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Vince Neil - "Exposed" vs. Arcade - s/t

Exposed vs. Arcade  

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Both of these albums were released by vetrans of the 80's rock/metal scene.


Vince Neil's band also included;

Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) & Dave Marshall (Pair A Dice) on guitars, Robbie Crane on bass (who is now in Ratt), and Vik Foxx (Enuff Z'Nuff) on drums.


And, Arcade included;

Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) on vocals, Frankie Wilsex (Sea Hags) & Donny Syracuse on guitar, bassist Michael Andrews and Fred Coury (Cinderella) on drums.


Both "Exposed" and the self-titled Arcade album were released in 1993, and they are a couple favorites in my collection actually. I like them both a lot...So I can't pick, haha.


But would be interested to hear what you guys think....


Which one do you like better?

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I picked Arcade, which IMO was slightly better, but both are classics...I do

think Vince had a better band, Steve Stevens absolutley smokes on that release..

but I like Stephen Percy's Voice more...it's a toss up I guess..LOL

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Both were fine (as fine as fine, fine wine...get it?...eh, never mind) albums in their own right, but I think Arcade slightly edged Vince Neil in overall quality. I don't even own Neil's CD anymore, but Arcade still resides in my collection, so I guess that pretty much sums up which one I prefer...though to be honest, I haven't listened to the Arcade in at least a year. Probably because when I want to hear Pearcy singing, I just reach for a Ratt album.


In summary:


Ratt > Arcade > Vince Neil

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I'd have to say that 'Exposed' is the better, more consistent album. But the two ballads on Arcade got it across the line for me. 'Cry no more' and 'So good so bad' are the only two songs I truly love off these two albums... even though 'Exposed' has quite a few pretty cool numbers too.

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