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Best of the Eonian 4?

Eonian 4  

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Yeah I agree with you, Eonian has released some really good stuff so far!

I have all 4 of these, and honestly enjoy each one of them.


But if I had to pick my absolute "favorite"...my vote would go to Charlemagne!


I can't wait for more releases!



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"The Eonian 4" sounds like a terrorist group. ;)

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I voted for Pistol Dawn, with High Noon just a smidgen behind, so close it could almost be called a tie. Charlemagne comes in 3rd, with Gynger Lynn bringing up the rear.

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Pistol Dawn for me as well.... :guitbannana:

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For me it's a definite vote to Pistol Dawn. Best production, most consistent, best songs... yeah, easy pick for me. :)


1. Pistol Dawn

2. Charlemagne

3/4 tied. Gynger Lynn and High Noon


I can't split Gynger Lynn and High Noon because on one hand Gynger Lynn has the better songs and is more consistent but has that poor sound quality, whereas track 4-8 on High Noon are 5 of the best songs on these releases, but the rest are pretty weak. Give me some more time and I'll split them. :)

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