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Retrospect Records - July 29, 2008

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Hi everyone. I'd like to firstly thank all the people who sent their regards and supported Retrospect through what could have been a potential disaster at Rocklahoma. It's a miracle nobody was hurt and I'd like to re-iterate how proud I am to be part of a huge Melodic Rock family who always seem to pull together when the chips are down. I will maintain that the fans and the bands are the best in the industry! Rocklahoma was still a huge success for Retrospect Records and I will certainly be a part of many more festivals to come. It was quite a thrill to see bands like Mariah , Wild August , Biloxi , Valor and many others reunite after such a long time. A dvd release of Rocklahoma will be released in October.


Our commitment to preserving the best era in Rock continues by announcing the following TWENTY new releases at Retrospect Records...



MASS "Voices in the Night" +2 (1989) - Highly regarded by many as a classic slab of top-notch U.S. Melodic Metal , this release was produced by Michael Sweet of Stryper. Now featuring a previously unreleased bonus track and the elusive JAPAN ONLY track , Voices in the Night is a staple of how great 80s Metal was. Very Highly Recommended.


MASS "Take You Home" +1 (1988) - Inbetween 'New Birth' and 'Voices' , Mass recorded this hi-octane EP back in '88 and continues to show the progress and amazing talent of this underrated Boston-based quartet. Now boosted with a previously unreleased bonus track , these 7 songs scream U.S. Melodic Metal at its finest.


MARIAH self-titled +1 (1990) + "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" +1 (1991) - In case you missed them the first time around , the first two Mariah albums have now been digitally remastered with each boasting an additional bonus track and new artwork. Mariah has been one of the top sellers from the massive Retrospect roster and it's not hard to see why. Under the wing of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora in the late 80s / early 90s , Mariah has been praised worldwide for their monstrous melodic rock / AOR songwriting skills. Features the soulful vocals of Dennis Lind , ex-Lynn Allen guitarist Tim Compton and of course ex-Waysted , Tyketto , Doro keyboard / guitar man Jimmy Dilella who co-wrote Tyketto's smash hit 'Forever Young'. Mariah has never sounded better!


PAIRADICE self-titled (1989) - Highly-Touted Sunset Strip Hair Metal featuring Vocalist Paul Lancia and guitarists Dave Marshall (Vince Neil Band) and Billy D'vette (Cold Sweat).


PROBLEM CHILD "Smashin Time" (1994) - Melodic Hard Rock from Milwaukee and a huge collectible in Melodic Hard Rock circles , Smashin Time finally gets the re-issue it deserves featuring powerful vocals , shredding axework and huge production. An absolute winner!


HEAVEN'S WISH self-titled (1994) - Finally the wait is over , Detroit-based Heaven's Wish also gets the re-issue treatment and features 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Killer production and stellar musicianship makes this cd an essential addition to the collection. For fans of Ratt , Heavens Edge , XYZ etc...


CHAMPION "Halfway To Heaven" (1988) - Not to confuse this US five piece with the Canadian band featuring Alex Machin. This bunch hailed from Ohio and released their one and only album “Halfway To Heaven” independently and disappeared from the scene straight after the release in 1988. Produced by OUTLAWS / GODZ guitarist Freddie Salem “Halfway To Heaven” is a wet dream for classic 80s AOR lovers which are into keyboard dominated sounds. This album reminds me of BYSTANDER, TRADIA and HONEYMOON SUITE’s “The Big Prize” and this surely will wet the appetite of every 80s AOR lover. Nine classic 80s AOR tunes and no filler in sight.



CRUSH "This" (1994) - While the rest of Seattle stewed in shoe-gazing , flannel-ridden godawful grunge , CRUSH was ripping out some serious 80s-style Melodic Hard Rock with great hooks. Recommended to fans of: Danger Danger , Warrant , AdrianGale , Firehouse etc...


