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Who is your favorite guitarist?

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Without hesitation or question, as far as pure emotion, Jimi Hendrix. The riffmaster general is Tommi Iommi. But I'll always have a soft spot for Tony MacAlpine. Had the pleasure of meeting him once and he was truly a nice guy. Great guitar player as well.

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Hi people!

I'm on vacation and if my girlfriend catches me typing, I'm dead, but I had to say something here.

The first time I was blown away by a solo was George Lynch, so I'll go with him. It's something we never forget. :headbanger:

If we were talking "team work", that would be Paul Gilbert and Bruce Boillet in Racer X! That would be a good topic too... :headbanger:

Be back next week, everyone take care! Don't drink too much, everyone arriving after you need to drink too! :drink:

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Carlos Santana

Steve Vai

Joe Satriani,


Steve Hackett

Pat travers

Stevie Ray VAughan

eric clapton


Neal Schon


there are many others

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Michael Schenker by an absolute mile based on his 70`s & 80`s work :tumbsup::tumbsup::tumbsup:


Great call! Schenker was bad ass back then.


He certainly was mate, too many great guitarists sound samey, liked his distinctively melodic playing! :bowdown:

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i have to list them, theres atleast one per genre i listen to...


Richie Sambora


Al Di Meola

Russ Freeman

Lee Ritenour

Joe Bonamassa

Zakk Wylde

George Harrison

Synyster Gates

Larry Carlton

Guthrie Govan

Eddie Van Halen

George Benson

Steve Khan

Earl Klugh

Jerry Cantrell

Dimebag Darrell

Mike Stern



theres soooo many more, but these aremy TOP faves

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Michael Romeo

John Petrucci

John Sykes

Ace Frehley (first I ever heard so there's a soft spot for him)

Tom Scholz

Eddie Van Halen (innovation)

Jimi Hendriz

Jimmy Page

Keith Richards

Tony Iommi

Gary Wehrkamp

Brendt Allman

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Mmf very difficult but my favourites :


George Lynch

Steve Clark

Joe satriani

Neal Schon

Jim Peterik

Dan Huff

Vinnie Moore

Andy Larocque

Tony MacAlpine

Mike Slammer

Gary Moore

Ritchie Blackmore

Glenn Tipton

Dave Murray

Randy Rhoads

Marty Friedman

Ronni Le Tekro

Paul Gilbert

... and a lot more

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Brian Robertson

Ian Crichton

Nick Bowcott

John Sykes

Gary Moore

Alex Lifeson

Glenn Tipton

Wolf Hoffmann

Rolf Kasparek

Brad Gillis

Buck Dharma

Dave Feinstein

Adrian Smith

Magnus Karlsson

Joe Satriani

Michael Schenker

Pat McManus

Ritchie Blackmore

Mathias Dieth

Dennis Stratton

Mike Campbell

Rik Emmett

Yngwie Malmsteen

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