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    • Love it and consider it another Foreigner release....it gets a regular spin from me as it is as good as any of the first 4 Foreigner albums IMO...
    • I shouldve known better, was that intentional bro? honestly was it? cause It Dont Mean Nothin if it was.
    • why did i think Dusty would get this?? Ha ha, dude how much am I on here talking shit? Michael Bolton of course, but Richard Marx, dude I make Endless Summer Night jokes consistently, I mean I make fun like a motherfucker, but after I posted this, I sat down and tripped the fuck out, I started thinking, this guy isn't just some cheesy pop pussy, well I mean he isn't only that, this guy has written some of the most awesome AOR songs in history, all the work he did with Fee Waybill co writing, The Tubes songs he wrote, fucking Vixen, Fahrenheit, dude I bet this guy has had so much pussy, he doesn't even want it anymore, he retired from poon, I'm literally tripping out, and the worst thing is I cant tell her she shouldn't have fuked around with me, I was gonna figure that shit out the second she challenged me, I mean I understand why she was being so private about it, I get that, but I wonder if she was being private for his account, or she might not think I even know who he is, nobody her age probably knows who he is, it could go either ways, regardless, if I got to write a song with Richard Marx dude, I'd let him write it all and I'd just like put in the word Love somewhere and take a co writing credit.
    • I dont really know how many of you get into smooth jazz like me, but if on the off chance any of you do, check this smooth motherfucker out  
    • based on samples I'd say thats the worst song on the album. still good for the worst song  
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