviously no 1 as that was an incredible 10 years of rock which will never be repeated.

60s is obviously last - nothing from that decade interests me.

I would have to say 10s is no 2 - some amazingly good years, almost on a par with 80s in some ways but without the depth of quality - I found most years had a great top 20 but then the quality dropped off a cliff whereas the 80s had quality right down to top 50 or 60 in quite a few years.

Then it gets difficult - there is a case for each of the 00s, 90s , or 70s to be third.

70s : 75-79 were excellent with some really amazing albums 

90s : 90-93 were amazing but really tailed off for the last 6 years with some total wilderness years

00s - pretty bleak for first 3 years but then really picked up and the last 4-5 years were very good indeed.

in terms of total number of albums 90s might just snatch it but only just 

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Mid 70's to mid 80's without a shadow of doubt the best decade in the history of rock music.







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17 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

Too much like hard work for me.

Pretty much how I feel. All I will say is that every decade gave us great music. 

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I'm amazed that Jez & Geoff put the 00s above the 10s

Never in a million years for me. 

For a start it's 10 great years vs 6 great years at best from the 00s 

I'd be interested to do an album count of essential albums in the 00s vs 10s, but I would think there are about double the number in the 10s 

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