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Wildness - Alibi EP


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Sounds very promising!!! Willl be looking for this.

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From FB (today) :


After a couple of months of silence, we're happy to give two things:
1. The debut single will be out soon!
2. The first picture of the full line-up of WILDNESS!


From left:

Marcus - Bass
Zeb - Guitars
Gabriel - Lead Vocals
Adam - Guitars
Eric - Drums/vocals



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Excellent clip - sounds very promising.


Intro reminds me of WET - One Love

Agree, on both accounts.

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Guest ericfoxx

Hey guys! This is Erik from Wildness, and I just found this thread bout us. Thanks a lot for all the nice words it really means a lot!

About the album/EP/whatever that has been promised over and over: We're an independent band with no label backing us up or anything. We're doing everything by ourselves and our music is produced and mixed by me. We also have regular lives and jobs like most people, and it's pretty hard to get the time to get everyone to the studio to finish the songs. There will be a full album, we just don't know when.

But one thing is clear - our next single "Turning the pages" is almost complete, we have some minor details like guitar solos and stuff left. We're also not 100% finished when it comes to the production and parts have been re-written during the recording process. We feel that we want everyone in the band to contribute to the songs and make the best of them, we don't want to release anything that we feel is half decent ;)

Keep your eyes open at our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wildnessofficial/), the next single is hopefully done and ready for release in a couple of weeks.
Until then, here's a clip from the old drum recording of it:


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I just saw this and gave it listen...gotta say it's pretty interesting....And I won't compare it to H.e.a.t :)


Really though....This has caught my eye. I like this Turning The Pages song...If I hear a couple more things from them I like it might be a purchase once a CD is out...


Anybody know much about them? Is there a full CD coming?

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