KELLEY'S HEROES self-titled (1992) - Kelley's Heroes were another one of the big sunset strip acts of the early 90s that never got the recognition they deserved. This cd represents their tough heavy metal / hard rock swagger in the style of: Skid Row , Sven Gali , The Scream and Freak of Nature. First time ever on cd.



GINGER ROXX "Caught in the Act" (1987) - Late 80s Glam / Hair Metal from Ohio. First time ever on cd.


GLASTETTER self-titled (1989) - Another cool find for the avid collectors of obscure 80s Hair Metal. Missouri-based Glastetter recorded these tracks between 1987 & 1989 and 20 years later finally see the light of day on cd. Check it out!


BOOTCAMP "Final Drill" (1980-1985) - AOR fans and collectors all over the world have fallen all over themselves for years trying to get a hold of these extremely obscure tracks and now we have them all on cd for the first time ever. Many tracks have never seen the light of day before in any format. What we have here are 12 top-notch early 80s melodic rock / AOR tunes loaded with rich keyboards , big hooks and very tasty guitar work. Highly Recommended to fans of: Beau Geste , Fortune , I-Ten , The Producers etc...


PYRAMID "Hieroglyphics" (1989) - Hooky High Quality Hair Metal from Pennsylvania - finally on cd after 20 years! Vyper meets Bonfire meets Dokken.


BOMBAY self-titled (1985) - A highly regarded collectible among vinyl collectors and now released on cd for the first time , Bombay was formed from the ashes of another cult U.S. Melodic Rock act 'Fortnox'. This sole ep was produced by the legendary Eddy Offord and features a healthy dose of super hooks and big harmonies. For fans of: Riggs , Fortress , Illusion , Dakota.


NAKED CITY "Crawlin" (1993) - Obscure Las Vegas-based Melodic Rock / AOR produced by Brett Hansen (Limousine / Fingerprint / Troka). A worthy addition to the 80s Rock collection.


VICTORY GROUP "Tomorrow" (1982) - Excellent early 80s Canadian AOR / Melodic Rock in the style of: Rick Springfield , Prism , Alliance and Franke & the Knockouts.


SHYANNE self-titled (1982) - Classic early 80s underground Pomp Rock / AOR gem highly recommended to fans of: Roadmaster , Detective , All Sports Band and The Tubes.


LIFER self-titled (1980) - Another extremely obscure Pomp Rock treasure similar to early Styx , Gambler , Fairchild and Kansas.


FRONTRUNNER "Up-n-Cummin" (1994) - Second release by this underrated St Louis-based AOR / Hair Metal act. From the Bon Jovi-ish "Face the Music" to the Warrant-inspired title track , Frontrunner deserves its place in your cd player today!


You can find all these titles and over 250 more in our catalog at www.retrospectrecords.com




Sam McCaslin


Retrospect Records

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drool drool drool. Awesome!! I've got to get a second job to afford all of my wants!


You should pimp Taco out. :whistle:

:rofl2: I would, but that dog pimps himself out! He's such a man dog-whore

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From what I understand... get ready for some great ones in the very near future. :bananamac:

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It's been quite a long time since the last announcement. Any new signings?



For any of you who want to know... Here are a few artists that should be available very soon:


1.) Haven

2.) Midnight Hero

3.) Insania

4.) Harlow

5.) Urban Vault

6.) Terry Gann

7.) Intrinsic

8.) Problem Child (Maryland)

9.) M-80


And a couple of really cool new signings:


1.) T.Y.R

2.) Love Affair


* Lots more good stuff on the way...

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Website sale.


Cool! Make sure you give us all a a heads-up.

