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  1. I will respond to this once and then I will be done with it...you guys can come to your own conclusions and believe who you want... Peter "claims" he never got the packages...I have no idea if that is true or not...the tracking does show it ended somewhere in Germany...I have no idea why it ends there but most of my packages going to Hungary and Germany show tracking up to Germany/Frankfurt then zippo....I sent this express...I sent him the tracking info using the express tracking and the customs label tracking.....but only the customs label shows up...I have no idea why thats the case but it is.... I was willing to help Peter with this up until he started slandering me to friends that started messaging me...he made something bad out of this that is simply a lost package.....so be it....he gets no help from me from this point forward....I care not what anyone else thinks of that....I will not help peter out in any way.... I will not send him one thing in return Dan....after what he has said to me and about me he is on his own....he burnt that bridge with everything he has said about me in the last 24 hrs....I don't care to deal with him again..I will not attempt to help him...I do not care anymore if he got them or not....he should have kept things civil and seen this for what it is...a lost package....instead he turned into a psycho that most people in the business knows him to be.....and i will make sure everyone I know and have sold to in the last 15 years knows it....then I will move on....I don't waste time on these forums defending myself past the one response.... again...this is a lost package....I have had a few lost packages over the years......never was seen as something like this....crazy for me is now known as PETER SOOS.....deal with him in anyway....at your own risk.....the day anyone here deals with him and it goes sour...remember who told you so... thats it from me....
  2. Hi All...just wanted to help others avoid the mistake I made....twice...years ago I blocked a buyer from the Czech Republic with the ebay user name of dadox841 due to abusive and unfair feedback...he asked to be unblocked recently to bid on my new stuff and like a bonehead i didn't bother to lookup why he might have been blocked in the first place...then he bid and once again got his money back from ebay and left negative feedback anyway... hope this helps someone else in some small way...take care! Mike
  3. did anyone happen to buy an extra one of these and might trade it? email me at mikescichlids@gmail.com if so..
  4. has anyone received this cd yet? I ordered it long ago but havent received anything...
  5. I will be there!! Great Lineup! and finally a rock festival close enough to me to go..and the music I like ...can't wait !!
  6. well said Dan.....Most of you guys are looking at shipping strictly from the buyers perspective...try selling cd's for a while..and see what you think...now from your country perhaps $7 fees are possible for registered....not in the U.S......the absolute cheapest I can send a cd anywhere but in the states is $12.95 1st class......that doesn't come with tracking...a person used to could use the customs label as tracking but the u.s. postal service has changed the online ability to use this...you can still call in or go to your post office and get it tracked that way...but the buyer tries it and says the tracking "looks funny" and files a claim....happened to me tons lately and I am sick of it...so now anything over $50 goes registered...the buyer can check it out throughout the journey.....and registered costs $25-$28 depending on where you send it..($12.95 for the 1st class shipping and $13.00 for the registered fee = $25.95) have had it end up a bit more though....I get criticized for my shipping all the time..but it isn't mine...its the rate the postal service charges...I have basically eaten the extra dollar or two and listed my registered shipping as $25...alot of my stuff sells for $100 or more and I can't afford to risk the loss anymore...I agree it makes no sense to pay that for shipping for BON JOVI'S GREATEST HITS....but for some of the stuff I sell..there is just no other way to do it...so many buyers are claiming things arent arriving....then file a claim..then they arrive...I had one arrive in austria 40 days after I mailed it....40 days! luckily the buyer was very patient and talked to me about it....as I was about to mail him a relacement cd it arrived...anyway...I am getting off track..the point is If the US postal service would only charge $5 to ship anywhere then that is what I would do...I do take into account how much the buyer paid for a cd and will ship regular 1st class if its not a lot...I had a buyer pay $1.13 for a cd last weekend on my auctions...shipping was still $12.95...i asked him if he even wanted to bother with the cd..but he still wanted it...so off it went...
  7. ok cool..order placed..added a 2nd disc as well..thanks!
  8. Hi, is this available..shows available on your website?
  9. hey stormy...when will the Roxx cd's be available?
  10. this sounds pretty good..looks cool..thought I would give everyone a heads up...only 6 tracks but they sound pretty good.. http://www.demondollrecords.com/products/sarge-sarge
  11. I signed up...I usually don't do pre-order type stuff but this looks good to me...I hope the goal is met...
  12. when you pledge does amazon charge your card now or wait till the band has them ready for reissue? remember how bad pre-orders go sometimes...
  13. KRANK - HIDEOUS...someone else mentioned this too..
  14. i remember that...he really went all out with the deception...I remember thinking nothing of the reissues...it was the rarities from his collection that had me nervous...when you say you have 2 rock boulevards..one sealed...you went a bit too far...the reissues seems legit with all the info he was putting out....I really believed he was doing those...I just had originals of everything and didnt need new releases..even with bonus tracks..
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