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1985 - best albums


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My shortlist for 1985 - freakin great year imo. So many great albums....I have starred 5 which I think are complete classics and I have listened to a million times.....in particular Gregg Rolie's debut solo which is a massive fav of mine, but there are so many others which could be in a top 10.


  1. AC/DC Fly On The Wall
  2. Alaska – The Pack
  3. Asia Astra
  4. Jimmy Barnes Jimmy Barnes
  5. Pat Benatar Seven the Hard Way
  6. Michael Bolton Everybody's Crazy *
  7. Bon Jovi 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit
  8. Chastain Mystery of Illusion
  9. Coney Hatch Friction
  10. Dio Sacred Heart
  11. Dokken Under Lock and Key
  12. Fate Fate
  13. Fortune Fortune
  14. Robin George Dangerous Music
  15. Heart Heart
  16. Honeymoon Suite The Big Prize *
  17. Hurricane Take What You Want
  18. Icon Night of the Crime
  19. Journey Dream After Dream
  20. KISS Asylum
  21. King Kobra Ready to Strike
  22. Kix Midnite Dynamite
  23. Magnum On a Storyteller's Night *
  24. Marillion Misplaced Childhood *
  25. Eric Martin Eric Martin
  26. Motley Crue Theatre Of Pain
  27. Mr. Mister Welcome to The Real World
  28. Night Ranger 7 Wishes
  29. Aldo Nova Twitch
  30. Orphan Salute
  31. Ratt Invasion of Your Privacy
  32. Refugee Affairs in Babylon
  33. Gregg Rolie Gregg Rolie *
  34. David Lee Roth Crazy From The Heat
  35. Rough Cutt Rough Cutt
  36. Tommy Shaw What If
  37. Shooting Star Silent Scream
  38. Shy Brave The Storm
  39. Sinner Touch Of Sin
  40. Rick Springfield Tao
  41. Stage Dolls Soldier's Gun
  42. Streets Crimes in Mind
  43. Stryper Soldiers Under Command
  44. Tangier Tangier
  45. Terraplane Black And White
  46. Trade Wind Trade Wind
  47. Treat Scratch and Bite
  48. Joe Lynn Turner Rescue You
  49. Universe Universe
  50. Y and T Down For The Count





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Same as other years - what I have rated so far:


1. Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrenheit - 91

2. Black N' Blue - Without Love - 78
3. Fiona - Fiona - 76
4. Autograph - That's The Stuff - 75
5. Fortune - Fortune - 74
6. Michael Furlong - Use It Or Lose It - 74
7. Fierce Heart - Fierce Heart - 73
8. E.G. Daily - Wild Child - 71
9. Dare Force - Makin' Our Own Rules - 69
10. Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors - 66
11. 220 Volt - Mind Over Muscle - 52
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Good to see some love for 7800F - one of the most underrated albums ever imo (even BJ himself dismisses it for some unknown reason?!). Contains some of BJs best songs :-)

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Good to see some love for 7800F - one of the most underrated albums ever imo (even BJ himself dismisses it for some unknown reason?!). Contains some of BJs best songs :-)


Yeah, the rating as it happened at the time shocked me a bit... but it's a damn good disc and rated extremely high in their discography. The album does not miss a beat. Much better complete album than the "classic" 'Slippery when wet.'

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My own '1985' list ...


Iron Maiden: Live After Death

Marillion: Misplaced Childhood

Magnum: On A Storyteller’s Night

Heart: Heart

Rush: Power Windows

Megadeth: Killing Is My Business …

W.A.S.P.: The Last Command

The Cult: Love

Mr. Mister: Welcome to The Real World

Icon: Night Of The Crime

Anthrax: Spreading The Disease

Keel: The Right To Rock

Shooting Star: Silent Scream

Overkill: Feel The Fire

Orphan: Salute

Pat Benatar: Seven The Hard Way

Night Ranger: 7 Wishes

Ratt: Invasion of Your Privacy

Warrior: Fighting For The Earth

Artillery: Fear Of Tomorrow

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So things not really taken off yet. Geez, I was 15.
These are the outstanding albums for me.

