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Adriangale - Final Piece–The Best Of Adriangale!


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From FB:


With Adriangale landing surprise hits to the body this past fall - their aptly titled Suckerpunch! album and their return to the stage at MelodicRock Fest 3 - both band and label closed out 2013 with solid blows, leaving the melodic fan base wanting much more. Well fear not, get up and shake it off: we're going to start off 2014 as much of a hard hit as we closed out 2013 with.

What does this all mean?

To celebrate years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, on February 1st, 2014 Adriangale will release something that has been a long time coming: “Final Piece – The Best of Adriangale!”, which will encompass the band's entire back catalog and their new album with a collection of fan favorites, bonus tracks and a few other surprises!

Having said that, this compilation is far from a final bow for the band; it will instead serve to fondly send off the past before embracing new beginnings. Over the course of their career - from the debut album Feel the Fire right through Suckerpunch! - Adriangale have introduced themselves unto a genre, defined themselves and redefined themselves through their music - their way! They will not be pigeon-holed, classified or shackled by the ideals, trends or perceptions of what modern society deems good music should be. With Final Piece, Adriangale will soldier on yet again, reasserting themselves through perseverance and dedication, but most of all - through DEFIANCE!!

“D E F I A N C E”
Fall of 2014 on Kivel Records




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Good news about the new album....lets hope they can keep up the quality of suckerpunch

All we can do is hope!

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From FB:


So here is the latest folks. The Green Light has been given about the much talk about and anticipated AG Best of!! Below are the details, straight from our label.

ADRIANGALE "Final Piece - The Best Of"

Everyone has been asking about Adriangale Best Of. When? When is it coming out. Well the wait is nearly over folks. Nov 25th The Final Piece drops. Adriangale "Final Piece-The Best of".Just in time for the holidays!

Wait there's more people. We don't want to short change the loyal AG fan base with some generic convenience store best of CD. NO! ! What we are going to do is throw in EVERYTHING and then some.

This release will be a DOUBLE CD !! Disc 1 will have songs from all five studio releases . Disc 2 will contain two new recorded tracks, along with 7 other tracks consisting of, B cuts, rarities and unreleased material !!!

The ultimate collection for any AG fan.

Lastly..... $16 total (shipping included) !!!

Pre order info coming soon

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I believe I saw on Facebook somewhere that they weren't calling it a day....


It was just getting called Final Piece because it sorta was going to signify the end of an era or sorta a move into a more modern direction....Sort of a turn the page so to speak.


So I think it's really intended to be a career retrospective and not the end of the band.



Calling it "Final Piece" sounds like they're calling it a day. Is that true?


I was thinking the same thing! I sure hope not!


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Hey Everyone



Fear not, it is just a play on words as we close the chapter on the bands past. Nothing more. When the idea for the BEST OF was made, it was to coincide with SUCKERPUNCH and close the chapter on the past before moving fwd with the new beginnings. After all CRUNCH came out in 2004. That's 10 years ago!! LOL.


Being that we are throwing EVERYTHING and then some into this release, the title will still hold true. As it will be a 20 song 2 CD set. We promise that it will be a must for the fan base!


Thank You


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I was fairly late to the Adriangale train...They were a band I always sorta had an eye on and would download the off song here and there...There were always a couple songs on their albums I really liked but just din't buy them for whatever reason. Just Let Me Love You and Without a Moments Notice both are songs my wife likes though and seem to get a lot of play :)


I did finally give in and buy Suckerpunch though...Songs like Suckerpunch, When I Said You'd Be The One and Could've Been Me just pulled me in with their great "Def Leppard" style harmonies and production.


So I'm really looking forward to this release...Hoping some of my favorites make it on and I'm sure there are other great tracks that I've missed over the years that I'll enjoy hearing. Should be a great package.


Will be interested to see the track listing and pre-order details.

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Out November 25th.


From FB:


From the honchos at our label.


Well we are coming out of a hot summer and awesome fall season with such releases as Adriangale Defiance, Madman's Lullaby Unhinged and Tango Down's Charming Devil. All well received and all kicking ass to everyone's pleasure.

2015 is around the corner, and we have a lot of things planned. New faces and new talent joining the stable. New releases from old friends and a few surprises along the way. So keep an eye out for upcoming announcements.

Each year we set out to keep raising the bar for ourselves, and 2015 will not be any different. So what better way to close out 2014 than with a Best Of , from one of Kivel Records best, ADRIANGALE!! Below is the track order of the 2 disc set from AG. This 2 disc set should please fans old and new!! Pre order NOW at www.kivelrecords.com

NOTE Track running order is not yet finalized

Disc 1
3.Without a Moments Notice
4.Heartbreak Guaranteed
7.Long Gone
8.Feel The Fire
9.Save our Love
10.The Black and Blue
11.When I Said You Be The One
12.Back to You

Disc 2
1.Kiss A Girl (NEW!)
2.Last Call (Acoustic)
3.Midnight Blue (Unreleased - Lou Gramm Cover)
4.Crying To Me (Unreleased - DEMO)
5.Stealing Hearts (Under The Hood bonus Track)
6.All My Heart (Live Program Bonus Track)
7.Reap What You Sow (Acoustic Under The Hood)
8.Over Said and Done (Live)



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I still like their debut the best.


'Re:Program' for me. I never bother with best ofs, but I would like to hear those 3 unreleased tracks on the 2nd disc.

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