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  1. speaking as a fan. I very much look forward to a new album from them. LOVED Wild America
  2. not sure how I missed all these great comments. Just want to chime in and say thanks to everyone that purchased the ROMEO RIOT cd. I'm very proud of the album and thankful to everyone that helped knock it out of the park. The strong feedback it has been getting only strengthens my above thoughts. So thanks everyone, and SING IT LOUD!!!
  3. Hey Folks If you pre ordered the LNR direct from Damon. Please message me here or via Facebook the Kivel Records Like page. So i can make sure all people that pre ordered it some time ago will be able to get a copy of the cd. Thanks John Kivel
  4. Hey Guys Someone told me about this thread. I respect and understand a lot of the frustration people have . Im not in a position to defend a situation or person i was not involved with at the time this went down. However with that said, It seems he just got in over his head being a indie artist trying to get it done on his own. Regardless if right or wrong, it is in the past, and i can promise that all pre orders will be honored and shipped directly from Kivel Records. The CD drops in April. I will make a post in here once everything has shipped. As for Geoff and Hea
  5. Hey Heavy Harmonies folk!! So everyone knows about the Open for Bon Jovi contest. Well TANGO DOWN is entered . So please hit the below link and like the bands video. Also 7th Heaven and Hardline are also entered in the Open for Bon Jovi contest. So again, go to the website and hit like on these two fantastic and talented band. Got to support everyone in the scene. Let's get as many of our own up on the score board as possible. You'd be hard pressed to find two better bands than the above mentioned that deserve this great opportunity. Goodluck to them!! https://www.fa
  6. Hey Geoff Ive been pushing this just as hard as all of our recent releases and was one of our main featured titles on our table /booth at Rock N Skull last month. We LOVE Jace here are Kivel Records and is one of our biggest assets as well as closest friend. Glad you like the CD. IMHO this is his best album to date. Thanks for always supporting our bands and releases. Always appreciate the input. Have a Merry Christmas!
  7. Hey Stefan Thats an OLD version/recording . The band dug the song up for this album . Anyway heres the version off of FROZEN HELL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8UDvinJGDA
  8. Hey Stefan Thats an OLD version/recording . The band dug the song up for this album . Anyway heres the version off of FROZEN HELL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8UDvinJGDA
  9. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts lettard!!
  10. Check.out the new Livesay song I posted. Let me know what you think
  11. Who wants to hear some LIVESAY!?!?!? https://soundcloud.com/kivel-records/welcome-to-the-real-world?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook
  12. Great Feedback!!!! Appreciate it. I fwd it to the guys. What i really love about your review is you like what you like and find a song like BROKEN HEART to be a filler. Which is fine. But there are people that LOVE that song. My point is, that being there are so many take aways, that is a sign of a strong album. VERY PROUD of this album, the band and everyone that worked on it. Thanks to everyone that has embraced it. Keep enjoying the tunes THANK YOU
  13. Yes Cool. Can't remember being overly sold by previous efforts, but looking forward to them hopefully stepping up another level. I can promise that this will satisfy many fans of the genre. IMHO this is the best release from the band to date. Shawn Pelata from Line of Fire is the new lead singer and the band has taken a slightly different direction from their previous releases. New song will be dropped soon
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