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First song on an album


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Generally I find the first song to be a road rocking, or sometimes quite heavy song, that is pretty average.
Most of the time I find myself skipping it pretty quickly and starting the album from track 2

Having said that, I've decided to make a playlist of openers.

Decadance Dance - Extreme
Monkey Business - Skid Row
Detroit Rock City - Kiss
Wild Side - Motley Crue

Throw 'em at me
What other songs should I whack on?

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Yeah, I tend to use the first song and also the title track as a rough guide when checking out albums, although it's not always a good indication. Interesting topic though. I'm sure if I went through them there'd be heaps of stunning openers. Here's a few i've loved over the years.

Europe - All Or Nothin'

XYZ - Face Down In The Gutter 

Valentine - Runnin' On Luck Again

Talisman - Break Your Chains

Roxy Blue - Too Hot To Handle.

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Similar to Darkstone I often find the first song to be a good indicator of what I can expect from the rest of the album.  I actually have two playlists made of only opening tracks.  Here is one of those playlists, leaving off songs you've already listed.  

21 Guns – Knee Deep

Alien - Brave New Love

Black ‘n Blue – Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Bon Jovi - Runaway

Bonfire – Ready 4 Reaction

Brett Walker – Hard to Find an Easy Way

Casanova – Don’t Talk About Love

David Lee Roth – Yankee Rose

Danger Danger – Naughty Naughty

Dare – Abandon

Dirty Looks – Blue Tequila

Dokken – Kiss of Death

Europe – Superstitious

Eyes – Callin’ All Girls

FM – That Girl

Great White – Lady Red Light

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

H.E.A.T - Point of No Return

Harem Scarem – Hard to Love

Honeymoon Suite – Bad Attitude

Hurricane – Over the Edge

Icon – Right Between the Eyes

Kane Roberts – Wild Nights

L.A. Guns – Over the Edge

Le Mans – Love Lies

Lillian Axe – All’s Fair in Love and War

McAuley Schenker Group – Gimme Your Love

Night Ranger – Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon

Ratt – You’re In Love

Savatage – Edge of Thorns

Shark Island – Paris Calling

Shy – Emergency

Stage Dolls - Still In Love

Strangeways – Where Are They Now

TNT – Everyone’s A Star

Treat – Sole Survivor

Tyketto – Forever Young

Unruly Child – On the Rise

Vain – Secrets

Von Groove – Once is Not Enough

W.A.S.P. – Wild Child

W.E.T. – Walk Away

Whitesnake – Slide It In

Wig Wam – In My Dreams

Wildside – Hang On Lucy

Winger – Madalaine



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What craziness about skipping the first song most the time, lol. Many times I find it one of, if not the best song on an album. Any album worth a grain of christmas beetle turd starts with a ball cracker.

I'm thinking 'Reach for the sky' - Firehouse, 'Rockin' with the radio' - Blue Tears, 'Wild Nights' - Kane Roberts, 'Ready for the Taking' - Treat, 'Hard to love' - Harem Scarem, 'Saviours never cry' - HS, 'Wonderland' - Amaze Me, 'Pedal to the metal' - Bang Gang, 'Angel in black' - Bangalore Choir, 'Don't wait up' - Blind Date, 'Miracles' - Blonz, 'Abandon' - Dare, 'Wild child' - Heart, 'Wild young and crazy' - Hericane Alice, 'Give me all your love' - Masquerade, 'Young & wild and free' - Hotboy, 'One step closer' - Newman, 'Face in the mirror' - PC69, 'Rock n'roll nights' - Roxus, 'I don't wanna be the fool' - Rio, 'Arms of a stranger' - Signal, 'Forever young, - Tyketto... for example. ;)

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10 iconic lead tracks -

Motorhead - Ace of Spades

Journey - Don't Stop Believin / Separate Ways

Asia - Heat of the Moment

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Bon Jovi - Runaway

GnR - Welcome to the Jungle

Van Halen - Jump

Whitesnake - Cryin in the rain

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath


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5 hours ago, Geoff said:

What craziness about skipping the first song most the time, lol. Many times I find it one of, if not the best song on an album. Any album worth a grain of christmas beetle turd starts with a ball cracker.


Yeah, I am confused by this as well.

Any album that does not lead off with one of its best tracks is just asking to be turned off.

An opening track is the hook, the rest of the tracks then lead on from that.

If the lead track doesn't hook me, then quite often I will just zone out and the rest of the album ends up washing over me.


As for picking a list, nah, this would take wayyyyyyy too long.

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3 hours ago, Darkstone said:

Great list Mr.AOR! A couple i hadn't heard before. Thanks for taking the time to post the clips. It must've taken you ages.


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On ‎2017‎-‎10‎-‎26 at 3:34 AM, Geoff said:

What craziness about skipping the first song most the time, lol. Many times I find it one of, if not the best song on an album. Any album worth a grain of christmas beetle turd starts with a ball cracker.

Agree. When it comes to first song off an album, I always have in mind Illusions by Westworld. Not a single song from that album can come close to that first song. Also, Reaching for the Sun from Break It Up by Hurry Scuary, too is a very strong song that I don't care listening to the rest of the album.


