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Heavy Harmonies Chat Room


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Whenever I look into the HH Chat Room it is empty. Is it still being used by anyone ?


And if not, why not ?


I would find it very helpful, if we could see it straight away, if someone is in the room. Like putting a number in brackets next to the button "Live Chat", i.e. Live Chat (3).


Just an idea .............

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I was afraid this would happen. Everyone is all excited about it... for a few weeks... then no one uses it.


That was my concern about paying to get it added to the board (I don't mind spending bux to add features that folks will actually use, but not for stuff that sits idle). It would be one thing if it were just a one-time fee, but I have to pay every year for the add-on.


I think that come next annual renewal time, it will go byebye.





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can we try Bernds idea? if people known how many are in there then they will use it more.....and it should escalate in popularity....


Anytime someone is in the Chat area, you can see them listed in the board stats at the bottom of the main screen. People chatting have always been visible...

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I log in while at work sometimes, but never see anyone.... :unsure:

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What if we could get a date and time together, maybe talk to John Kivel and see if we could get a band to come into the chatroom before a cd release and just shoot the bull about music, the album and life???

OK Pete, ball is in your court :lol:


And we could have them jam a few songs, and then tell us how it was! I just went to go in the chat room, and either im fucking retarded, or somebody hid the button from me, because it's definitly not where you usually keep it!


I remember the chat room opening, and I used it, it was pretty cool, kind of wierd, and sat and chated with one of the HH members that was in France, I was typing in all the french movies I have, but using the actual french name, and asking him if he liked these movies, it's really kind of creepy having an actual online chat session, I don't know what it is, it's very cool, but just kind of uneasy feeling, you don't have time to go back and take out that one sentence that will send the entire community into a frenzy, and I hate mentaly censoring my thought as I type, best just let it all out, and edit afterwards!

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