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Most controversial topic used in songs


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I just read the thread about HATE songs and in my opinion, most of them are just songs sung by someone who is just pissed off or mad/angry at someone. I was expecting of real HATE in the line of RACISM or anything like that. I am wondering what other controversial topics the hard rock/heavy metal artists have used for their songs. Enough of Satanism - most of them are quite stupid if you can dissect them. And some of the artist just use that for gimmicks (e.g. King Diamond) though some black metal artists are genuine. Any other?

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I guess he is looking specifically for such examples in the Hard Rock and Metal scene, though. 

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Then there's Rammstein - Pussy.
Not gonna post that clip, but I think the song was #1 in Germany or somewhere which is pretty amazing.
They say body doubles in the clip were used for 'most' of the band.

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16 minutes ago, CureTheSane said:

Then there's Rammstein - Pussy.
Not gonna post that clip, but I think the song was #1 in Germany or somewhere which is pretty amazing.
They say body doubles in the clip were used for 'most' of the band.

Post the clip........Pussy. ;)

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This band should be huge,  if not for their lyrics, which indeed sometimes make my stomach in knots. It won't come as a surprise to me, if this ends in my all time favorite  30 albums when I'm done with my ratings.


Riffs, licks, breaks and solos  galore to die for, disguised with a veil of pseudo-intellectualism...  


Banned from discogs since ever...






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Not really sure how a list like this can be complete without Lizzy Borden

(and Im not even sure the song below is the best example....)

I see that you're all alone 
I've got the need to follow you home 
I'd like to be the shadow who stalks 
I'll lash out send your nerves into shock 

You turn and stare you feel someone there 
A psychopath could be anywhere 
You start to run but you won't go very far 
I'll always know where you are 

I couldn't even see your face 
Excitement builds as I start the chase 

You turn me on when your heart is pounding 
It's ecstasy when I hear you scream 
I flash a knife to your paralyzed eyes 
And only I will watch you die 
Psychopath - on the loose 
I know where you are at, got something for you 
Psychopath - I got a blade 
Cut you just like that, I wanna play 

Psychopath - out on the street 
Quiet as a cat, I'd love to meet you 
Psychopath - I'll have my way 
Give ya forty whacks, I wanna play




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On ‎2018‎-‎01‎-‎18 at 11:44 AM, All Nights Reserved said:


Oh yeah. Especially at these times - this is VERY controversial. Speak English or Die (the song), too is another one.  What a way to incite more hate to non English speaking immigrants in the States. But I just cannot just pass through Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues.

With Mr. Tinkertrain, yeah but you know a lot of rock stars especially in the 70s who have done this. Ted Nugent, Steven Tyler, Jimmy Page and the list goes on - who have seduced under aged girls. Even have the lawful custody of them to join them on tour.

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Anything by Body Count and/or The Mentors 

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    • What a honey Gudrun Laos was and what a Killer track this is!    
    • I didn't say I didn't like it. It's a good album, but I guess after years of reading folks praise for it I built it up to be something more than it actually was. 
    • We already know you're a leftist idiot! Known all around these parts!
    • How are you guys letting horrible songs get into your head???
    • I'm surprised you didn't like it. That's a shame. 
    • It's a mystery alright, although how the band could okay this for release is an even bigger mystery. Also find it intresting that all of the reviews I've read have failed to mention the bizarre mixing and mastering of this record, which kinda makes you question their credibility as rock reviewers.   This I don't agree with at all. The thing that makes H.E.A.T the awesome band that they are is that they've never compromised with their sound or felt the urge to follow trends. We all know that they've could have gone the Dynazty route, making hard 'n' heavy records, that would probably have made them an even bigger and more popular band with the masses. Of course that's not what the fans want, and they know that. We want H.E.A.T to sound like H.E.A.T - and I think they've done a damn fine job of that on this record. I don't mind a bit of experimentation, like on Demon Eyes, as long as it's the exception and a temporarily deviation from the trademark sound. As for bangers, I do think there are some here, but they're all ruined to some degree by the poor mixing job. No, they don't reach the awesomeness of let's say "Dangerous Ground" or "Rock Your Body" from the last album, but stuff like "Nationwide", "Not For Sale", "Hold Your Fire" and "Wings Of An Aeroplane" come pretty damn close. Being the AOR fanatic I am, my main criticism with this band is always that I want them to be more AOR, like on the first 2-3 records. If you're looking for a direction, then this record is clearly a distinctive step away from that. They want to be pure melodic hard rock and not AOR, I think it's pretty clear. Truthfully it's been evident from "Tearing Down The Walls" and onward, but Force Majeure makes it even more evident that no change in that direction is very probable.   If there's anything that this album doesn't lack, it's guitars. The guitars are so loud in the mix that Kenny´s vocals are drowning in them. The album is unlistenable with good headphones, you have to play it through speakers or earphones to make it somewhat listenable.
    • You need to know who you are before trying to figure out who other people are.
    • I can work with Floor,  I like that Northward album she did with Jørn Viggo Lofstad.
    • Live performance  Honestly, I didn't care for this much upon first listen, but with each play I find it ear worming it's way into my skull...  Troy announced he was taking time off from touring last year, so I'm assuming that's still Steve Brown (Wild Mick Brown's brother)  on drums... Drummer Troy Luccketta to take time off the road and to be replaced by Steve Brown at Tesla shows - Sleaze Roxx
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