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  1. 1. BILLY JOEL - Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II 2. METALLICA - Masters of Puppets 3. RUSH - Gold (sort of The Best of) 4. MASQUERADE - Masquerade (1992) 5. LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin Box Set (1990) 6. RACER X - Second Heat (I don't consider this album perfect but keep coming back to this) 7. ZINATRA - The Great Escape 8. THE STYLE COUNCIL - Our Favourite Shop 9. BAD HABIT - Revolution 10. TNT - Intuition
  2. Airbourne - If they were serious in what they were doing then I hate it. Dream Theatre Anthrax - We are metal! You're not! Big deal! Can you say "Self-righteous"?
  3. Has anyone ever noticed that from time to time, some interesting CDs that are popping up in Walmart lately. And I'm not talking about remastered versions. Maybe a month ago, I found Scorpions Blackout in one of our Walmarts here in my place (we have 2 in our city). It's a Mexico pressed CD (clearly printed on the inlay). Its not a remastered version (I don't know if this has been remastered or re-released). It even has the black disc tray. The CD of Coverdale-Page is also still available. A couple of years ago, I got the Twisted Sisters Stay Hungry from the same Walmart. Anyone else found an original release from their neighborhood Walmart lately?
  4. EXACTLY! I don't see a point anymore of buying any of his albums after Odyssey. I can confidently say that I've theoretically heard every album that he'd released after Odyssey even if I own only a couple of his albums.
  5. He was in my list. I just love his playing. Not the fastest BUT really tasteful. Some thoughts on Shrapnel shredders... I didn't name anyone from Shrapnel because I don't hear from them what I wanted to hear from a guitarist. I really cannot describe it but I hear it from Vito Bratta, Nuno Bettencourt, Harry Cody, Alex Skolnick.... I believe that this extra special factor is not something you get from practice. Like, if Vito practiced 8 hours a day in his formative years, Andy James or Vinnie Moore practiced 9 hours but still didn't have what Vito has. Like Elliot Easton of The Cars, Paul Gilbert or even Warren DeMartini can play him under the table BUT still has that X-Factor in a guitarist that I wanted to hear. But if I would name one Shrapnel guitarist that really left my jaw hanging, it would be Tony MacAlpine.
  6. If it's not strictly Heavy Metal: Mission by Rush. This totally got stuck in my head for several weeks. We'll Burn the Sky - The Scorpions. When I first saw the live video of this (the Scorps playing in Wacken), this also got stuck in my head. Going to and from work, I keep on singing this in my head
  7. Did he really played the solos in their debut? I read this story from a hair metal book (I think it's The Big Book of Hair Metal) that a studio bum who doesn't have any ego at all was paid to play all the solos and even taught Joey and Erik how to do them. Though I am not that sure - maybe just a rumour. Anyway, to answer the question, I can never name just one guitarist for my favorite. Nuno, Vito, Harry Cody, Randy, Alex Skolnick, Akira Takasaki, George Lynch, Steve Lynch, Vai and Rex Carroll
  8. Never in a million years that I could come up with a song like that.
  9. After a loooong while, finally bought a CD: SCORPIONS - Blackout (from Walmart)
  10. IRON MAIDEN - Piece of Mind MR. BIG - Bump Ahead
  11. from a yard sale last Friday, for a buck each" FEAR NOT - S/T STRYPER - The Yellow and Black Attack STRYPER - To Hell With The Devil
  12. Thanks for the reply. I've heard of that band through a friend who had the cassette tape. That was a great one.
  13. Great thread. I am still wondering if the SMASH L.A. Law and Authority was indeed pressed on CD format. While there is one on eBay right now (priced at $154.01), I still read the comments for that CD and still in doubt if that one on the Bay is legit or not.
  14. No. Original. ADRIAN LEGG - Guitar for Mortals DIO - Holy Diver
  15. Really looooove most Norwegian (and Scandinavian music). The thought that I get whenever I listen to them is: "Do they even have problems there?" Maybe because most of everything about the government is working (Universal Health Care, Free University education in Sweden, 2 years of Maternity leave in Norway et. al). And also the stunning nature that surrounds them (especially in Norway).
  16. Whew, been a long time since I bought a CD! LILLIAN AXE - S/T KILLER DWARFS - S/T BONFIRE - Don't Touch the Light STEVAN PASERO - Classique Bouquet
  17. DEEP PURPLE - Perfect Strangers RIK EMMETT - Absolutely TRANSATLANTIC - smpt:e (badly scratched so it free)
  18. Big House - S/T (I think this is my third copy)
  19. Yes! I love him. I never realized that To Hell With The Devil is the sovereign ruler of my ass. I never thought anyone ruled my ass but it is THWTD now.
  20. I guess the cash register is not making that sound that often. With that price...?
  21. Yes, the term "throw away" is indeed harsh because at first listen, I already like it. Which comes to mind that LB maybe one of my favorite bands. Since I was young, I've always been into melodic bands like Lizzy Borden.
  22. Megadeth - Washington Is Next If you will just listen to the lyrics, you know that Dave is singing about what is written in the book of the Revelations.
  23. from a garage sale - a buck each Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction Rush - Gold (2 CD Best-Of Compilation) Dead Bunni Records - Rip N'Tear Volume One (An all Alberta Metal Compilation)
  24. Blues Saraceno -- Never Look Back (off eBay) White Lion - Big Game (from an Antique Shop - $3.00) Metal Church - S/T (from Sunrise Records - brand new for $5.99 + tax)
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