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  1. 20% off Rocktrade Records on Black Friday Weekend Please check out my listings on: www.discogs.com/seller/rocktrade www.rocktrade.musicstack.com I can also post CD's without cases to international customers to keep shipping costs down. Price will be charged at cost and will be available on request. Plenty of good experiences doing this in my trading days. Thanks for your time, again cheers Mark (Rocktrade)
  2. Lonnie contacted me for a trade last year. I had dealt with him some years ago (15?), so I went ahead with a trade. After a month nothing had arrived, so I emailed him. I did get a reply saying that the CD's I had sent had not arrived either. What are the chances of that eh? Should have read this thread first....



  4. Mariah CArey doing Journey's 'Open Arms' and Def Leppards ' Bringing on the Heartbreak'.......
  5. What about these little gems....ahem.... Bryan Adam's Run to You was covered in early 90's by a electro-pop band "Rage' Foreigner - Feels LIke The First time covered by a 70's Soul artist (name escapes me) Metallica - Nothing Else Matters by Lucy Silva Led Zepp's Kashmir - Puff Daddy aka 'Come With Me' Bowie's Man Who Sold The World.....LuLu
  6. Grand Funk did a rock version of: The Locomotion (Little Eva?) Some Kind of Wonderful Sisters of Mercy did a cracking version of Emma (Hot Chocolate) - seriously Goth Sammy Hagar - Sittin on the Dock of the Bay (Sam Cooke?) Van Halen - Pretty Woman ( Roy Orbison) Outlaws - Ghost Riders (Frankie Laine) Talisman/ Jeff Scott Soto - Frozen (Madonna) -Crazy (seal) - Darling Nikki (Prince) -Purple Rain (Prince) Damn you got me started now......I need to consult may sado database of obscure trivia...be back later
  7. It's pathetic that great music is recognized as this shite. I heard that glee version in a shopping centre radio the other day... i nearly cried it was so bad. theres a thread about ROck Sugar somewhere.....its a Loud & Clear project./. Is that Jesse Harnell Loud & CLear perhaps?
  8. Now incredibly Journey are no.6 in the UK pop/download charts with Don't Stop Believing. It was never a hit first time round in UK and was always a fringe song in the public 'pop' conciousness. So when some guy wins X-Factor (American Idol for UK) and sings it twice during the series, the pop public take note and suddenly teenage hip-hopsters are singing Perry lyrics....bizzare. Now some crappy Disney type show called Glee cast have recorded it and it is no. 5 in the charts, so now we have 2 versions in the top ten. (Don't bother checking it out it is truly awful) Then this link got emailed to me today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKeA3-n27t8 it's band called Rock Sugar who have merged Don't Stop Believing & Enter Sandman. Enjoyable stuff Spread the word.....
  9. Picked these beauties up on Japanese import ...with bonus tracks: FIORE TODAY TILL TOMORROW LIMA,JOHNNY SHINE ON PINK CREAM 69 GAMES PEOPLE PLAY PRIME TIME THE UNKNOWN TIPTON, GLENN BAPTISM OF FIRE and an original copy of: ZINATRA THE GREAT ESCAPE I'm set for January....
  10. Long standing....like 17 years mate.... All the best Roger. Mark
  11. Yes it looks like the Axpertise version that came out around 96/97. It has a clear rear tray and double sided rear inlay. Bonus tracks were from the Babyface LP (pre Axe) and were spread across 'Axe' and 'Living on The Edge'
  12. Would love to bin my grubby CDR copies for these if they got official release 1994 ----- PLEASE STAND BY BLISS BAND ----- NEON SMILES HELLFIELD ----- HELLFIELD KAREN LWARENCE ----- RIP & TEAR LOFGREN, NILS ----- CRY TOUGH RIO ----- BORDERLAND SAD CAFÉ ----- LIVE VERITY ----- INTERRUPTED JOURNEY XERON ----- DOES ANYBODY HEAR...
  13. So True Faron!!!! I would have to include: ILLUSION-ILLUSION ILLUSION-I LIKE IT LOUD DEDRINGER-DIRECT LINE DARKSTAR-DARKSTAR MERCY CIRCLE-MERCY CIRCLE (GREAT N.J. HAIR BAND) KIDD GLOVES-FEEL THE FIRE TORA-TORA JACK GREEN-REVERSE LOGIC CHEETAH- ROCK & ROLL WOMEN THE BZZ-GET UP, GET ANGRY ROBIN GEORGE-DANGEROUS MUSIC HEADPINS-LINE OF FIRE THE ORCHIDS-THE ORCHIDS BILLY THE KID-SWORN TO FUN THE GODZ-I'LL GET YOU ROCKIN' I know some of these are in H.H. database, but I've never seen them. Some class items there my friend. Dedringer's 'Maxine' was a great all out guitar boogie along the Molly Hatchet lines. (Check out Taurus 'Paper Chaser' similar style -same era NWOBHM 1980) Ref Robin George - Dnagerous music - this got reissued on sanctuary I think 3-4 yrs ago...with bonus trks. Mark
  14. Blackfoot Pre 1983 - Saw them at Monsters of Rock 1981 & Marauder Tour - Hull & London Hammersmith (the night they recorded the Live album) Have also seen: Scorpions 'Lovedrive' Tour Rush 'Hemispheres' Tour AC/DC 'Let There Be Rock' Black Sabbath 'Heaven & Hell' Tour Boston - Don't Look Back tour plus: UFO 7 times Thin Lizzy 8 Times Gillan 5 Times plus many more. The sad thing is I had a diary of the shows I'd been too, but lost it somewhere between house moves. I keep getting flashbacks, when I having a beer with mates and they say...do you remember that time we saw !!!!!! etc and I go oh yeah - how did I miss that one. Best show for me was Diamond Head in 1981 at Cromer West Runton Pavillion , just signed to MCA and were playing the whole of the Borrowed Time album, most of the white album and a couple they later recorded for Canterbury. That night they played for 2 hours and did 4 encores. I thought they were unstoppable - history proved otherwise.
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