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Official "Best of 2008" Thread


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Whats your best of lists for 2008? Best albums in order? Best songs? Best singer? Best debut? Best anything you can think of!



Dont stress as theres still a week or so to go of 2008 so you have some time to think it over!

Anything with that Pete Fry fellow is GOLD! Pure GOLD!!!!


Seriously, my official list has been submitted to HH.com authorities, so you'll just have to wait for my informed, educated and more importantly CORRECT opinion.

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My tastes are so varied it's impossible to produce one list....




1. BROTHER FIRETRIBE - Heart Full of Fire

2. JOURNEY - Revelation

3. WORK OF ART - Artwork





2. STORY OF THE YEAR - The Black Swan





1. TRIVIUM - Shogun

2. ALL SHALL PERISH - Awaken the Dreamers

3. SYLOSIS - Conclusion of an Age


OTHER GREAT ALBUMS: Austrian Death Machine, Soulfly, Testament, Funeral For a Friend, Bleeding Through, The Red Shore, Bring Me the Horizon, Metallica, Slipknot, Shinedown, Safetysuit, Anberlin, David Cook




H.E.A.T - S/T (The hype suggested they're as good as Europe/Treat. HA HA HA!)

CROWN OF THORNS - Faith (Bland/soulless AOR, with horrible vocals)

CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Delusions of Grandeur (I just didn't get this. Too raw & unpolished)

AVANTASIA - The Scarecrow (Great vocalists, utterly dull songs)

RAMOS/HUGO - The Dream (ZZZzzzzz.....)

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Matt (phaffas) a useless twat!

Who would like to stab Matt (phaffas) with a carrot?


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Dokken 'Lightning Strikes Again' #1 beyond any shadow of a doubt for me.Had Dokken not put anything out this year id most likely gone with Whitesnake.To each their own however its all personal taste and hell i don't really think there can be any wrong answer in this thread.Like what you like and if someone doesn't like it-f**k 'em! B)

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I'll have to work on my official list later.

I've bought and heard so many releases from 2008 and it'll take a while to narrow it down.

I do know that my fav is Whitesnake "Good to Be Bad" but the rest of the list is up in the air for now.

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CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Delusions of Grandeur (I just didn't get this. Too raw & unpolished)

AVANTASIA - The Scarecrow (Great vocalists, utterly dull songs)


Those are two of my favs of 2008.


Agree with Wes... Avantasia is very classy. Just love it.

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I made one this year but skipped it last year. This year was awesome IMHO, and it was hard for me to select a top 5. I didn't even get to listen to everything out there that I wanted. :(


Great year overall. :bowdown:

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I made one this year but skipped it last year. This year was awesome IMHO, and it was hard for me to select a top 5. I didn't even get to listen to everything out there that I wanted. :(


Great year overall. :bowdown:


Agreed. Totally awesome year! Id say theres about 5 or 6 albums i didnt hear that i really wanted to as theyd be in top 10 easily.

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Okey dokey - After much deliberation & congetation, here is my little list of nonesense


Loads of great stuff this year in the Melodic rock, AOR and Progressive genres especially, so making a final list was extremely hard indeed.



1. Pendragon - Pure

2. Work Of Art - Artwork

3. Journey - Revelation

4. Elevener - When Kaleidoscopes Collide

5. Frost* - Experiments In Mass Appeal

6. Lovex - Pretend Or Surrender

7. H.E.A.T. - S/T

8. Hinder - Take It To The Limit

9. Brother Firetribe - Heart Full of Fire

10. It Bites - The Tall Ships

11. Khymera - The Greatest Wonder

12. Steve Lukather - Ever Changing Times

13. Rick Springfield - Venus In Overdrive

14. Myland - No Mans Land

15. Honeymoon Suite - Clifton Hill

16. Martin Orford - The Old Road

17. Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad

18. Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment

19. House Of Lords - Come To My Kingdom

20. AC/DC - Black Ice



Re-issues/ Box Sets


1. Trust - Les Annees CBS Box Set

2. Angel - On Earth As It Is In Heaven

3. Black Sabbath - The Rules Of Hell Box Set

4. Dreamer - We've Got The Power

5. Russia - S/T

6. Cheap Trick - Budokan (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 3 CD/DVD)

7. U.F.O - Remasters

8. Lynyryd Skynyrd - Street Survivors (Deluxe Edition)

9. Thrills - Front Page News

10. Kansas - Two For The Show (Deluxe Edition)

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My top 15 of 2008 in order of first to last of the favourites


