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Collateral - 4 Shots! EP


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American sounding group from Kent. Pretty good stuff.


From FB:

'4 SHOTS!’ - The debut EP - November 23!😎

After many Whiskeys, late nights, Tesco meal deals and the occasional beer.... Our debut EP '4 SHOTS!' is coming out! 🤘🏻

We will be releasing some badass content surrounding the EP between now and November 23rd explaining how we came up with certain ideas to do with the sound, look and feel of this much anticipated release! So until then.... Drink from the bottle, smoke from the soul and enjoy this teaser video over, and over, and over again... 🤘🏻😎🏻

IT'S COMING! So help us out and share it on to the world! We love you guys! 🤜🏻

(Pre-order will be availabe soon)



1. Going With The Wind
2. Midnight Queen
3. Angels Crying
4. Just Waiting For You



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Acoustic rocker( I wouldn't say "Country"). I like it


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I like the song, country vibe or whatever it is.

Agree with comments that it wasn't what I expected when I saw the pic.

It kinda looks like 3 band members, and they didn't like the look of the 3 of them together, so they asked a sound mixer to stand in the background lol

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It's a little twangy, mostly 80's AOR, but it could have paired right off bands like Cinderella Tora Tora back in the day. 


And its not the engineer Cure its the drummer, but same idea, back of the bus son...

The first song reminds me of this one:

There was also a Nelson song from there Because They Can album that is samey to this one.

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I like

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Just checking these guys out.  I like that Lullaby tune and Midnite Queen isn't too bad...even though it sorta has a Countryish vibe.

I saw they have a new single dropping on 10/25.  

Will keep eyes on this....could go either way.  If they move more toward the rock style like Lullaby, I might be good with it.  If they have more songs in the style of Midnite Queen with that Countryish vibe, probably a pass.  I can do a one off song....But not multiple songs with that vibe :)

We'll see...

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5 hours ago, tts42572 said:


I Like!

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