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Peterik/Scherer - Risk Everything


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From Frontiers Records:


SURVIVOR founding member JIM PETERIK discovers a new voice in MARC SCHERER and creates RISK EVERYTHING – to be released on Frontiers in April

Frontiers Music SRL presents an album from legendary Grammy Award-winner and founding member of Survivor, Jim Peterik, created around the 5-octave instrument that is Marc Scherer's voice. The resulting CD, Risk Everything, is slated to drop on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America.

Jim discovered Scherer's talent while Marc was recording vocals for his band at Jim Peterik's World Stage International studios in Burr Ridge, outside Chicago. Impressed with what he heard, Peterik chose Marc to demo the tunes he wrote for the Pride of Lions album, Immortal. Scherer's back-up singing blended so seamlessly with frontman Toby Hitchcock's voice that Peterik was then inspired to write songs specifically for it.

'When I first heard Marc's amazing voice pouring through my studio door, I could not believe my ears', says Jim. 'Truly, one of the best voices I've heard – and I've worked with the best!'

One of the songs originally intended for Immortal - Change Everything - became Marc's debut single on a compilation of melodic rock artists titled MRCD - 15 Years Later, which is available from www.melodicrock.com.

Risk Everything, co-written by both artists and produced by Peterik, provides the perfect frame for Scherer's gift – a voice of such astonishing clarity and glass-shattering power that it is hard to believe he isn't already a major star.

An integral part of Peterik's genius is his ability to tap into and perfectly utilize the talent that surrounds him. For this project, he called on Pride of Lions drummer Ed Breckenfeld and Buddy Rich's grandson, Nick Rich, for percussion. Then, he got bassists like Klem Hayes (also from Pride of Lions), Survivor's Bill Syniar and noted studio musician Bob Lizik to contribute. POL's Mike Aquino was smoking hot on guitar, along with Jim, who doubled on keys. Guest vocalists Toby Hitchcock, Santana's Alex Ligertwood and Broadway star of Wicked, Shoshana Bean, rounded out the creative brain trust.

As Scherer says, 'Jim and I have had a few near-miss opportunities to work together, but the stars didn't align until this project. I am utterly in awe of the man's songwriting, producing and musical talent. He takes guitar playing to another level. His work on Cold Blooded is so nuanced and expressive, it's like another voice singing along with me.'

One listen to that Survivor-inspired track or the Styx-influenced Thee Crescendo proves that Risk Everything has brought out some of the finest songwriting of Jim Peterik's phenomenal career, enhanced by Scherer's powerful, off-the-chain, melodic rock tenor.

Scherer will appear as a special guest of Pride of Lions when they headline at Frontiers Rock Festival II on April 12th in Trezzo Sull'Adda (Milano), Italy. There will also be a special surprise Festival only release from Jim Peterik (featuring Marc Scherer and more legendary artists) to be announced shortly. For details, visit www.frontiersrockfestival.com.


Lead Vocals: Marc Scherer
Guitar: Mike Aquino, Jim Peterik
Keyboards: Jim Peterik
Drums: Ed Breckenfeld, Nick Rich
Bass: Klem Hayes, Bob Lizik, Bill Syniar
Guest and Backing Vocals: Toby Hitchcock, Alex Ligertwood, Shoshana Bean

Produced by: Jim Peterik







Risk Everything
Chance of a Lifetime
Cold Blooded
Desperate in Love
Thee Crescendo
The Dying of the Light
How Long is a Moment
Brand New Heart
Broken Home
Independence Day



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I knew there would be a thread here already from Stefan lol.


I doubt if I will ever buy a Peterik penned album again. The guy sounds like he can sing but man this just sounds so theatrical again.


Not really for me.

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Why is his hair purple? What is so appealing about looking that stupid? As for the music - it's Peterik so I expect it to suck, but I might try it out.

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This could go either way..ie complete crap like Peterik's solo album or pretty decent like the first 3 POL discs. The guy here sure seems to have a great voice though and just hearing the small snippets on the EPK, it seems like it might be quite good. Peterik's style of writing is pretty much one way, so we know what it's gonna sound like, but not how good

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Wow, not much love for Peterik here any longer, I see.


Well, I like the dude. Yes, his lyrics and compositions are pretty much By-The-Book AOR, but he always pens big hooks and choruses, and tasty guitar licks are a mainstay. I'm old... I still like 80's melodic rock, sue me :)


I'm sure I'll add this one to my collection.

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I like the sound of his voice but he looks very uncomfortable in the video.....according to Melodicrock.com the lady in the video was in the Survivor - Can't Hold Back video way back in the 80s

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Everyone agree this one has the worst lyrics of 2015? Well, in light of recent threads, it looks like half the forum blocks their ears to the lyrics and only hears music, apparently, but for the normal folk... does it get worse than this? Melody-wise, I thought 3 songs were okay ('Cold blooded,' 'Brand new heart' and 'Milestones'), but for the most part this is very, very timid AOR with incredibly poor lyrics. Avoid.

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After living with this one for a while, I'm going to go against the prevailing sentiment here: I like this a lot. Sure, Peterik is a fashion twatwaffle and the lyrics are trite, but damn, Scherer can sing.


Aurally, this hits all of the sweet spots.


P.S. I think that Scherer would be a perfect vocal replacement for Dennis DeYoung in Styx... very similar characteristics.

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I like 'Moments to Memories', not overly mindblowing but acceptable relaxing track, however the second one, 'The Man I Am', somehow reminds me of AIR SUPPLY track haha not horrible but kinda boring I guess

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