Wow, super excitement from me too. I just hope it's not while I'm away. :lol:

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    • W.A.S.P. - Inside the Electric Circus  W.A.S.P. - The Headless Children  Pop Will Eat Itself - Dos Dedos Mis Amigos (Remaster) / A Lick of the Old Cassette Box Ultrasound - Ultrasound  Red Sun Rising - Thread Screaming Trees - Uncle Anesthesia 
    • It's so much better to listen to the original, Erik has done some great covers, but this is a miss imo.
    • This made my recommended list for last year. Far removed sound/style wise from the awesome debut album and only one of the original lineup is featured,  but very very good all the same. 
    • This was released last year and pretty good it is.   From Andy Rethmeier's Youtube channel: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... well not quite that far away, Hartlepool in County Durham to be precise, a band of rare quality was formed. That band was called White Spirit and after their debut single, "Backs To The Grind" was released on the legendary Neat Records in 1980, the major labels came knocking. They were eager to snap up a band that had far more to offer than the majority of NWOBHM bands that they were lazily bracketed with. MCA Records won the race to sign White Spirit and with a line-up of Phil Brady, Graeme Crallan, Janick Gers, Malcolm Pearson and Bruce Ruff, their self-titled debut album was released later in 1980 to great acclaim. A constant schedule of touring saw the band build up a large and loyal following, but changes in personnel saw Janick Gers join Ian Gillan, to be replaced by Mick Tucker. Toby Sadler took over bass duties from Phil Brady and Bruce Ruff made way for an unknown singer, called Brian Howe. The new and improved White Spirit entered the studio to work on their second album with then Gillan keysman Colin Towns at the production helm. Alas, the album was never completed, the band broke up and musicians went their separate ways. Mick Tucker joined Tank, later followed by Graeme Crallan. Sadler slid easily into Airrace. Mal Pearson stepped away from music for a spell before returning to action with legends The Sweet. Singer Brian Howe crossed the Atlantic and became frontman for Ted Nugent, before achieving mega platinum success as the replacement for Paul Rodgers in Bad Company. So White Spirit were seemingly consigned to music history, with former members proceeding to forge impressive careers built on this promising foundation.  Four decades on and the location of these 2nd album sessions remained a mystery. Presumed to have been consigned to a skip, as was the fate of so many priceless mastertapes carelessly discarded over the years. The day following Brian Howe’s tragic death from a heart attack in May 2020, Tucker and Pearson were on the phone reflecting on those heady White Spirit days. The missing tapes were once more discussed, but still neither had any idea where to find them. Fate stepped in, and whilst preparing to relocate to France, Mal Pearson was rifling through his furniture in storage when he found a dusty old bedside cabinet. Inside were four sets of tapes. One labelled Chiswick Studios – White Spirit. This was it. The one they’d all thought was lost for ever. The tape was handed over to Conquest Music boss and Tank guitarist Cliff Evans. He arranged for the delicate and risky process of baking the tapes to preserve and retrieve the old recordings and transfer them to digital. Successful as the process was, the sound quality of some elements of the tracks were just not good enough for today’s ears, so Tucker & Pearson decided to replace all of the musical accompaniment with a stellar line-up of players. Neil Murray (Whitesnake) and Russell Gilbrook (Uriah Heep) made up the rhythm section, with the guitars and keyboards replaced by Mick and Mal.   Tracklisting: 1. Right Or Wrong (lead vocals – Jeff Scott Soto) 2 .Runaway (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 3. The Dice Rolls On (lead vocals – Lee Small) 4. Lady Of The Night (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 5. Gotta Get Out (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 6. Better Watch Out (lead vocals – Jeff Scott Soto) 7. Don't Say No (lead vocals – Lee Small) 8. Wait A Little Longer (lead vocals – Brian Howe) 9. Holy Water (lead vocals – Steve Overland) 10. Rock And Roll (Is Good For You) (lead vocals – Brian Howe)                          
    • Lost in the Atlantic - Electric Angels
    • Fall Apart, Golden Heart - Device
    • Generation Radio - Why Are You Calling Me Now?
    • Don't say that. Those comments only go to straight to his head. And I mean the little one between his legs. 
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