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KIX RELEASE.. "Rock Your Face Off"


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It has taken nearly 20 years... But today, KIX officially released their new CD.. "Rock Your Face Off".


I think most people who like the previous KIX releases will find that this fits in quite nicely with the rest. In my opinion this who CD has the signature KIX sound all over it... I love it.


Anyone else pick this one up..? Any opinions on the release..?

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Well, I have listened to this 3 times in a row. And I am a tad disappointed.


It's really good....... in places.


Sounds like Kix.


But some of the songs just don't grab me at all. And some did instantly.


Full report coming soon.

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My breakdown on the new KIX release Rock Your Face Off:


1. Wheels In Motion -- 7.5/10 -- solid but unspectacular opener. Not one of my favorites.

2. You're Gone -- 9/10 -- a very Cool Kids kind of vibe on this track. Love it.

3. Can't Stop The Show -- 8/10 -- a subtle punch at Donnie Purnell perhaps? Another good but not great track.

4. Rollin' In Honey -- 8.5/10 -- a new return to what KIX does best. Solid rocker in the Ac/Dc (Bon Scott) era. Love it.

5. Rock Your Face Off -- 7.5/10 -- not a favorite but an okay rocker. Dumb lyrics. This sounds like another early song from either the 1st or second discs.

6. All The Right Things -- 9.5/10 -- Fuck Yeah!! This I really fucking dig. Great KIX song. Really good rocker with a great chorus.

7. Dirty Girls -- 9/10 -- another scorcher. Very good rocker in the Midnite Dynamite vein. I love it!!! Great!!

8. Inside Outside Inn -- 9/10 -- a simple ballad but another good one and a nice change of pace. Very KIX.

9. Mean Miss Adventure -- 7.5/10 -- solid but not one of my favorites.

10. Love Me With Your Top Down -- 9/10 -- Hell Yeah!! That's the KIX I know of love. Very good track and first single.

11. Tail On The Wag -- 8/10 -- pretty solid rocker. Typical KIX song.

12. Rock & Roll Showdown -- 9/10 -- awesome finisher track and another song that is very "classic" sounding. Very good.



Rating: 85%

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The "Rock Your Face Off" release entered the Billboard Top 200 charts at #49.


Not bad for 2014.... :beerbang:

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