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  1. What's that ORIANTHI disc like? I liked her other album a lot... My faves are:- W.E.T - Rise Up PRETTY MAIDS - Motherland FALL OUT BOY - Save Rock & Roll VEGA - What the Hell (though it's still weaker than I'd hoped)
  2. SLAYER - "South of Heaven" (RIP Jeff) FALL OUT BOY - Save Rock & Roll 30 SECONDS TO MARS - Up In the Air (single)
  3. Heavier than my tastes, but jees that guy can sure play the guitar - love the tone...
  4. Intrigued by this one, as the first single is killer....
  5. RIP. This guy was a massive part of the band and will be a big loss...
  6. If JSS Or Martensson had been involved in this, people would be proclaiming it as the second coming i'll bet Perhaps they should've asked one of them along - they needed at least one objective voice to tell them the truth...
  7. That's a disc I never picked up - is it any good? Np:- WEST OF SUNSET - S/T HEARTBREAK RADIO - On Air KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - Disarm the Descent
  8. Opposite for me! I liked the first one, but the new one has catchier tunes IMO...
  9. PRETTY MAIDS - Motherland Holy shit. After being slightly underwhelmed by the last album (I know everyone else loved it), this is killer...
  10. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - A New Awakening
  11. So I've spun this one a few times and it's not bad IMO. Some strong hooks and the usual good songwriting. It's all a bit forgettable and, unless you're playing it late a night, can sound quite bland. I'd never suggest paying more than discounted prices for it, but it's a decent disc. Lacks a real big standout tune, and has too many fillers (an unfortunate issue with most of their albums of the last 15 years), but enjoyable enough...
  12. I saw this compared to FM and Strangeways. HA HA HA HA!
  13. HEARTBREAK RADIO - On Air KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - Disarm the Descent
  14. TIM (2)


    Okay, "ballpark' is rough, but I definitely prefer probably 7-8 songs on the Vega CD over the best song on the WET disc. which is probably 'Love heals,' I think? That is better than the ballads on the Vega disc, though. I think there's only about 5% difference between the two in my ratings, but I do honestly think the Vega disc is a lot better in every regard... except I like WET's balls a little more. But songwise, Vega every step of the way. I'd pick the new W.E.T. over the new Vega any day. Alot of things irritate me about the new Vega: the initial release delay, the lame cover art, the God awful album title, some of the song titles are horrendous, Nick Workman's vocals sometimes grate me the wrong way (sorta like Justin Hawkin's vocals get to you, although their voices are not at all similar) and the bands excessive use of gay looking make-up and clothing....from the band photo in the middle of the insert, I just love Nick's 'foulard' around his neck and the one Martin brother staggering like a zombie. I do like some tracks very much so: 'White Knuckle Ride', 'Not There For You', 'Cry', 'She Walks Alone' and 'Saviour'. I prefer the debut, but it also grew old fast and I rarely listen to it. I doubt I'll buy the next release. I can't say it's a bad release, but it's just not what I like. I pretty much agree with all of that - although I don't have an issue with the vocals. I'd also add the production, which sounds muddy on a lot of the choruses. Though I like it enough to buy their next disc, I do find it way too patchy to play from start to finish. "White Knuckle Ride" is great, the title-track is a skip, the next 2 tracks are excellent - but afterwards are a few songs I would never play again. Of the latter songs, "She Walks Away" / "Saviour" / "Hands In The Air" are all excellent, but I make that about 5 songs out of 13. "Saviour" is as good as anything on the debut, and anything on the W.E.T album, but none of the others can compete with any of my fave tunes on the W.E.T disc ("Walk Away" / "Learn to Live Again" / "Love Heals" / "What You Want" / "Still Unbroken"). W.E.T is about a 9.5 / 10 from me, whereas VEGA is probably an 8 / 10 at best...
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