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I've been scoping the "other music styles " forum and it's 80% modern rock. Let's face facts and accept that modern rock has alot of value to many members here. I'm not saying we should add them all to the HH database, but a section in the message board dedicated solely to what is concidered modern, ie: what Geoff and TIM2 go nuts over....me as well with some of those bands.


Just my 2 cents, now I'll shut up.



....Crap I'm typing again....


...and again....


.....STOP ME!!!!!

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Haha... yeah. it's pretty much what the 'Other styles' forum has become but I always feel so out of place putting a lot of stuff there as a lot of it's more melodic rock than the stuff in the MHR forum. :lol:

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Yep I think that's a good idea as well. I think the 'modern rock' thing has taken over the 'other music styles' section of the forum which is where I like to start topics on such great artists as Corey Hart and Nik Kershaw :) And with the huge number of really good modern rock bands emerging I think the genre is deserving of its own section.

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Yes, every time I go to post a thread in the "Other Music Styles" section about the killer new opera CD I found, I always end up forgoing the idea, realizing that my beautiful opera recommendation would be lost in the swamp of modern rock/metal bands that have taken over the section. :crying: Where, oh where, does one go these days to post about opera, polka, and other disturbingly under-discussed musical genres?


Seriously, a Modern Rock/Metal Section is a good idea, given that a lot of the newer stuff has been embraced by melodic hard rockers, including myself, probably because modern bands have finally learned how to incorporate melody, hooks, and harmonies into their sound. But if this idea doesn't come to pass, I won't sweat it; I'll just keep going to the "Other Music Styles" thread. Let's face it, we already have Modern Rock/Metal Section; it's just a matter of do we want to officially label it that or not.

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Agree its mostly modern rock - but then again most of the 'modern' rock this year is absolutely killer :tumbsup:


Everyone should go to 'other Music Styles' and listen. If you like Harem Scarem, then the likelihood is that you will like Ra's new album due out soon - but how many will really check it out??


Just my 2 cents.

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As someone who prefers Hard Rock but not AOR or Melodic. I'd vote to group them like this:


AOR / Melodic Rock


Modern / Hard Rock


Bands like Hinder and Halestorm are very different from bands like H.E.A.T. and Harem Scarem, yet they're all in the same section.

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