1) Work Of Art - Artwork

2) Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire

3) Hinder - Take It To The Limit

4) Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness

5) Noir Silence - Immortellement Célèbre

6) Story Of The Year - The Black Swan

7) Trivium - Shogun

8) Honeymoon Suite - Clifton Hill

9) H.E.A.T - s/t

10) Metallica - Death Magnetic

11) Marchello/Vestry - s/t

12) Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad

13) Journey - Revelation

14) Thriving Ivory - s/t

15) Harem Scarem - Hope


The funny thing is that Harem Scarem would also make my list of my biggest disappointments, the disc was good, but not what I had HOPEd for for a final be all end all release from one of the greatest bands in the melodic rock genre. Other disappointments were Rick Springfield - Venus In Overdrive, a few decent songs but nothing else and the biggest piece of crap was the new Asia - Phoenix Rising....BORING!!!!

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Here's my list, with a few personal comments, keeping in mind there's plenty of releases I still haven't heard including Valentine, TNT, Lost Weekend, Talon, Dirty Looks, Dokken, House Of Lords, Khymera, M.ILL.ION, Axel Rudi Pell, Bonfire, Hope and Honeymoon Suite.


TOP 10

1. Whitesnake - Good To Be Bad

2. Journey - Revelation

3. Eclipse - Are You Ready To Rock

4. Jeff Scott Soto - Beautiful Mess

5. Harem Scarem - Hope

6. Jimi Jamison - Crossroads Moment

7. Tesla - Forever More

8. 7th Heaven - USA-UK

9. Work Of Art - Artwork

10. Faith Circus - Faith Circus (Under rated)



11. Rockarma - Bring It!

12. H.E.A.T. - S/T

13. Richard Marx - Emotional Remains

14. Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of Fire

15. Hinder - Take It To The Limit

16. Silence - Open Road

17. Elevener - When Kaleidoscopes Collide

18. ACDC - Black Ice (A bit too long)

19. Saint Deamon - In Shadows Lost From The Brave (under rated)

20. Nickelback - Dark Horse

21. Blind - Blind (I still don't own this one - can't seem to get it anywhere except as expensive import from Germany on E-Bay)

22. Rick Springfield - Venus In Overdrive

23. Ramos/Hugo - The Dream (Under rated)

24. Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider

25. Paul Alan - Drive It Home

26. Edguy - Tinnitus Sanctus (Good album but disappointing as I was expecting it to be their best album)

27. Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (Some really great tracks, especially Goodbye, but some very average tracks as well)

28. Motley Crue - Saints Of L.A. (A bit disappointing overall)

29. Overland - Break Away (I like Steve Overland, but had difficulty geting in to this one)

30. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (Bollocks)

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Some really great tracks, especially Goodbye



you must really miss Euphoria...


definately, some amazing tracks on that one!


including Goodbye...


Oh yeah, I see what your on about now...got to excuse me I just finished night shift...what I meant to say was especially 'Tomorrow'. But 'Goodbye' is equally as good.

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I don't nearly listen to the quantity of new releases as you all here, but last year did turn me on to a few 2008 releases that I thought were down right awesome.


1. Julian Angel-Choreography Sucks (CD is brilliant and Julian is one of the coolest guys I've never met.)


2. Myland-No Man's Land (Very very good cd and again another bunch of guys that are very cool!)


3. Hungry Heart-S/T (Simply amazing)


4. Held Under-(Not a new release, but came out this year thans to Stormspell. Killer metal ala David Wayne Metal Church and put together so professional it makes me a little teary eyed...)


As I said I'm sure there is a ton of "new" music thats great, but until it hits the Pawn Shop...

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    • Shitbomb - Shit in the Sky 😒   I found “Unbreakable” to at least be listenable; “Steel Hearts”… not so much. Unless a 3rd single turns out to be excellent, this will be a big skip. 
    • I thoroughly enjoyed 2017’s “Defying Gravity “, and was hoping for more of the same. “Good Luck Trying” is, unfortunately, not it. Sure hope there’s a lot better tracks to come…
    • Never been into BABYMETAL but am a huge Electric Callboy fan. Been listening to this song over and over again in the last four hours or so. Fucking love it. The Schillo Brothers have created another brilliant video. A lot of bands could learn a lot from them in the video production department.
    • These riffs sound like something from a bad nu-metal album released in the early 2000s. Slow, chuggy, terrible guitar tone and pointless pinch harmonies. The vocals are obviously unintelligible but instrumentally it isn't any good either. Who's going to buy this shit?
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