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  1. Can he still reach the high notes like in the early days?
  2. I hope they get included as bonus tracks on the next album.
  3. Rock Candy are reissuing their debut CD next month. I hadn't heard it before, so had a listen on Youtube the other day and thought it was really good.
  4. It just sounds weird, like they've deliberately tried to go for a unique sound when changing their style. I can understand him wanting to ditch the growls if he was finding it too difficult, but a continuation of their old style minus the growls could have worked. The heavy parts could have been the instrumental passages, with the clean singing in the lighter moments. Unless he was simply fed up with all of it, and needed to change direction completely...
  5. Those songs sound great! Count me in for a CD release as well...
  6. To those who were interested in following this thread, I'm now sorted with proper pressed CDs of both these albums. Thanks to kourosofsteel3 above for mentioning the Russian version of the Crashdiet CD, which I have managed to obtain in mint condition from a seller on Discogs. And most surprisingly, Amazon sent me a proper replacement of the Jettblack CD, so I guess they maybe had a mixture of stock on their shelves, and I'll put that one down to being lucky the second time around. Great music, both of them.
  7. But you've probably lived with the original album for years. From my point of view, I like the sound of the newer production, and I've not got any problem if the performance isn't an exact duplicate, because I don't have that over-familiarity with the music.
  8. I've never owned any FM albums, but have been aware of a few of their songs from back in the 80s. That said, I really like these samples... the sound is much richer than the thinner production of the original, and there's plenty of extra tracks to make a good CD running time. So for me, this will be a definite purchase. If this was new, and not a re-recording of an old album, you'd all love this!
  9. Seems more like harder-edged modern melodic rock to me. But I'm still stuck in the 80s and don't really know much of today's hard rock sound, so what do I know!
  10. Probably no need for fans of their earlier stuff to bother with this one if they're expecting more of the same. Here's something I read recently which talks about their change of style. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/the-answer-reveals-solas-album-details-new-song-beautiful-world-streaming/
  11. Amazon are fine regarding returns, no problems in that respect. But labels flooding the market with indistinguishable CD-Rs makes it a bit pointless trying to obtain a proper one elsewhere, so in that respect I'm less likely to bother.
  12. I'm not blaming Amazon for anything... It's the label making these particular CDs that is supplying unacceptable goods to Amazon, who is just the retailer.
  13. I'm aware of Amazon USA's "on demand" service, but this isn't something that Amazon UK have adopted. But those are presumably made "on demand" each time a customer orders one, whereas this current situation looks like the label is making batches of cheaper CD-Rs to send out to the retailers to sell. I know it costs more money to make pressed CDs, and sometimes the manufacturing plants demand minimum quantities (e.g. 500 pressings at a time), but if a label doesn't think it's cost effective when there's a cheaper CD-R alternative, then I am of a similar opinion in that I don't want to spen
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