AC/DC: Fly On The Wall
Alaska: The Pack
Alcatrazz: Disturbing the Peace
Cheap Trick: Standing on the Edge
Fastway: Waiting for the Roar
Icon: Night of the Crime
Mama's Boys: Power and Passion
Ratt: Invasion of Your Privacy
Smashed Gladys: Smashed Gladys
TKO: Below The Belt
John Waite: Mask of Smiles
White Lion: Fight To Survive
ZZ Top: Afterburner
Kix : Midnight Dynamite
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  • My Little Pony

My lists are beginning to get shorter. This one is a toss up between White Lion's Fight to Survive and KIX's Midnite Dynamite. I would have thought it was KIX, but the new remaster of Fight to Survive from Rock Candy breathed new life into the album, and I felt like I heard it for the first time. And it is amazing!


White Lion - Fight to Survive
Lionheart - Hot Tonight
Ratt - Invasion of Your Privacy
KIX - Midnite Dynamite
Treat - Scratch and Bite
Savatage - Power of the Night
Black 'N Blue - Without Love
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What a year..one of the best in our genre of music without doubt



Michael Bolton - Everybody's Crazy

Honeymoon Suite - The Big Prize

Saga - Behaviour

Aldo Nova - Twitch

Orphan - Salute

Heart - S/T

Night Ranger - Seven Wishes

Russ Ballard - The Fire Still Burns

Coney Hatch - Friction

Streets - Crimes In Mind

Van Zant - S/T

Magnum - On A Storytellers Night

Marillion - Misplaced Childhood

Mr. Mister - Welcome To The Real World

Loverboy - Lovin' Every Minute Of It

The Powerstation - S/T

Gary Moore - Run For Cover

Vow Wow - Cyclone

Alcatrazz - Disturbing The Peace

HYTS - Looking From The Outside

Pendragon - The Jewel


Cheap Trick - Standing On The Edge

Y&T - Down For The Count

The Innocent - Livin' In The Street

John Miles Band - Transition

Slade - Rogues Gallery

Asia - Astra

Tobruk -Wild On The Run

Prophet - S/T

Fiona - S/T

Michael Furlong - Use It Or Lose It

Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrernheit

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Aerosmith: Done With Mirrors

Anthrax: Spreading The Disease

Pat Benatar: Seven The Hard Way

The Cult: Love

Dokken: Under Lock And Key

Hawkwind: Chronicle Of The Black Sword

Heart: Heart

Icon: Night Of The Crime

Iron Maiden: Live After Death

Keel: The Right To Rock

Magnum: On A Storyteller's Night

Marillion: Misplaced Childhood

Megadeth: Killing Is My Business ...

John Mellencamp: Scarecrow

Gary Moore: Run For Cover

Mr. Mister: Welcome To The Real World

Night Ranger: 7 Wishes

Orphan: Salute

The Outfield: Play Deep

Overkill: Feel The Fire

Ratt: Invasion Of Your Privacy

Rush: Power Windows

Saxon: Innocence Is No Excuse

Shooting Star: Silent Scream

Sisters Of Mercy: First And Last And Always

Slayer: Hell Awaits

Tobruk: Wild On The Run

Tytan: Rough Justice

W.A.S.P.: The Last Command

Y&T: Down For The Count

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What an year, ah Gawd!


