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Great Movie Quotes


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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny! (Shining)


One, two,

Freddy's coming for you,

Three, four,

Better lock your door,

Five, six,

Get your crucifix,

Seven, eight,

Better stay up late,

Nine, ten,

Never sleep again. (Nightmare On Elm Street)


- I got a question for you.

- What is it?

- It's a phrase that requires an answer, but that's not important right now. What I wanted to ask was ..... (Airplane)


... (Jason from Friday the thirteenth) :lol:

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Lieutenant Schaffer: "Second rate punk," eh?

Major John Smith: Sorry. All I could think of on the spur of the moment.

Lieutenant Schaffer: Thanks; that makes it even worse.

(Richard Burton/ Clint Eastwood- Where Eagles Dare)


He couldn't find his taliwhacker with a six man search party. (The Eiger Sanction)

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"...and I French kiss."


"So, everybody does that."


"But daddy says I'm the best at it."


(National Lampoon's Vacation)

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Just watched a great one:


"My mule doesnt like you laughing,he gets this crazy notion that you are laughing at him. Now if you apologise everything will be ok!"


Or something like that!

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Brad - "holy shit ...Dosen't anybody knock?"


Brad - "hope you had a hell of a piss Arnold"


Spicolli - "Dude, I figured if your here and I'm here dosen't that make it our time,and whats wrong with a little fiesta on our time"


Mr Hand - "get a good one"


Fast times at ridgemont high

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"I'm listenin' to the fuckin' song!"



The other night (I forget when) on some show (Sportscenter I think, but I forget which show exactly), someone paraphrased this quote (left out the F word). It was pretty funny (I thought).

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Some of my faves....


Illinois Nazis....

I hate Illinois Nazis.......(Blues Bros)


What kind of Music do you usually have here??....

We got both kinds..country and western....(Blues Bros)


Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe!!!! (Breakfast Club)


Right turn Clyde!!!!

That your Caddie...Clyde scrap the Caddie.....(Any which way you can)


He really was the boogie man .....Yes,in fact he was..(Halloween)


Underpants!!!! Girls UnderPants!!(Sixteen Candles)


Well Mr Carpetbagger,we got something in these parts called" the Missouri boat ride"!! (Outlaw Josey Wales)

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"Tossed off to any good books lately, have we?"

-- "Weird Science"

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"Talking to Zuzu was kind of like masturbating with a cheese grater... somewhat entertaining, but mostly painful"

--The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

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