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3 hours ago, GeorgeRendon said:


This is one example IMO of a killer opening track that's let down by a very poor album. I remember playing this album for the first time, hearing the opener and thinking i was in for a treat with the rest of it, then being hugely disappointed.


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    • I'm becoming the biggest fan of this band. I also like how they chose non-obvious covers. It shows they have a sense of history and must be genre fans like us.
    • I dig that new tune. Nice. 
    • New song is okay but I don't like their metal sound. Everything is too loud and hurts when you turn the volume up a little. Samples on Itunes of the rest of the album sound okay, too. Some moments that are worse than I ever imagined Wig Wam to be (The american dream chorus absolutely doesn't fit and only contains 3 notes and god by your side would be okay if Åge sang it, sailor and the desert sun screams anything but Wig Wam), some moments are quite cool (Forevermore is very different, uppercut shazam is hard hitting and a typical Wig wam anthem). In the end it's too much Trond Holter for me. He's writing good riffs but he can't be quiet for a second. It's just missing the effortlessness and the good vibe in my opinion.  
    • 'The Big Easy' out March 17th.   Press release: Already the first lines of the new John Diva song "Back In The Days" convey what feeling the band stands for. Spandex pants, youthful recklessness, party mood and full batteries in the Walkman: John Diva & The Rockets Of Love bring the carefree moments of the 80s into the present and make them sound like the new hot shit. And can't we all use a little carefree? John Diva & The Rockets Of Love stand for fat parties, passionate stage shows stage shows, but also for liberal messages in their lyrics. Bullshit? No way. So the five musicians give the genre-usual sexism in their lyrics a clear rebuff, for example in songs like "Boys Don't Play With Dolls". "With us, everyone is welcome and appreciated," frontman John Diva makes clear. Good thing. Because I think we can all use a little carefree attitude. TRACKLIST 1. California Rhapsody 2. The Big Easy 3. God Made Radio 4. Runaway Train 5. Thunder 6. Believe 7. Back In The Days 8. Hit And Run 9. Boys Don’t Play With Dolls 10. The Limit Is The Sky 11. Capri Style 12. Wild At Heart    
    • New song 'ln For The Count' (Balance cover)   Tracklisting: 1. In For the Count (Balance cover) 2. Dancin' in the Ruins (Blue Öyster Cult cover) 3. In My Dreams (REO Speedwagon cover) 4. Subdivisions (Rush cover) LINE-UP: Alex Falk - vocals Oscar Bromvall - guitars Rickard Gramfors - bass Freddie Allen - drums      
    • From Frontiers: Norwegian rock n' roll warriors Wig Wam have announced they will release their new studio album, "Out Of The Dark" on February 10, 2023. Coming on the heels of renewed, enthusiastic interest in the band thanks to their classic track 'Do Ya Wanna Taste It' being used as the theme song for HBO's popular Peacemaker television series, "Out Of The Dark" sees an already extremely talented band feeling truly reinvigorated and inspired.  Wig Wam, vocalist Glam (Åge Sten Nilsen), guitarist Teeny (Trond Holter), bassist Flash (Bernt Jansen), and drummer Sporty (Øystein Andersen), formed in Halden, Norway in 2001 and have been mixing '80s inspired glam metal with classic hard rock, with entertaining lyrics and over-the-top imagery thrown in, to create a good old fashioned rock n' roll vibe for over two decades. In 2005, the year after the release of their debut album (first titled 667.. The Neighbour of the Beast and later changed to Hard To Be A Rock N' Roller), the band had their first international breakthrough when they represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest, placing ninth with the song "In My Dreams". The band would go on to release three more studio albums, Wig Wamania (2006), Non Stop Rock 'N Roll (2010), and Wall Street (2012) before splitting up in 2014.  The band would reunite in 2019 and work on a new album, Never Say Die that was released in early 2021. In 2022, the band had a stroke of good fortune when film/television director James Gunn selected their 2010 song "Do Ya Wanna Taste It" (from the album Non Stop Rock 'N Roll) as the opening theme song for the HBO Max show Peacemaker starring John Cena. The show, based on a DC Comics character, showcased the band to a whole new audience who had been previously unaware of them and has seen the band taking on renewed interest and booking more and more live dates around the world.  With new album "Out In The Dark" in tow, Wig Wam is ready to show even more rock 'n roll fans around the globe their entertaining take on hard rock! Tracklisting: 1. Out Of The Dark 2. High And Dry 3. Forevermore 4. Bad Luck Chuck 5. Uppercut Shazam 6. Ghosting You 7. The Purpose 8. The American Dream 9. 79 10. God By Your Side 11. Sailor And The Desert Sun Line-Up: Glam (Åge Sten Nilsen) - vocals Teeny (Trond Holter) - guitars Flash (Bernt Jansen) - bass Sporty (Øystein Andersen) - drums    
    • Sorry, I haven't seen this thread. Next time I'll search for the topic first.  Anyway I really like the song except for the part where Mikael is a bit too late (in the song "gamechanger", which is on YouTube already, that also happens). The songwriting is perfect, why do they leave it like that?
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