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  1. It would make for a twist in the storyline, Zombie Keith in a band with Ozzy, Tyler and Perry... Now on to Priest! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halford is one of my favorite singers and I always liked Priest. Will he go on with Halford? Reform Fight? Or Two? Or will he quit altogether? In a few years Priest will reform with whoever is left and go through the nostalgia scene and release the same new live album over and over again...
  2. Are both clips from The Storm? I had heard of 'em and was thinking of checking them out even though they stole their name from Chalfant and Ramos But in the end only the music talks, and what I hear I like.
  3. I like it, but couldn't they invent some new names and such.... To me Nikita is Peta Wilson, Michael is Roy Dupuis, etc. I can understand you want the link with the original show so you name the main character Nikita, but for the rest? Why the renames of the others (Operations, Madeline, Section One)? Why not leave their names intact as well? That bitching aside I like the way it did reinvent the story, as Nikita (PW) was never in cahoots with another girl trying to down Section One. So I look at it as if it were a completely different show with a few familiar names.
  4. If they've been doing the recording>touring>recording thing for 20 years I can imagine that you'd want a bit of a vacation. Sad that the others didn't comply. One thing I don't understand is this: I can imagine that you'd want a break from the other guys, but you could be doing things away from the others and just meet each other during soundcheck, rehearsal, and shows. If you'd want a break from touring, then why so busy with different bands?
  5. Yep, she's an Aussie. Her other album is Violet Journey, but that is less Pop-Rock and more in the vein of her idol Carlos Santana.
  6. Are you a 14 year old girl? If not, the movie is not meant for you. Go back to Underworld Personally... I saw the movie, got bored 30 minutes in, got annoyed with all the teengirl-type romance after an hour, turned it off ... If you want vampires, "Let The Right One In" is way more original.
  7. Apparently spammers aren't a concern ... After all, the post are almost two weeks old. There goes the neighborhood.
  8. Damn... You made me remember those abominations. I'm not gonna fall into this trap, like I did for those two wastes of CD space.
  9. I was thinking the same way... And if you really want to dive into perv territory... Six band members, six dildos. Plaster caster anyone? Or are they too generic for that? I'll stick to the double CD as well.
  10. Haven't heard it yet. Did you get the special edition... you know, the ones with the "massage products"?
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