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Heaven's Edge - s/t


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After some advice on this one - what do people think? Samples I've heard sound very good.


Also, any idea whether I can download it anywhere or get hold of a CDR to avoid splashing out more money than I have to spare on the CD? (Doesn't usually stop me, but I have to draw the line somewhere!)


Cheers all

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Oh dear, as I feared. Oh well, I'm sure the Bank Manager will understand ... especially if I play him the CD.


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awesome if u can get it, and I remember hearing these songs in the infancy stage in NJ clubs, a great and underrated album for sure!!

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Just bought it ... should get to hear it in a couple of weeks.




You'll love it there is no doubt about it in my mind. :headbanger:


However if you could of waited I'm sure you would enjoyed the Rock Candy reissue even more since they remaster them very well and put together a hell of a package.

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Pretty much a classic in my book, and contains one of my top 10 songs ever - the awesome 'Come Play The Game'.

Yep, killer disc and I agree this is one of the best songs of all time. Also love 'Bad reputation' and 'Find another way'. But it's all pretty damn good... and the guitarist absolutely shreds.


Like Wes said, the follow-up album 'Some other place... some other time' is as essential. A better album, imo, but not as polished.

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