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ex-W.A.S.P. members form new band W.A.S.


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Former W.A.S.P. Members Join Forces In W.A.S.; Audio Samples Available - Oct. 16, 2010


Chris Holmes (guitar; ex-W.A.S.P.), Randy Piper (guitar; ANIMAL, ex-W.A.S.P.), Steve Unger (bass; ex-METAL CHURCH), Rich Lewis (vocals; ANIMAL) and Stet Howland (drums; ex-W.A.S.P.) have joined forces in a brand new band called WHERE ANGELS SUFFER (W.A.S.). The group's debut album, "Purgatory", is scheduled for release on October 31. Most of the recording sessions for the CD took place in Ft. Myers, Florida where the band comes together "to share ideas and tap the endless well of creativity their union has inspired," according to a press release.


"Purgatory" track listing:


01. Cardiac Arrest

02. Can't Stop

03. Don't Wanna Die

04. Crying Eagle

05. Unnatural High

06. Judgment Day

07. Zombie (CRANBERRIES cover)

08. Lust

09. Violent New Breed

10. Morning After

11. Eye of the Storm

12. Boom


Check out audio samples at Amazon.com.


According to a press release, WHERE ANGELS SUFFER "will embrace their metal history while simultaneously astounding their fans with groundbreaking original songs that could only be created by the exceptional chemistry and passion these professional musicians discovered when they came together again."


Piper, an original member of W.A.S.P. along with Chris Holmes and Blackie Lawless, helped create the sound that took the band's first two records to gold status. "I play from the heart!" Randy says.


Randy's credit to heavy metal can not be summed up very easily as he is continually embarking on creative pursuits and is still very much a part of the metal scene. "You can't go back, but you can definitely move ahead," he says.


Holmes has etched out a stellar career which can be traced back to the early days of the metal scene that infiltrated L.A. and the Sunset Strip. A California native himself, Holmes is also well known for his role in "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years" and other projects, both in film and music, having played with the "A" list of metal musicians.


Piper and Holmes, who were an essential part of W.A.S.P., have stayed in close contact and feel now is the perfect time to launch the much-anticipated project fans have been waiting for.


Longtime drummer of W.A.S.P., Howland was featured on ten albums (studio and live) and has toured with all the top metal acts, including BLACK SABBATH, a personal highlight during his W.A.S.P. years. Aside from W.A.S.P., the ever-active Howland's resume includes TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY, RUN 21, KILLING MACHINE, BELLADONNA, BLACKFOOT and LITA FORD, just to name a few. Howland resides in Florida, where he has a recording studio to keep him busy on a variety of projects, including his newest one, a reality show that will be filmed at his home and studio.


"We're going out and were rocking," says Howland, who sees WHERE ANGELS SUFFER as an opportunity to bring some great musicians together and make some "real music."


Steve Unger, who played with METAL CHURCH, is a talented bassist in his own right: his contribution to WHERE ANGELS SUFFER completes the dynamic of the band. Grateful for the opportunity to play on the project, he and the other band members have a mutual respect for one another because of the unbelievable talent of each artist involved.


Unger, who comes from Seattle, Washington, has had a long career with METAL CHURCH and has been a key contributor to their success over the years. He believes this album will be one of the best culminations of talent the metal scene has seen in a long time. Unger commented that the music is so relevant today because it is "a high-bred cross-breed between old and new."


Lewis, a longtime friend and fellow musician of Piper and Holmes, was a natural choice for WHERE ANGELS SUFFER frontman and has become a key component to this venture. He has played alongside many greats artists, including his current bandmates, some of whom where in ANIMAL. He has been compared to greats like Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Lawless, but his signature style has blended with the dynamic sound of his bandmates that sets this album apart from the rest.


WHERE ANGELS SUFFER is a unification of style, brought together by each bandmember's tenacious effort and dedication to bring the fans the music they love. Whether it was the alignment of the planets or simply the right timing, the production of the album and the formation of the band came together seamlessly.


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I remember some talk about this band a few months back but hadn't heard anything since then. It should be interesting and hopefully they don't suck but I've never heard that guy sing and I'm not sure how good of songwriters these guys are without Blackie's input. I wonder if Johnny Rod was asked? Of course he's involved in the King Kobra reunion so maybe not.

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Blackie probably sh*t a solid gold brick when he heard their name :rofl:


I mean seriously, what made them come up with that? "Well, we W.A.S. in W.A.S.P. once."

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The songs that are not from Virus are from the follow up album, Violent new breed.

Unless these songs are totally reworked, there is gonna be little point in buying it as you might as well buy the two Animal CDs and get more songs.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sounds like Randy's former band mate, Chris Laney, is not exactly thrilled by this development:


Swedish songwriter/producer Chris Laney is not impressed with what former bandmate Randy Piper is doing in new band When Angels Suffer.


Laney was a member of Randy Piper’s Animal, and, Blabbermouth report, has issued the following strong statement:


“Chris Laney has been contacted by fans that told him that his former band colleagues Randy Piper and Rich Lewis are in progress of releasing songs from the Randy Piper’s Animal albums Violent New Breed, released in 2006, and Virus, released in 2008.


“Chris Laney is both songwriter and producer of Violent New Breed and Virus.


“Chris Laney was told that Randy Piper and Rich Lewis are releasing songs from those two albums, but under a new album name and with new band members and new band name. Randy Piper’s new band is called W.A.S. (Where Angels Suffer) and the so-called new album is called Purgatory.


“Chris Laney could not believe such a rip-off could be true, but when he checked the samples at Amazon, he was totally taken aback. All songs on Purgatory are taken from Violent New Breed and Virus without being re-recorded or remixed.


“Chris Laney owns the mastertape and copyrights on Violent New Breed and Virus. The Swedish record label who released Violent New Breed and Virus owns the license rights on those two albums. In other words, all songs sampled at Amazon as W.A.S. album Purgatory are owned by others than W.A.S.


“Chris Laney has contacted his old bandmates and awaits an answer. Chris Laney deeply hopes the song list and song samples for Purgatory is a giant misunderstanding.”


On a side note, Chris Laney likes to refer to himself in the third person an awful lot, doesn't he? :P

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  • My Little Pony

On a side note, Chris Laney likes to refer to himself in the third person an awful lot, doesn't he? :P

Is Fat Freddy opposed to such behaviour? KarpetRydOFunk is not pleased with this latest development.

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On a side note, Chris Laney likes to refer to himself in the third person an awful lot, doesn't he? :P

Is Fat Freddy opposed to such behaviour? KarpetRydOFunk is not pleased with this latest development.

Chris Laney is not amused that people are making fun of Chris Laney and the use of the name Chris Laney in the third person. The issue is not about Chris Laney in the opinion of Chris Laney. The issue is the theft of songs that Chris Laney wrote and produced and it is obvious to Chris Laney that Chris Laney is definitely not happy about what is happening to Chris Laney in regards to these songs that belong to Chris Laney. Chris Laney Chris Laney Chris Laney!!!

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Bob Dole. Bob Dole. Bob Dole. Bob Dole.

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