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Cruzh - Hard To Get EP (Swedish AOR)


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Sweden's Cruzh releases their EP 'Hard To Get' on September 8th. This limited edition EP will be printed in 100 copies.








1. In A Blink Of An Eye

2. Stay

3. Hard To Get










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  • My Little Pony

Yeah, how the hell to you pronounce that? My brain tells me "crush" due to the "h," but my lips say "cruise" because I see the "z."

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At the beginning of 2013, new Swedish Melodic Rock band CRUZH was presented to the music press. The only thing shown was an image with the silhouette of the three band members and the first single "In A Blink Of An Eye".
The track quickly spread on the internet and both Scandinavian and International websites (it was featured here) and radio stations played it and speculated around the identities of the band members.
Now the veil has fallen and Cruzh is presenting their debut EP "Hard To Get", limited to 100 CD copies.

Cruzh is Tony Andersson on keyboards and lead vocals (also active in Dawn Of Oblivion), Anton Joensson on guitar & background vocals (also active in Eye and previously in TrashQueen) and Dennis Butabi Borg handling bass and background vocals (formerly in TrashQueen).
"We chose to keep ourselves hidden during the launch" - says Andersson "mainly because we wanted the audience to focus on the music instead of us, but of course also to create a hype and interest in the band. Now, however, we have reached a point where we have chosen to show us to take it all to the next level and reach out to a larger mass."

Although Anton and Butabi come from metal oriented acts, the guys shared love for '80s classic Scandi Melodic Rock / AOR sounds and joined forces with Tony Andersson last year to shape Cruzh. All three operate as songwriters and among the influences in their music are Def Leppard, Toto, FM, Winger, Firehouse and Bryan Adams.
You can hear those influences in the uptempo melodic rocker "Hard To Get" (check video), the AORish "Stay" and the ballad "In A Blink Of An Eye", but to me Cruzh has a typical European sound akin Bad Habit, Terra Nova, Grand Illusion, etc.

While preparing Cruzh's full length album, the guys decided to release this EP as presentation, a CD that indeed will be "Hard To Get" in the future as it's limited to 100 physical copies.
A promising advance from another interesting Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR band.

1 - Hard To Get
2 - Stay
3 - In A Blink Of An Eye

Tony Andersson - keyboards, vocals
Anton Joensson - guitar, background vocals
Dennis Butabi Borg - bass, background vocals

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Contact the band directly thru Facebook or email.


This was posted back in January (4th) on FB:


Hey party people! We're down to the last 15 Hard to get EP:s. If you havent bought it yet or if you want one more, now is the time! Order here or at crushofsweden@live.com



I suspect they're all gone by now.

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Contact the band directly thru Facebook or email.


This was posted back in January (4th) on FB:


Hey party people! We're down to the last 15 Hard to get EP:s. If you havent bought it yet or if you want one more, now is the time! Order here or at crushofsweden@live.com



I suspect they're all gone by now.


Nope just got emailed that they have 2 editions available, the EP only (10 Euros) and the EP with badge and signed photo (12 Euros).

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Sounds good......I did pickup the EP's from the band, so I may be getting some rehash with the new Frontiers release.......then again, possibly different mixes???

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'Hard to get' is a great song. Shockingly bad band name, but promising EP.


I was thinking the exact same thing and I wanted SOOOOO badly to hate "Aim for the Head"... but it's actually quite decent!


You know, the more I listen, It's way better than decent, it's good.

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I hope any of their future material (on cd) is available through other outlets.


I liked the samples I heard from their EP and ordered it directly from them but never received it after I paid for it. I contacted them and told them and they apologized and said they sent another one. I never received that one either.


I won't be ordering directly from them again.

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These guys are great, would pick up an album from them for sure. Now listening to 'Aim for the Head' - excellent track.

Where are you listening from?

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