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    I am a musician(bass/vocals/guitar) and now in a second career of a Teacher(Spec. Ed) I love all types of music, first 3 favs are Melodic rock/aor/metal as well as Progressive Rock, and Classic Rock

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  1. Cats in Space Find me Dream theater TOP 3 SO FAR
  2. when is the best of 2018 list coming out----I am in anticipation---help ahahaha
  3. all new releases Uriah Heep Night Flight Orchestra Judas Preist FM Striker
  4. NEW STUFF Grooundbreaker W.E.T. Uriah Heep Night Flight Orchestra
  5. best of year for me so far=== then when Groundbreaker comes out another best of year
  6. swriter, on 21 Oct 2016 - 4:47 PM, said: new stuff Kansas Riverside Mystery Opeth Seven Woah! Where have you been? only a lit late on a few of em-right on track w a few-ahahahaha
  7. awesome new stuff Michael Sweet Palace Rick Springfield
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