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Cobra Spell (Holy Fuck is this Good!)


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OK for @AlphaMale (Russ), @Geoff, @Leykis101 and many others should cream their respective trousers for this it is epic!

A nifty 4 song EP from these sprites from the Netherlands. Reminds me a bunch of Fastway.

From the bands website: "COBRA SPELL is a European/USA Heavy Rock band influenced by the Golden Era sound of the 80’s.
Created in the Summer of 2019 by Sonia Anubis (CRYPTA - with ex-members of NERVOSA), Ex-BURNING WITCHES) and Sebastian “Spyder” Silva (IDLE HANDS, SILVER TALON, Ex-SPELLCASTER). Anxiously wanting to start a band together, their dreams were only driven further when the guitar duo met ALICE COOPER and he advised them to follow their dreams of making music together. 
The band’s lineup include Alexx Panza (HITTEN, JACK’S STARR’S BURNING STARR) on vocals, Angelina Vehera on bass and Mike “Lucas” Verhof on drums.
Sonia and Sebastian set out to write hook driven songs with flamboyant guitar extravaganza, unique stage looks and crazy on stage antics. COBRA SPELL will take you back in time where rock bands ruled the arenas, the hairspray and spandex overflowed the audience, and the airwaves blazed with the sound of big guitars."




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Dude this fucking sucks, this sounds like all that shit from like the 80s and stuff, ya know the shit that's so mind blowing you don't know if you dare to believe it's real or not, by the 4 song's I just heard, I get very down, because it makes me wonder if a full album would be able to stand up to these tracks, maybe it's the best 4 off the album, regardless, this is a sweet fucking find, and for once I hear it before it's release, instead of a year later, awesome find bro, seriously, this shit sounds way good.

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Sorry to dudez who tag me in shit that I don't see for ages. Don't get here as much as I used to, but I'll get around to it all one day. Definitely come pretty cool stuff there. I'm checking out asap. Thanks for the tip. 

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  • My Little Pony

Hey, Terry posted a band that people like. 2020 is such a fucking weird year. 



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