Accept-Metal Heart
Aldo Nova –Twich
Agent Steel- Skeptics Apocalypse
Blue Öyster Cult – Club Ninja
Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrenheit
Chastain –Mystery of Illusion
Dokken- Under Lock and Key
Emerald –Down Town
Fates Warning-The Spectre Within
Hurricane-Take What you want
Icon-Night of the Crime
Joe Lynn Turner-Rescue You
King Kobra- Ready to Strike
Liege Lord-Freedom’s Rise
Lizzy Borden-Love you to Pieces
Mad Max- Stormchild
Magnum- On a Storyteller's Night
Manilla Road-Open the Gates
Midnight Darkness-Holding the Night
Mox Nix-S/t
Savatage-Power of the Night
Savage Grace-Master of Disguise
Stormwitch-Tales of Terror
Stryper-Soldiers Under Command
Tony Macalpine- Edge of Insanity
Tröjan-Chasing the Storm
Vicious Rumors-Soldiers of the Night
Virgin Steele- Noble Savage
Voodoo Child-Adrenaline
Warrior- Fighting for the Earth
Watchtower -Energetic Disassembly
White Lion- Fight to Survive
Yngwie- Marching Out
Worth Mentioning
Abattoir-Vicious Attack
Angel Witch- Screamin' n' Bleedin'
Blaspheme-Desir De Vampyre
Gary Moore- Run For Cover
Joshua- Surrender
Keel-The Right to Rock
Kix- Midnight Dynamite
Nightmare-Power of the Universe
Q5- When the Mirror Cracks
Ratt- Invasion of Your Privacy
Sinner-Touch of Sin
Surgin- When Midnight Comes
Tobruk-Wild on the Run
Treat- Scratch and Bite
Twisted Sister- Come Out and Play
Tytan- Rough Justice
Van Zant-S/t
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My Top 10 best of 1985 (in alphabetical order)


Not a very exciting year in my opinion, so I'm splitting this list into two sections.


These first five are the ones that I would definitely consider as favourites.


Jimmy Barnes - Jimmy Barnes

Marillion - Misplaced Childhood

New Model Army - No Rest For The Wicked

Rush - Power Windows

W.A.S.P. - The Last Command


The next five are more what I would consider "fillers" just to make this this into a Top 10 list. They're decent enough (I'd maybe rate them around 7/10), but not really ones I pull off the shelf to listen to in preference to something else.


Bon Jovi - 7800° Fahrenheit

Magnum - On A Storyteller's Night

Savatage - Power Of The Night

Warrior - Fighting For The Earth

Y & T - Down For The Count


Not sure why I listed this second half, maybe because I've seen them mentioned more favourably elsewhere on this forum. Aside from the Warrior disc, I think the others are a bit too weak for my tastes compared to the rest of each bands' catalogue.

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I started listen hard rock and aor around 85 -86, my first album was Heart sefl titled ( i played that record around 80 /90 times). What a shame that Nancy and Ann didn't like taht kind of sound.


1- Heart -Heart

2-Y&T-down for the count

3-Dokken- under lock and key

4-Bon jovi -7800 degree fh

5-Kiss -asylum

6-Ratt- invasion of your privacy

7-Nightranger-7 wishes

8-King kobra-ready to strike

9-Mr. mister- welcome to the real world

10-Surgin-when midnight comes

11-Asia -astra

12-Motley crue- theatre of pain

13-Black n' blue-without love

14-Pat Benatar- 7 the hard way

15-Twisted sister-come out and play

16-Wasp-the last comand

17-Alarm- strenght

18-Treat-scratch and bite

19-Fate (ruined by the bad production)

20Michael Bolton-everybody 's crazy

21-Y&T-open fire

22-Icon-Night of the crime

23-Joe lynn turner- rescue you

24-Keel- the right...

25-Hurricane- take what

26-Icon - night of the crime

27-Stryper- soldier under command

28-Malmsteen-marching out

29-White lion- fight to survive

30-Rick sringfield- tao

31-Rough cutt


33-Autograph- that's the stuff


35-Gary moore- run for cover


37-Magnum- on a storyteller night

38-Aerosmith done with mirrors


Too many great titles in the middle 80s, very difficult to choose. 90s are so much easier to list.

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Dokken - Under Lock & Key

Helloween - EP

Keel - The Right to Rock

Kix - Midnite Dynamite

Loudness - Thunder in the East

Anthrax - Armed & Dangerous

Exodus - Bonded By Blood

Raven - Stay Hard

Savatage - Power of the Night

S.O.D. - Speak English or Die!

Carnivore - S/T

Trouble - The Skull

Stryper - Soldiers Under Command

Overkill - Feel the Fire

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